Legal in Mexico?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by gdlikethat12, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. gdlikethat12

    gdlikethat12 Registered

    does anyone know if weed is legal in mexico?
  2. bonbon

    bonbon Registered+

    NO it is'nt,sorry....bonbon :confused: :(
  3. neilmcca

    neilmcca Registered+

    I was in Baja in 1998 and it was illegal then, although it was fairly easy to come by (we had a couple of rogues trying to palm us off with a bagfull of freshly plucked grass from someones lawn, so beware)
  4. podysmoka187

    podysmoka187 Registered

    neilmcca, you should have hit that guy and took all of his money and weed if he had any on him, those are the kind fo people that need to get the shit beat out of them.
  5. mark peralez

    mark peralez Registered

    First of all if u are an obvious american i wouldnt start any shit witha mexican in mexico.The police will lock u up and throw away the key.that is unless your prepared to pay the most of the money in your wallet.They absolutely hate americans,so dont fuk with them. sorry he has to go bye bye????????????????????????????????????????
  6. tumbleweed

    tumbleweed Registered

    hes right mexico only likes us to visit because it helps
    their economy so much from prescrip drugs to vacations
    to even weed its so easy to come by down there but theyll
    still bust the hell out of you for it and then probably smoke
    your stash there is a a lot of corrupt stuff there especially
    in the smaller towns out in the middle of nowhere and there
    is a lot of those places
  7. Sedater18

    Sedater18 Registered+

    Eh, almost...

    My aunt goes to Baja every summer from california and she had to slip the border dudes 100 bucks so they didnt say that there was drugs in her car and then arrest her. Little kids who are forced into prostitution at birth because thats all that their parents can do come up to your table at resteraunts and start tugging on your legs, which means they want your left-over food. George Jung got caught flying into mexico illegaly with a whole lotta coke and gave the judge $500,000 and the judge let him go. Mexican prisons suck huge dick. No drinking age tho :) . you can pretty much give a mexican cop 50 bucks and he'll look the other way, because the cops are way underpaid and they need the money to support their families, but it doesnt always work. Try slipping them 20 bucks and then work your way up to 50 if they dont take it. If they want more give it to them because the legal system sucks. dont be cocky tho some of them will still arrest you, some of them will take your money and arrest you, and some of them will beat the shit out of you and rob you. people walk up to your car in the middle of you street and brake your radio annetna off to sell it back to you and shit. Never travel with to much money. stores love americans tho and alotta the prices at baja arent even in mexican money they are in american. never ever drink the water in mexico there is no filtering systems down there. worse then the water in LA. Dress like your poor too
  8. rnf232s

    rnf232s Registered+

    My dad used to do a lot of business in Mexico and like Sedater said if you ever get pulled over slip the cop some money with whatever else he asks. My dad said that is what you have to do a lot cause they will let you off, but if you dont they will treat you like shit and bust you then for something.
  9. buddha

    buddha Registered+

    You can do whatever the hell you want in mexico if you have the money for the bacon.
  10. Encatuse

    Encatuse Registered

    Mexico is awesome. Me and my dad vacationed there when i was THIRTEEN YEARS OLD and the first thing that happened after I got off the plane was some mexican walked up to my dad and said "You and the boy want a couple coronas?" And since my dad is cool he was like "sure" so i drank my first and last beer. ((i HATE the taste of beer. Gimme a shot of hard alcohol over it anyday)) Then, at our hotel theres a 24 hour bar and me and my dad got 100 dollar wrist bands which gave us free drinks at the bar for the whole week. It was so badass. I had like 4 tequilla slammers and then I ate a fish taco ((cuz we had free buffet wristbands too)) and puked that shit EVERYWHERE. Man, my dad grabbed me and carried me all the way to the room where I proceeded to puke my guts out for a while. Meanwhile, my dad gets me a coke and a slushie. Frikken dads tryin to kill me, It was a rum an coke and a daqueri. ^^ LoL I was sooooo drunk after that. But I was a big 13 year old. Oh, and they had a swim up bar. Drinking more then one alcoholic beverage while in a pool... = severe stomach ache. My dad's really against pot sadly. ((cuz its illegal and he doesnt want me to get arrested)) which sucks because he wouldn't let me buy any down there even though when you go to the bazaar type thing ever other stand is trying to sell you some. Oh, and Mexico markets are like one big fucking head shop. Paraphinalia EVERYWHERE.
  11. GooseBear

    GooseBear Registered+

    do you think they would like an American better if they were with Mexican friends?
  12. IthoughtIknewitall

    IthoughtIknewitall Registered+

    Americans are safer than the mexicans

    I have spent three months in southwest mexico in the last year. In the states of Michoacan and oxaca. I never felt the slightest bit of hatred. The worst thing Mexico could do is make gringos scared to go there. In places like La Ticla, Puerto Escondido, Rio Nexpa, you are safe as America or moreso. Gringos mean big money, and Mexico likes American dollars. I have only been robbed twice in the ciudad de Tijuana. Border towns are the shitholes. As you go further south it gets nicer as well as cheaper. I want to go back soon.
  13. robert42

    robert42 Registered+

  14. nats88653

    nats88653 Registered


    hey :D im from mexico
    making mary jane legal in mexico has beeing discused for years, here legal proceses take a wile but buying some is realy easy weather they legalize it or not it will always be easy to get because there are alot of consumers.
    its not legal yet because many people arent well infored about this plant and just because its illegal people think its bad stuff, ive been a consumer for a wile now and its has never been a problem for me just once because i was smoking on the street :D
    as you have said, police are very corrupt but that makes it easier to consume becouse you wont have many problems, eventhoug you rather mantein out of problems, if you keep your smoking private (not so much ;D) you will not have any problem, and most of all becouse many police men smoke too.. haha
    maybe its true that some people here oonly care about americans money, but thats because our economy depends alot on you....... well anyway there are very nice people here; refering to marihuana junt dont get too crazy and everything will be fine .
    well i hope this information helps you a bit so when you come on vactions youll know what to do hahahaha
    you should come to a rave ;D to get some trips too .....
    P.L.U.R. :Rasta:
  15. Bongboy89

    Bongboy89 Registered+

    Hey glad to hear from Mexico... However if your a white american and you get pulled over and have about 1-20 grams of weed on you, what can you expect to happen?? Would you just have to tip him off, if so than how much $$$? Or, will they take you to jail? I plan to go to Rocky Point in the future so I want to know what to expect...

    Thank you!
  16. azfella

    azfella Registered

    Ive been busted in rocky point, paid the fine (bribe) and they walked away. i had an 8th on me and they didnt even care about it lol mexico is great. i live n tucson and frequently visit and ive only been harrassed a couple times. make sure to have ur passport or birth certificate. if not ull have to go through all kinds of crap to get bak to the states.
  17. MPLSweedman

    MPLSweedman Registered+

    if you goto mexico looking for weed, chances are youll get hooked up with some mexican brick weed. ive been there a few times and could never find anything of better quality, just quanitity.

    they do love selling pipes everywhere there, but one they know your rich theyll start asking $50-$60 for a small wooden pipe

    mexicans dont give a shit about americans, remember that. its easy to have a great time there if you are careful but its definitely not america
  18. Bongboy89

    Bongboy89 Registered+

    I got a dolphin glass pipe starting at $35 than I said, I dont know, than he said $30, 25$, $20.... and I said DEAL! It worked real well, I took it across the boarder back to AZ, Border Patrol did not search the car. Can Boarder Patrol arrest you for just having a clean pipe?
  19. naturesmeds

    naturesmeds Registered+


    Mexican jails aren't bad at all if you have money & you're really good with your fists & your feet. (you get used to the dirt floors)
  20. MPLSweedman

    MPLSweedman Registered+

    im not sure about the mexican laws but i know it is ILLEGAL to try and get anything out of jamaica, pipes (unused) included

    in the US they cant take any pipe if its clean, i dont see why they would coming back from mexico

    i snuck a wooden pipe back onto a cruise ship and right before i went through the first of 3 metal detectors i popped the screen out to avoid detection and it worked.

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