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    Hello Everyone,

    Right now, I'm doing a grow with a 600W HPS light and 400W MH (only one light..I switch them out). I was told 600W MH is too hot, so I opted for the less powerful one. I have also added two "supposedly" 1000w LEDs and I'm not sure if they are even close to that or not because while the advert says 1000w, it only requires 192W of power.

    I realize that LEDs aren't the same as far as output is concerned, but how can I tell what is real and what isn't and what is the main difference from a cheaper 1000W LED vs a more expensive one. We are talking a difference of hundreds of dollars. What makes this steep difference? Good LEDs go for over $500 and I bought 2 x 1000W for like 200-ish dollars. Are these lights no good or did I miss something critical when shopping for LEDs?


    So this is what I purchased. Does anyone have any information or experience that can assist me with this? If these suck, then I will use them for another veg tent instead and buy a real LED later.

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