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    at puremedications.com Buy at low and cheap prices; Benzodiazepines, Stimulants, Opiate/Opioid, Research Chemicals, dabman.(TOP SHELF STRAINS)>SkunK A+, Gran Daddy Purple A+, Blue Dream A+, OG Kush A+,Alaskan Thunderfuck AA++, White Widow A+, Purple Kush A+, Durban Poison A+(Good Strain For Appitite)>Juicy Fruit A+(Good For Pain Relief)>Blueberry A+, Edison OG A+, Northernberry, Northern Lights A+, Purple Bubba Kush A+, Sour Diesel A+, Pure OG Budder A+, OG Kush A+, Lemon Skunk A+, Purple Crack A+, Green Crack A+, White Widow A+, Durban Poison A+, cocaine, crack, bath salts, herbal incense, steroids, research chemicals,.........
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    That, sir, is against the law.
    Good thing you have no intention to deliver. :D

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