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Discussion in 'Pennsylvania (PA)' started by smokefiend, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. smokefiend

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    Ok ladies and gents I would like some helpful links for getting involved in the legalization effort in PA. I have thought of going door to door collecting signatures because I'm pretty shore if we could get enough and send it to our state representatives it might help alot. It will take me along time to do this by myself and I do not know if this could even help, every day a natural born weed is illegal deep down in my heart and from what Ive read in constitution is a violation of our rights . Thanx abounch
  2. DaubeWeTrust

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    i think it will be hard to legalize in PA its one of the stricter states
  3. Great Spirit

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    Well they did it in Denver, I think we can do it in a city in Pennsylvania. What we have to do is show them that Prohibition is the real problem and that it is a greater problem then the drugs themselves. Also we need to educate voters that cannabis is far less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes. Especially with older voters, they are under the Reefer Madness spell still. We are not advocating drug use and there shall be restrictions to purchase cannabis at authorized outlets. Also, we shall legalize all drugs but have coke and heroin and other hard drugs available in hospitals allowing the addict to come forth.
  4. DaleBlaze

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    i can get medical ish if i was a cali citizen np, im going to wright to government and ish, see whats the deal on getting it legal even tho they will just throw it away.
    in pa only way they gonna legalize it is for med reson's not just to legalize it for everyone the government would lose alot of money, if they make it totaly legal. neways ima try my best to see if they will atleast legalize it for med resons.:thumbsup:
  5. Judicator

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    We live in a red state, good luck seeing it legal here anytime soon.
  6. Pepper

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    In a state that would rather see you kill yourself riding a bike without a helmet, it's no surprise that medical marijuana has little support. If it killed you, it would be legal aready.

    Pennsylvania is the blue cities of Pittsburgh and Philly with Alabama (AKA Jesusland) in between. It's kind of like a blue oreo.
  7. Pepper

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    I haven't noticed anybody quit smoking because it was illegal. Not in Pa, not anywhere. With the penalties getting worse, it's one of the best states to start your own cannabis business. Prohibition never works.
  8. devvyboo

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    I would hardly call pennsylvania a red state anymore. consistently, it's been voting blue. true, it may be in large part because of philadelphia and pittsburgh, BUT clearly they have the majority in this state. clearly.

    we CAN do it, pennsylvania!
  9. InjusticeUSA

    InjusticeUSA Registered

    Look people, some of you out there know the answer to this problem just as well as I do, the problem is that there are too many of our own who are content to operate illegally, whether consuming, cultivating, or distributing.

    I know just as well as anyone that it is possible to do so for some time, however, the chances are pretty good that someday you might slip up, because your views change, and because you begin to believe that everyone does it and it should be legal anyways; that it almost is legal and who is really cracking down on pot? But you realize how wrong you were when they show up at your home or work with a search warrant or an arrest warrant and you know that they have you dead to rights.

    How is this for fun facts? With the laws in this state, if you make a deal(of any amount) to some dude turned CI, you are looking at 2 felony charges and two misdeameanors. They could put you away for a maximum of 15 years for each felony, not to mention they got a search warrant for your house after your subsequent arrest, found out you were growing as well, now they're taking your house, your vehicles, anything of value whatsoever. Seems fair, considering pot is not so bad anyway right? Not to them, they don't agree with us, they don't care what we think, and to them, this is business as usual. When I say business I mean it because the proceeds from the sale of your house and all your stuff goes right into their fiscal year budget.

    Here is my point(as I am pretty sure I had one), WE are the ones who must step up and make the changes. I am willing to bet there is not one person who feels comfortable knowing how much money of our taxes goes to agencies and police task forces. This is why this prohibition exists, because as much sense as our arguments make, these people are well aware that the repeal of the prohibition on cannabis would seriously affect their funding. Who out there actually thinks that there need to be more police hired, being paid overtime to go bust someone selling a small amount of bud? Who thinks that the National Drug Council should receive billions of our tax dollars to make stupid ads with these fabled pot epidemics, where little girls on their bikes are mowed down or kids are too stoned to leave the couch.

    We are the ones allowing this to continue, because we are content to think we are sticking it to them by continuing to operate illegally. We are giving them all the justification they need for legislators to spend more money to hassle more people, and make more ads. We need to step out and tell them that what we choose to do recreationally is our right as citizens. We need to tell legislators that we will stand up to stop our money being wasted, and stop new police from being hired because of all the pot criminals. We we need to go out and put faces to the arguments. We need to start with our families, and maybe we need to be better people. We need to do whatever it takes to gather support and show people that our arguments make sense and that this is a great injustice, and to let them know why. We need to tell them that this prohibition exists for others to benefit from it, at the same time that it takes from us our rights as Americans and individuals. I am not a criminal, Cannabis is not a crime, Sensimilla is not a drug. Alcohol and Tobacco are drugs, they are specifically engineered to be potent and addictive, which is the whole argument for the schedule listing of all the illegal drugs.

    For those of you who read this entire post and agree with what I have to say; please do not slip back into your coma; please don't go another day without wanting to make a difference. Please help me stop these injustices, I consider it my charge.

    Please, contact me directly by PM, I am more serious about this than anything else. Legalization not medicine, it will just be a different set of rules and they will make all of them.

  10. InjusticeUSA

    InjusticeUSA Registered

    Sorry guys, I am new to this forum and I thought that there were private messages. If anyone wants to have a further discussion, or help me gather support and change legislation, please reply and we will figure out how to collaborate and smoke bud without persecution.

    BTW, I am better at discussing these things in person, especially after getting nice and ripped.
  11. PotHeadElmo

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    Im in

    Hey, hit me up on me email and let me know whats going on with this. im in to start public awarness and getting the legal issue seen in our state legislature...if we dont do it who will?
  12. KidGangsta

    KidGangsta Registered

    Legalize it, dammit!

    Attention all potheads. Why is marijuana illegal? So the government can make money. If it was legalized, it would hurt them but help us? They say Drugs Ruin Society. No! Politicians ruin society. If you smoke weed and go out with friends, then wake up and wash ur damn car, is it illegal? NO!!! If you assaulted someone u go to prison for assault and you smoke, u should go to prison for assault, Not smoking weed.
  13. 5imp7y

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    I wish it would happen but we live in a deep deep red state and we will not be getting it any time soon. Jersey is but a short move away for me in Philly.

    Eventually, Yes.:thumbsup:
    Soon, no. :(
  14. pippixo

    pippixo Registered

    are you serious?i have lived in pa my whole life and definatly know/see more people smoking pot then not smoking pot.i pray to the white man's god that they legalize it too b.c thats the day i get health insurance :thumbsup:
  15. Rj.D

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    I'm from Pa, and new to this web site. I want hooch to be legalized in this state, Bad, but it's gonna take a while I think. There's not enough people, smokers or not, that are willing to stand up and be hurd. Come on people, we need to rally the troops to find the answer to this injustice and prove our point to get around this bullshit! The future is ours, so let's ALL get onboard and do this! Peace y'all, Thanks.

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