left over water from making cannabutter

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by Sprite, Dec 12, 2010.

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    My butter is separated now, with the water on the bottom. I'd hate to waste anything good, so I thought I'd ask if there is anything I can make with this water. For example, could the water left over from making the butter be used in the brownie recipe?
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    i wouldn't recommend it bro..:madnoel::Rasta:
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    I guess you could reduce it(boil, alcohol?) and see what happens, but I believe that the majority of that nasty, brown, sticky liquid is stuff you don't want.
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    icky water

    Pour the left over water down the drain. You could pour it through a coffee filter to catch any tiny bits of butter, once it's cold, though. That would be the only part worth keeping. It's in the water where the water soluble nasties go that are pulled from the cannabis, while the stuff you're extracting to keep, goes into the butter. Good luck on your edible adventures!

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    pour it out

    No. Nothing good is water-soluble. All the good stuff is soluble in lipids. All the good stuff and some not so good stuff is soluble in alcohol. But nothing good is water-soluble.
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    Definitely dump the water after you chill the butter in the fridge or freezer so it is solid and the water is easy to remove. You can clean the butter using water. There is a detailed thread on this. It will remove the taste and chlorophyl so the cannabutter tastes like regular butter. Basically they mix the butter and water, heat then cool and seperate it 3 times.

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    Can you link me to the thread please? I made some butter and wouldn't mind a rinsing process for it to be cleaner.
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