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Discussion in 'Music Room' started by cannabis=freedom, Oct 2, 2010.

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    In an age where one-hit-wonders dominate the charts, Disney-groomed boy bands lip-synch with their guitars to sold-out crowds, and Justin Bieber has somehow gone unlynched, let's discuss the fiery legend who 40 years ago died for our sins, the left-handed axe man who won't be forgotten so long as music has a nest in the human ear.

    As I type this I'm listening to "Band of Gypsys", his 1970 live album where you can hear him at his flaming, screeching best. 'Machine Gun', 'Voodoo Chile' (not Slight Return, but the 15-minute jam on the same album) and '1983...(A Merman I Should Turn to Be' are his most epic songs, the lengthy pieces that best demonstrate who he was. I have many other favourites as well: Come On let the good times roll, Purple Haze, All Along the Watchtower, Little Wing, Castles Made of Sand, Fire, the Wind Cries Mary, Love or Confusion (SPACED-OUT AS HELL, but sadly unknown), etc. I just finished reading his biography Room Full of Mirrors, a glorious and intimate portrait.

    Go to, good folk.
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    crosstown traffic, spanish castle magic, castles made of sand. are my top hendrix songs. i almost finished reading room full of mirrors, but lost it about fifty pages from the end. overall it was a great read, even for someone not into biographies.

    overall, i think that hendrix was a great player, and that his influence runs deep through many people.
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    Belly Button Window is one of my favorites. Astro Man is another. Both are off of the Cry of Love album that was released after his death.

    Jimi played a right handed guitar upside down since he was left handed. Makes his guitar playing mastery even more impressive when you consider that fact.

    The day he died was a sad day for music.
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    Axis Bold As Love :thumbsup:
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    is there a way to post youtube videos here?
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    if we wanna bring up posthumous releases then i think that valleys of neptune is well done, and crying blue tears in particular captures the essence of jimi that not many songs capture.
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    I've never heard Crying Blue Tears--now I must.

    Delighted to see there are fellow Jimi fans here. He had a great drummer in Mitch Mitchell, too--really added to songs like Fire. And if you guys have never heard "Love or Confusion" you MUST give it a listen (or even if you've heard it, give it another one). It's almost too much to handle stoned.
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    Yeah man Hendrix was/still is one of the best guitarists ever.I love guitar my fav instrument.If he was around today I wonder how much better it would be.
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    Oh yeah, I remember.....


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    and the wind began to howl..........:S2:

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    and the wind began to howl..........:S2:

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    along the watchtower is a classic but i heard someone else made it first
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    It was originally performed and also written by none other the Mr. Bobby Dylan! :D
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    Jimi is the experience.

    He is also a perfect example of artists who shouldn't be listened to just as songs.. You have to listen to the albums!

    Axis Bold as Love is killer.. ?
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    Jimmy8778, I read Room Full of Mirrors. What I remember about the end is that Jimi was with a girl named Monica and apparently swallowed a handfull of her sleeping pills, not know how strong they were. They figured it was 9 pills as she had just got the prescription and had only taken one or two. Why Jimi would swallow 9 I don't know but by then he was really into using drugs and probably wasn't thinking clearly. Anyway, unconscious and sick, he vomited in his sleep and choked to death.
    It is a very good, detail book. The author went out of his way to write it and said that he wanted to get it done before Jimi's dad, Al, would pass away. Jimi died at the age of 27.
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    All Along The Watchtower

    I really liked the Hendrix version in the movie Watchmen.

    There were other Dylan tunes, in the movie, but Hendrix's spacey guitar solo is unmatchable.
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    Hendrix not only inspired me to pick up the guitar when I wanted to play the drums, his philosophies and music changed the way I look at life. Back in the day music was a lifestyle, a culture, with concepts, ideas, and themes that drove the music. Now its just a whole bunch of BS to be blunt
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    The man is a legend , He will live on forever!!! ,.

    I talk Tamika Hendrix on facebook , she is an spitting image of him , always talks about jimmy , Add her up always , she's always up for a chat :)
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    Stone Free.It's been my favorite from the first time I heard it!
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