Let's discuss the ways people get caught growing

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  1. Buds Buddy

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    I'm pretty sure this has been done before but things change all the time so let's shine some light (pun intended) on the subject once more for all the new growers.
    Actually, I'm wondering about some of the possibilities myself.
    so here we go...…………
    1) First off is a No Brainer.....Keep your mouth shut & never tell anyone & that means ANYONE !!!
    2) This one I wonder about.... The websites you visit should be non - tracking websites....or....you can download a secure browser like DuckDuckGo.com to keep your privacy private. I don't know if the police search the websites for this but the cop shows I watch track down sex offenders that way so why wouldn't you think they track down growers that way also ?
    3) Another one I'm wondering about.... The sudden difference in Electric Consumption. Do electric companies tip off the police when they see unusual spikes in your usage ? I personally am comparing last years bills to this years month by month to track the difference.
    4) Helicopters / IR & Heat Signatures.... Now I know it's an invasion of privacy & illegal here in the U.S. but they still do it & then find another excuse to get a warrant & raid your home.
    From what I've read....unless you're running 4 - 5 1000 watt HID lights you don't have much to worry about because Reptiles & Reef Aquariums use lights that will put out the same UV / IR / Heat Signature as a small grow set up. How true this is...I don't really know. You can always buy blocking material but it's expensive if you are running more lights or just to feel more secure about your grow ($110 for a 4' x 40' Roll).
    5) Smell & Fan Noise …. info on that is posted everywhere & is another no brainer (Carbon Filter & Duct Muffler).
    6) Heavy Traffic …. If you have a lot of traffic coming & going …. well ….you're drawing attention & asking to get busted. (Don't Sell !!!)

    OK you guys … Any other tips you can give are welcome & I'd love to hear some comments on the things I posted. Maybe I'm paranoid & just think these are some ways of getting caught … but I can't help to think about it some. I'd hate to go to jail...They wont give me No Weed !!!
  2. EvilCartman

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    Be careful when you post pics! :D
    I remember someone who shall remain nameless posted a pic of some seed packs. A prescription bottle with full name and address was clearly visible in the pic.
    Quickly removed, but JEEZ!
    Pay attention. :rolleyes:
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  3. Buds Buddy

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    That's one reason I started carrying my plants to the hallway for pictures. Don't want anyone to see the location of things. I do use pics of inside the tent but nothing but the tent is visible.
    I was looking over my electric bills today & in July 17 I was painting my house & was using 3 of those work lights. I used more electric that month than in any month of growing. Since seeing that....I figure I'm still relatively pretty low profile. I pretty much have zero traffic (Nephew or Stepson might stop by once a month). Quiet & Keep to ourselves & never loud music or anything that would draw attention to us other than other hot rod drivers stopping to talk when I'm doing stuff to the Mustang. But we usually just talk for 15 minutes & they go on their way. My street alone must have at least 5 Mustangs, 3 Camaros & several others. You hear the hot rods driving down the street all day. Because of the idiots who hot rod the cars through the neighborhood I do see cops hiding in places near by waiting to catch them. For that reason I drive the way I'm suppose to around here. They don't need to get to know me.
    All in all....I think I'm low profile & the only way I think I could get caught is Helicopters, Websites or the Electric Company reporting electrical usage. I see no other way.
    I'm more concerned about cops trolling the websites more than anything else.
  4. Weezard

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    Think before you post.
    One of the earliest LED growers on this site, had an indoor grow in Florida.
    All went well until his first child was born. An excited new dad, he was taking pictures in the hospital and posted a shot of a marina from the window of the hospital room.
    Posted it to his grow log the same day.
    I PM'ed him to take it down within minutes of the posting but it was already to late.
    Leo grabbed a screen shot and went to the hospital to find that window. Then they checked the hospital records for the name and address of that day's occupant.
    Next thing you know, he gets a knock on his door claiming that there was a 911 hangup call from his phone.
    They tied him to his grow log easily because he also had pictures of his arm tats in some of the photos.
    Small errors, a large bust.
    Think before you post.
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  5. Up In Smoke 420

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    I'm not a grower myself, so I don't have much to offer but I can say this.. The electric company sent my friend who grows, a letter about his high power consumption. If I remember correctly it basically was alerting you that your power bill was unusually high to what it normally is. He was running several HPS lamps. Nothing more ever came of it.
  6. TomSawyer2112

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    NEVER trust a coworker or a neighbor.
    Never trust your landlord. Don’t grow in your home if you only rent. Landlords and maint folks are dangerous.
    Don’t get careless with your Garbage.
    Rubber gloves, equip boxes, potting soil bags, trim and stems, Paraphernalia packaging. Use extreme caution when you throw rubbage away. Get a burn barrel. (If legally able to burn rubbage).
    And burn it right after sundown so the smoke cannot be seen from the air.
    And don’t throw away grow related material in the same receptical as you throw your junk mail into. Leo finding trimmings or resin caked gloves or trim leaves/stems in the same trash bag as your addressed junk mail and it’s over. Therefore, a fireplace or a burn barrel or fire ring in the back yard might be an option. If you must have help, it’s best to seek it from a single loyal member within your own flesh and blood family.
    Lock your grow rooms with keyed door knobs and not padlocks. Padlocks inside a home on a door arouse suspicion.
    Most importantly.
    Never EVER sell.
    Don’t invite parties to your place of your grow even if it’s under lock and key.
    On a personal note. The safest way to grow is to own your own home and live in a rural community where neighbors are spread out far enough where they don’t home in on your activities.
    Pay super close attention to electrical safety and fire prevention. Don’t take shortcuts. Safety first. Fires bring the fire dept. which brings a fire marshal. Who is specially trained to spot suspicious circumstances involving fires. And he can call in police and dogs. Being safe electrically will help you to stay stealthy and secure.
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  7. Weezard

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    I once made a long distance call from a motel in Pawnee county Nebraska.
    Middle of nowhere.

    Asked the X to rent a space in Ohio to dry the weed we were harvesting.
    The motel owner was listening and called the sheriff. It did not end well.

    If you must use a phone, use a code, a good one.
    I've monitored cell phone chatter. Leo will not be fooled by "Can I get a box and a half of the green shirts?" :)

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