Legal MJ in Colorado!

Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by CaptGanjaMan, Nov 12, 2010.

  1. CaptGanjaMan

    CaptGanjaMan Registered

    After Ca. blowing it BIG Time last Tuesday, Colorado shouldn't make the same mistakes. What is the plan to legalize it here for 2012?

    What are some of the strongest objections to legalizing it that we get and what are the best answers you've heard to overcome those objections?
  2. canaguy27

    canaguy27 Registered+

    i hear it is a gateway drug
  3. HarvestHouse

    HarvestHouse Registered+

    regular pot won't be legal ANYWHERE till big business can have legislative and hence regulatory control to cut everyone out of the profit. period. You can expect a parade of shitty legislation state after state just like California's 19
  4. CaptGanjaMan

    CaptGanjaMan Registered

    I hear that it's a gateway drug too.
    I ask people if they had their 1st hit of smoke before they had their 1st sip of alcohol?
    Then I ask them if they had more pot or alcohol prior to age 21?
    I never have people answer pot!
  5. CaptGanjaMan

    CaptGanjaMan Registered

    I wonder what it would take to legalize the use and posession but keep the sale illegal. As an adult, how can the government tell me what I can and cannot put in MY body?
    Where are the "Keep your laws off of my body" crowd now?
    What business is it of the government if I want to grow, and smoke my own personal MJ without buying it or selling it. I don't see how the government can tax it successfully like tobacco since we can easily obtain seeds and grow it.
  6. HarvestHouse

    HarvestHouse Registered+

    there is nobody to lobby for it if nobody is making money off of it. It will sit an idle dream until we wrestle the power away from the corporations that run the show via governmental proxy.

    bummer that it is. when corps have the rights of people, people loose.
  7. HighPopalorum

    HighPopalorum Registered+

    Ignore the naysayers. Change in this country is incremental. The only shitty thing about P19 was that it didn't pass. I can't wait to have the opportunity to vote on shitty legislation that makes cultivation, use and possession legal. We'll get there if we keep on truckin'.

    (As the election nears, we'll have the pleasurably vindictive task of sorting out and exposing MMCs, caregivers and other commercial growers who oppose our ballot measure.)
  8. HarvestHouse

    HarvestHouse Registered+

    I'm an MMC and I'm all for freeing the plant. A $50 tax per ounce is NOT freeing the plant. I will be against ANY ballot measure that takes the power from the people and puts it in the hands of big business. 1284 fucked everyone but people positioned well with deep pockets. Don't let any of our "so called" advocate lawyers write the measure if you don't want another NEW good old boy fucking.

    I'll quit pot before I smoke a "Marley"
  9. HighPopalorum

    HighPopalorum Registered+

    Good to know. And volunteers from SAFER and NORML like me will be standing on the sidewalk in front of your store carrying signs and explaining to your patients that you oppose the 2012 legalization measure. If they come inside, you can explain your more nuanced position.

    Of course, there's no ballot measure as yet, so this is kind of a straw man. Still, I think MMCs, commercial growers and their assorted lickspittles who oppose legalization should be publicly castigated. I'm looking forward to it.
  10. copobo

    copobo Registered+

    is there proposed language for this legislation out there somewhere? now is the time it should be being criticized and changed.
  11. HarvestHouse

    HarvestHouse Registered+

    you threaten to protest at a company just cause I refuse to let big business furthur legislate and re-regulate pot. I bet my business would get better and the BIG <fill in the blank> BUSINESS that funded it would be huge and they will limit and tax your relationship with the plant.

    .....just voting pro-pot could be voting for expensive pot, could be voting for restrictive pot.......... just read well before you vote. I don't think any initiative that could pass will be what we want. I'm not gonna trade one thing I don't want for just another thing I don't want.

    when pot is legalized only oulaws will have kind bud. betcha.
  12. Dorje113

    Dorje113 Registered+

    If mmj growers prefer to keep mj illegal and medical only, I think you are morally bankrupt and no better than any other corporation that is only in it to make the most money possible. You pretty much have to condone the drug war and realize your profits are on the backs of those who have had their lives ruined by the war on drugs. Keeping Cannabis "Medical Only" is the most greedy, self-serving crap I have ever heard.

    I don't care if people want to smoke Marlboro Greens. There will be plenty of other people who will want something better... both box wine and over $100 a bottle wine sells. Let corporations commercialize it, I don't really give a shit.... if people didn't want to buy their products they would go out of business. If people feel like their product is a good value to them let them have that choice.

    Honestly, I'm just not worried about it, change is inevitable, that's the only thing you can count on.
  13. HarvestHouse

    HarvestHouse Registered+

    Dorje113-----> I'm not saying keep pot medical, I'm saying if we aren't careful we will end up with something that "less empowers the people"
  14. ottistoys

    ottistoys Registered+

    At this point we need to work on keeping MMC open and get these running smoothly and then go from there being that we were fucked in may by everyone.We would all love to see it be legal but Harvest House is right at this point. Peace :vap_smiley:
  15. Dorje113

    Dorje113 Registered+

    I wasn't responding to you in particular.... I can understand people who want it legalized but don't want to see it commercialized, in fact I agree. But, this is the USA so you can't expect that big business won't exploit cannabis to make as much money as possible. All I'm saying is that voting "no" on a legalization measure to prevent commercialization will keep it illegal forever. An end to the war on cannabis is far more important that keeping Phillip Morris out of the cannabis business. In fact, having normal businesses in it will only help the consumer by driving prices down. I am all for lowering the prices on mj, even though I do grow for a mmc. Eventually it will be like homebrewing.... some do it because they like to, but nobody does it becasue they can sell a 6-pack for $50. I see the cannabis biz in the same way and as soon as the legal issues disappear we will see how much it is really worth. And then all the profiteers and douchebags can go find another scam. I look forward to that day....
  16. copobo

    copobo Registered+

    I don't think the protest would stick very well in front of HH.

    We do need the RIGHT legislation. I won't vote for just anything.

    I would love to see whats under current consideration if anyone has a link
  17. ds0110

    ds0110 Registered+

    "Marijuana possession and cultivation are no longer a crime"

    "All who are incarcerated for possession alone shall be freed"

    It is safer (less lethal/addictive) than coffee. Safer (less lethal/addictive) than water. It should be legal the same way grapes are...not regulated like killers - tobacco or alcohol. Anything other than this is not true legalization. Cali's bill was just lip service and still made it illegal in many situations to grow this plant. Its just a plant, and the law should reflect that. Less dangerous than missletoe. If someone wants to grow for hemp, then that should be allowed as well. The emporer wears no clothes.
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  18. Zedleppelin

    Zedleppelin Registered+

    So you would like it so that companies like Phillip Morris add chemicals to keep the weed burning, add other addictive chemicals to get people hooked, and pay over a 300% tax? Not to mention you can bet these companies would push for legislation for harsher penalties for growing. I would never support any legalization effort that gave any corporation the keys to the marijuana world OR came with a hefty tax and that is exactly why it didnt pass in Cali.
  19. Dorje113

    Dorje113 Registered+

    No, but who are you to say what other people can and can't do? If a company wants to mass produce mj cigs let them. Just like tobacco, some will buy chemical-laden product and some will opt for organic. Do you think you should be able to choose what people buy?

    The fact is, this is a capitalist economy. You cannot limit what other people do, and to want cannabis to be illegal in order to control others actions simply is not worth the trade off. Illegal = Drug War. To prefer a drug war over a free economy is horrible and wrong.
  20. Zedleppelin

    Zedleppelin Registered+

    If you truly believe this is how the real world works you are sadly mistaken and I can only surmise you are fresh out of school with little real life experience. Obviously you learned very little from 1284 and have no problem with money influencing law. I will take decriminalization any day over corporate control. No way in hell did I and many others pay the price the last three decades fighting for and using a product just to enrich a few that have up until recently fought to keep it illegal, and yes I have the battle scars to prove it. Do you?

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