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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by canipass, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. canipass

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    If i havent took a hit since july of 2010... i was clean for 3 months before that... so all the way up to march of last year i was a heavy smoker.. my question is... since i have no hair on my head if they take leg hair will i still pass?
  2. canipass

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    Test is on march 12 2011
  3. Deige

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    Usually it will be from the armpit if you don't have head hair. I can't tell you for sure whether you will pass or not. If they were sampling your head hair I would say that your fine, but body hair grows slower and rarely gets trimmed or cut.
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  4. canipass

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    well i have 1/2 inch of hair on my head but i dont think that will be enough so i virtually said no hair... if it were armpit hair would if pass...i cut my armpit hair to 1/4 of an inch in august and i'd like to add i cut half of my leg hair down in august which its grown back to an 1 1/2..
  5. Deige

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    Trimming will definitley help you, but I still can't say for sure whether you'll be alright or not. All I can say is good luck.
  6. NotSoTwiggy

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    Shave everything!:wtf:
  7. Deige

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    Why? So the tester can check mark an immediate fail for not complying with test procedures.:wtf:
  8. Burnt Toast

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    Fingernail clippings/shavings can be used if a hair sample somehow cannot be obtained.

    And in many instances, a completely shaven body is treated as a "refusal to test". Especially if the donor was noticed with hair during the application and interviewing process.
  9. Jerry G

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    I think the OP will pass....

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