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    any one that thinks that leds are bullshit...check out this new gizmo....fuck hps,leds are going to take over....this vid proves that leds are twice as efficient as hps and natural sunlight...and its less harsh on your bills too..theyre expensive but well worth it in the long run.....

    YouTube - Stealth Grow LED Facts Part2
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    I'm not a light spectrum expert nor do i know much about LED's but I've been in sales for a long time. I'm sure if you found a vid from an HPS manufacturer/seller they will obviously have much better things to say about the HPS opposed to the LED's. Not saying LED's aren't better more efficient etc. Just saying that best results found will be the results you find on your own. I currently have two 1k HPS lamps. Now I'm thinking about doing a side by side like these guys......
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    I am going to do a side by side test also. I have the skills necessary to build a formidable LED panel and looking at that video I see that I could pretty much replicate that big panel of theirs. Sure wouldn't cost that much to do either. I find that my present plans are going to force me to buy another light anyway, so I might as well try this.

    I have been thinking about this for some time but wasn't brave enough to try to DIY LED on my first grow. That video was mighty impressive though and if the numbers are right, it makes no sense not to try this just for the monthly power savings alone. Then you factor in the lack of heat issues and the longevity of these things... if it can really produce quality grows, it makes no sense not to try it if the initial cost can be brought in line. I bet I can build it for about the cost of a good HPS though. I will have to just throw the parts together that I think they are using and compare it with a HPS system. If it looks like I have the intensity right, I will do a side by side with my HO Florescents and see how it does. The challenge is on!

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    Goodonya Emmie!

    Let me know if I can help.

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    @ Emmie - I won't be able to do this side by side for at least six months. Wish I could do it sooner. Nonetheless the idea is planted and one day I will be trying this. I'll be subscribing to your thread when you start if you do before I.

    Happy Growing......
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    Hey there Emmie,

    When I read your post the first thing I wanted to tell you was to shout out to Weezard.
    Since he already saw your post and volunteered his talents, I was delighted. The "lil lizard" is the best LED guru left standing here. :thumbsup:

    Some of us have already done side by sides just to prove to ourselves or partners that LEDs do work and can produce a better finished product plus as good as production as HPS.

    Just so you know, DIY LED lights are not a cheap proposition. Good 5 watt diodes from LedEngins (a favorite american brand) will run abt $8.50-10.50 each, already mounted on MCPCB depending on color and wavelength. Plus then you need a power supply plus drivers, heat sink and cooling fans. Oh, btw when thinking abt wattage understand that a 5w diode will only put out 3-3.5w each driving them carefully.

    Hope you decide to build one, I'm sure Weezard can fill you in on more details to consider.

    OM :cool:
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  7. emilya

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    Thanks for the encouragement OM, I was actually out there on Mouser looking at the parts prices when your note came in. I know what I am wanting to do now as far as configuration, but I am unclear just what flux density I am going to get per $$ spent on the LED's. I will touch bases with Weez and see what I can learn. Fans, heat sinks and power supplies are not that difficult to come up with, and I am very intrigued by the claims of that manufacturer referenced at the top of this thread as to how they have "stepped up" the voltage in order to lower wattage requirements. It seems to me that with proper supply voltage choices, the wasted wattage in the dropping resistors and a lot of the heat could be greatly minimized, but I can not for the life of me figure out how (stepping up the voltage) reduces the power consumption of this project since 2.2v at the diode is 2.2 volts... no matter how you arrive at it. I'm going to order a handful of 5 watters and play around a bit on a breadboard to see what can be done.

  8. Weezard

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    Gotta use "market watts", yah?

    "I can not for the life of me figure out how (stepping up the voltage) reduces the power consumption"


    No can get mo' dan you got.
    Pound for pound, a watt's a watt.:D

    For efficacy and lumens per watt,
    I'm no Johnny on da spot.
    Lotta specs bewilder me.:confused:
    Fo' dat kine, betta shake Knna's tree

    He'll prove dat da bumblebees no can fly.
    If ya wanna launch one anyway, den I'm yer guy:)

    (sorry Knna, could not resist:))

    Mo' seriously.
    I could not be more tickled to see you toss your hat inna ring.
    I can offer pragmatic advice if ya hit a snag, but mostly I'd just like to lurk and watch how you tackle this.:cool:


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    Sorry dankmcskunk for hijacking but WeeZard could you move my latest thread - 'tangerine dream...' into the grow log section please. Would be appreciated :) - C
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    LED's Rule Now unless your stealing your electricity. Crazy to run less economic bulbs. LED is the way forward. Keep them dry and buy with a inbuilt fan. these mini fans and a larger room fan mean they can run cool. No wastage of heat and much safer than hot bulbs. When you run Hot bulbs and the ballasts needed you loose so much in heat that they cant be running efficiently. Really Dropped in price now.

    LEDNEWBIE Registered+


    LEDNEWBIE Registered+

    LED is the only way to go for a discreet grow. Low heat signature and much higher efficiency. Very Reliable and have plummeted in price. I have used them and I wont go back to bulbs. Much safer and less worrying.

    LEDNEWBIE Registered+

    Oh I forgot to mention the 2 guys I met at the grow shop. Ben & Marco www.BMFARMHYDRO.co.uk Awesome knowledge of everything about growing and loads of stuff.

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