Lethal Dose Of THC

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  1. LIP

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    There was a thread about the lethal dose of THC [for which there isnt one]

    Well, people said all differnt things, i said it was about 16 pounds in 15 minutes, as that is what i thought i had read. Well, i was wrong, stoned as usual. It's actually 1500 pounds of cannabis in 15 minutes. Which proves our point further; that is a physical impossibility to over dose of THC, as you'd die from oxygen deprevation before anyware near the lethal dose was rached.

    For facts check the link in my sig: "Does cannabis Kill? No."

    Jack Herer.
  2. Harry Pot Head

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    Thanks for the link

    Just Finished reading it thanks :D

    Very intresting but there the DEA(TH) ect are still spewing there lies. :mad:
    Even to this day :mad:

    Thanks for the link
  3. LIP

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    I know, its sickening what the governments are telling children these days. A cuple of months ago the UN said that cannabis was as harmfull as Heroin or Cocaine. Im not sure if i want to live in a society that educates children with its lies to further its support.
  4. ciller

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    There are many common chemicals we put in our foods that have a higher LD50 then THC (if you don't know what an LD50 is google or wiki should fix ya up quick).

    You are more likely to die of a salt or caffeine overdose then thc. A recent study in the UofSask. put ultra high dosages of pure synthetic THC into rats (a dosage that would be impossible to get through smoking) and after prolonged treatment the rats had BETTER memories then control rats.

    While this was not the expected result they did hypothesize that the THC stimulated certain parts of the brain by increasing blood flow to those areas, areas which are attributed to long term memory. Temporary short term memory loss for permanent long term memory gain? If only I can get my hands on some pure synthetic thc... mmm.....

    THC is about as harmless as it gets.
  5. puffinerb

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    Yeah the only real harm that is done is by smoke irritating your lungs. Any smoke isnt meant to be in your lungs. But even for a heavy smoker its unlikely they will run into problems. And if you were worried about this you could vape or eat it.

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