LED grow light burn test.

Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by bzz945, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. bzz945

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    I wanted to know what is safe distance from my light for plant to not burn it.
    It would be stupid burning own plant to test my theory out so I thought of cheap substitute.
    And came up with conclusion: easiest way is using common plant and most common is grass, and it loves light.
    I will start test today and will try to see if grass will burn within 6h of my little girl "night time".
    What you people think of this idea?
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  2. Buds Buddy

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    Please try & post the results. I currently use 4 LED's for side lighting (24 Watts each) + a 600 Watt Tube Grow light. I put my LED's about 16" - 18" away from the plants & ended up with 2- plants getting 1 burnt leave on each. My 1st grow so still trying to figure all this out too. So....you have a good starting point as 18" is still too close.
  3. Deville-M

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    I am using Mars proII320 led, during bloom stage, I keep it 12'' from my plants and did not burn my plants.
  4. Buds Buddy

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    I'm on a new grow using all LED lighting this time from start to finish. The 1st couple weeks I was getting some light burn. I think it was too much light for seedlings as I was using 3 - 600 watt LED's & 6 - 28 watt spotlight LED's. I turned off the 6 - spotlights & 1 of the 600 watt LED's & no more light burn. Once my plants were about 12" tall I turned all my lights back on & everything has been fine since. 3 of my plants are about 4' tall now & the spotlights are about 2" from them & I have no light burn on them. So it looks to me like you can get really close with LED's once they start growing a little. You just can't give too much light when they're still seedlings.
    I'm currently 2 weeks into flower & my plants (12 plants) look much bigger & have white hairs everywhere on them at this point. Now I'm just waiting to see what kind of yield it all produces. It's my 1st LED grow. I used MH / HPS last time & got about 4 oz. per plant. They say the yield is less with LED's. Hope it's not too much less !!!
    Next grow will be all T-5 & CFL's; just to see what it produces. I'm trying all 3 ways since I have everything already. Using same seeds on all 3 grows so I can tell the difference the lights make.
  5. TomSawyer2112

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    Definitely keep seedlings far away from LEDs in the red blue spectrum. I burned a couple of seedlings a little bit on my first grow.
    Here’s what I’ve learned so far. I use the standard lightbulb type of LEDs that run in the 2700-2800 range for germinating and keep the cups around 8” away from the bulbs until they sprout. Once they sprout I move the bulbs further away from the sprouts to around 10-12” for about two days running lights 24 hours. Then I swap over to 18-6 for a day or two. Then I set the seedlings around 36-40” away from my Platinum and MaxBloom running 18-6. Maxbloom running about 60% in veg. Platinum running in veg. And remove the white light bar with the 2700-2800 bulbs from the tent. It’s worked well for my current medical project. They are 3 weeks old and about 7” tall now. And they are about 50” from the lights. They look great.

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