LED Grow Lights: Recommendations and Tips for a New Grower

Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by Saruman, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. Saruman

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    Hi All,

    I buddy and I are in the planning stages of our first grow. We are only growing on the small scale for personal use. Our plan is to use old refrigerators as grow boxes. I want to use LED grow lights because of their low heat output, and because they will be cheaper to run. However there are so many different LED GLs on the market that I am a little overwhelmed. I am also working on a pretty tight budget and don't want to spend more than a few hundred for 2 lights. So far the one that looks best to me is the Lighthouse Hydro BlackStar 135W LED, but some of the reviews online say it is a piece of junk that just falls apart.

    If anyone has experience using LED's or has recommendations on the best and the cheapest we would love your help!

    -Peace and Love from the one true White Wizard
  2. thenewgrow

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    hey man i have purchased some LED'S Spot light cool blue for my grow just to the veg :) and they are working great :) its 12 watt E27 Mounting :) work great its my first grow ever and they are growing realy fast
  3. Saruman

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    I have seen people recommending a mix of color bands, some lights red some blue and so on. Also most LEDs that are marketed as grow lights seem to have multiple bands. Do you think that using only one color is having any effect on the plants?
  4. thenewgrow

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    hey man yes a light with a blue spec is the perfect light for your veg plants :) and the red spec is for the flowering stage :)
    you can place lets say you buy 10 of the cool blue led 12 watt then you can add 1 or 2 red spec just for a bit of that i dont know if it will help when its only veg :) but a light with a blue spec if for your veg plants :) and the red is for flowering :) this is how i understand it :)
  5. Memphis Down

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    A basic thing to watch out for: the way LED lights are power rated. Generally, LED lights have a power rating that means something like "this light contains n LEDs that are rated at n Watts, and when the n LEDs are multiplied by the n Watts, we get the power rating. That is the rated power. But it does not mean the LEDs are actually being driven by the rated power. The actual power draw will be something less, maybe a lot less. Mainly, LEDs aren't driven at Max rated Forward Current for several reasons, mainly to prevent premature LED failures. So be sure to check the "actual power draw" rather than the rated power, when trying to evaluate how much light they will put out. Rule of thumb is 5K lumens per sq. ft of grow room, and the calc is "Actual power draw in watts * 100 = lumens output."
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  6. xSecretHydroponicsx

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    Hey, I know that this is an old thread. But I feel like I have a good answer, so I'm giving it a go. I hope my advice can help.
    I was in your situation a few months ago. I did not know much about led grow lights. What I did was check out a guide like this one from Led Grow Lights 101. They'll quickly show you the top picks for your budget, and they'll also teach you about the fundamentals, that you need to know.

    There are also other cool resources out there. Hope this helps.
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  7. ChristopherAndrews

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    Hey i have googled for you and found an awesome led grow light review blog. have a look at it, it may help you to choose best led grow light for you!

  8. hydrogarden

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    Nice! I just looking for LED grow light, I plan to use viparspecta, but I heard some people said it is too much blue spectrum, only good for veg. so I want to try Mars Hydro. Have anyone heard about it? What do you think it? Thanks 
  9. Jayjay37894

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  10. Jayjay37894

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    You can get a nice bloomspect 300 for about 60 bucks ebay
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  11. hydrogarden

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    Sounds good! Have you used the light?
  12. GreenAuto

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    pretty helpful man. What current light you use?
  13. DaveyBoyer

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    I've found the same. Grow lights are a large investment, so it makes sense to do thorough research and learn as much as you can. And that includes asking questions in a forum like this one or even calling up a few grow light manufacturers and asking them some questions. Of course they are going to be biased toward their own lights, but you can still get a lot of your questions answered that way.

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