LED growing- An instructional grow log

Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by SnSstealth, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. SnSstealth

    SnSstealth Registered+

    trying this again. growing jack herer x bubbleberry in pure LED. these plants wont see any white light from seed to bud. tried posting pics once...so here we go again. questions or comments gladly answered. Dont think its been done quite like this before. ;) wish me luck!
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  2. beginerbuddah

    beginerbuddah Registered+

    o i see them now :thumbsup:
    nice man cnt wait to see the plants get big :jointsmile:
    im tagging along on this one :thumbsup:
  3. valtrip

    valtrip Registered+

    your setup looks really cool:thumbsup: What are the specs on those lights?
  4. SnSstealth

    SnSstealth Registered+

    procyon 100

    they are procyon 100's. just came out. exspensive as hell, but they supposedly equal a 600 HPS...time will tell!!!!!

    ill keep ya posted buddah
  5. SantaClawz

    SantaClawz Registered+

    Wow 600 a peice?! You must have some money to burn, they do look ultra bright, but only time will tell. I will definately keep and eye on this one, for once a definative LED grow. Dont let us down!
    BTW explain alittle about those ozone fans, never seen those before.
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  6. SnSstealth

    SnSstealth Registered+

    they are an expensive investment, but my entire grow pulls onlt 425W....also 8 hours into their cycle, temp only went up 3 degrees with these lights...steady temp is 72 and humidity is 47
  7. Opie Yutts

    Opie Yutts Registered+

    I'm not sure which one of the 4 threads you started I should be posting in, so I'll take a stab at this one. I am really glad you are doing an all LED grow, and I am very much looking forward to seeing the results. I hope you don't give up and go for yield and decide to add some more lights once you see they are not doing so great in flowering. I have yet to see an all LED grow that produces much of anything. I hope you can be the first to show me one.

    SantaClawz, ozone generators are supposed to help reduce odor.

    Good luck.
  8. SnSstealth

    SnSstealth Registered+

    thanks opie, i guess we will see. we have done quite the extensive research ob this subject, and the procyon supposedly took care of the stretching issue. they changed to release date twice, which tells me they wanted to make sure they got it. ryan from HGL was VERY helpful with all our questions before the lights release. we put ALOT into this, so i sure as hell hope it goes good...lol will have more pics up sun.

    sorry about the many posts...lol, just gettin the hang of the site...lol
  9. SnSstealth

    SnSstealth Registered+

    the ozone generator has a UV light that emits negative ions. the negative ions or O3, ozone, is then blown about the room through the fan. the negative ions attach to scent particles and basically cancels them out. smell away......yay

    just make sure you dont look at the light or leave it on too long. too much ozone can make you sick, its really irritating to your eyes and lungs
  10. SnSstealth

    SnSstealth Registered+


    sorry guys...lol...lil baked. just take the words "negative ions" out of the last post...all 3 of em, i was explaining the ozone generator, and started adding an ionizer to the mix....
  11. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    Well I don't have a single clue about LED lighting so could you give us a brief overview? And are you seriously saying you've spen $1800 for these lights? WOW!
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  12. SnSstealth

    SnSstealth Registered+

    Hey Weedhound,

    The basic theory is that plants, marijuana in particular, use certain wavelengths(mainly blues & reds) of light to perform photosynthesis much more than others(greens and yellows). Typical hid lights seem to have lots of yellows and greens and levels down at the ends of the spectrum where the blues and reds are. I realize all bulbs are different so some will have more than others. So led growing is really trying to get the same yields/growth from nominal hids in order to drop many risk and cost factors (much less power, almost no heat). again thats what we believe is the basics...while blazed.

    Here's a much more scientific explanation.
    Don't worry about the ad read from page 3 on. But the lights in the procyon are far more developed than in this brochure.

    Yes we spent $1800, but IF they work for half of their projected lifespan the costs of bulb & ballast replacement, power for lights and cooling in hid will be far more economical. And it is really for research purposes, if people do the same thing over and over then the field as a whole stops evolving.

    Thanks for your interest,
  13. Balkey

    Balkey Registered+

    I'm tuning in!!! Looking forward to seeing something spectacular!!! Well, HOPEFULLY!!
  14. JohnnyRico

    JohnnyRico Registered+

    This is very interesting. I'll be watching this one closely. I really hope you succeed. Good luck!
  15. Pepper

    Pepper Registered+

  16. midlifecrisis

    midlifecrisis Registered+

    Very interesting, I'll be keeping tabs on the progress. If it works well I just might have to buy a new toy......
  17. hybridlove420

    hybridlove420 Banned

    strangely, the led ufo uses 90w, claims to also be equal to 400w hps, and got glowing reveiws in high times. hope this can match it.

    yes, leds will pay off within 1-2 years of use. just saving 300w each for 12 hours a day is like 200-400$ a year savings
  18. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    Well I read up on the link.....I'll keep an eye on this log as well and see what those lights do for you. :)
  19. 420F4i

    420F4i Registered+

    seems like a real good idea
  20. Opie Yutts

    Opie Yutts Registered+

    It is, and it has been a good idea for several years. The problem in the past has been that LED lighting cannot come close to producing the same buds that an HPS can, using somewhere close to the same wattage. On the upside, they consume very little power and put off very little heat compared to HPS. Therefore despite the high initial cost, they would pay for themselves within a few years if they produced similar results. At this point the only way to produce similar results is to basically wrap a plant completely in high power LED arrays, which I'm guesstimating would cost around $4,000 to $6,000 for an average size flowering plant. Nobody has been willing to shell out this kind of money so far, so we have not seen any worthwhile buds so far.

    Attention: This is changing monthly and soon many people will be tossing their high power, high heat lights in exchange for LED lighting. Within a few years LED lighting will be the norm for everything. Not incandescent, fluorescent, HID, or Xenon, or whatever that new one is. Just look at how LEDs are taking over flashlights and vehicle lighting.

    Did you know that many branches of government have "seen the light" and are changing as much lighting as possible to LED? Even now common lighting is less expensive in the long run using LEDs. There are many cities across the U.S. that have mandated that all sign lighting be lighted solely with LED lighting.

    Soon it will happen for grow lighting as well. I'm not talking about regular growing either, because LED's do just fine at making plants grow. I'm talking about the bloom cycle, and grow lighting that produces big beautiful, dank, dense buds. I'm hoping SnSstealth can be the first to make it happen. So there.
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