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Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by Buds Buddy, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. Buds Buddy

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    Well I've been thinking about LED's & from what I understand these are pretty much the same thing as the light that's in a laser pointer....Am I correct ?
    If it is correct I would assume LED lighting is pretty much lasers directed at your plants.
    Now if that is correct....I see no reason for closing up a tent when using LED's as they are lasers anyway.
    Am I wrong on my thinking? Thoughts on this are appreciated. Thanks !!!
  2. EvilCartman

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    My brain did a somersault reading that. :confused:

    I gotta wonder...
    Why is there no need to close up the tent? (if they were lasers) o_O
  3. Buds Buddy

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    Well my thought is a laser is a beam of light that only hits & affects the target that it's aimed at. Kind of like a bullet from a gun ??? I guess some of the light could be reflected off the mylar but I would think it's effect would be little compared to the main beams of light pointed directly at the plant. I have no idea how LED's actually project light. That's kind of why I started this topic....to see what people tell me about it. I'm curious because I just bought 3 - 600 Watt LED's for a 4' x 8' x 7' Tent. Used 400 Watt MH / HPS in a 2' x 4' x 6' Tent last time. Going to use a T-5 8 Bulb in the 2' x 4' x 6' Tent also. I'm comparing cost to yield each way to find what works best for me.
  4. Weezard

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    Far from being, "directed at your plants.", most LEDs are an array of emitters that spray the light out in a 180° pattern. Some have lenses that concentrate the light in one direction, but they are not capable of extremely tight focused beams.
    Now, laser diodes are a whole different animal.
    Sadly, they are not suitable for growing The bandwidth is too narrow. If you diffuse the laser light, to cover the plant, or even raster scan it to cover the area, you still need more spectral spread for effective photosynthesis.
    Even a 2 Watt laser pen. (About the strongest available to the general public), will be useless when diffused over a square meter. And you would need about 100 laser pointers to get enough grow power.

    But keep thinking about it. That's how we figured out LED growing. :)


    Short answer? Close up the tent. :)
  5. EvilCartman

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    Think of the light from the LED as being projected in a cone, not as focused as you're thinking.

    You'll see soon enough, eh? Good luck with the lights!

    I asked about closing the tent because I consider closing it to keep light out, not in.
    My veg tent is always open. :D
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  6. Weezard

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    That is repairable. Just google LEDs. :)

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