Lemon Sour Diesel Review

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by WillBX43, Jan 30, 2017.

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    Tried some lemon diesel today for the first time, WOW, :S5:

    Taste 5/5: Powerful lemon/lime/citrus taste with a great herbal hint. I thought for sure the flavor must have been an additive how potent it was.
    Smoke 5/5: The smoke was super smooth on the way down, it wasn't until I exhaled that I knew how much it was. Thats when the coughs, lung tightens and air constricted. I said, o shit, I'm bout to get High AF!
    High 4/5 : Only had that one toke, cause I was visiting a relative in the hospital and it kind of wasn't the right time to over blaze. That one hit kicked in fast but kind. Happy, relaxed and a little more energy. Made it easier to coup with the issue.

    Took the edge off of the day. Made the environment generally comfortable, with out being totally lax. If you have never tried this stuff get your hands on some. Well worth it:bananadance:

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