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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by TheSailor, Oct 31, 2016.

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    I'm new to everything, I'm kind of having a hard time understanding strains. I understand breeding, crossing, back crossing etc.

    But what are the founding fathers/mothers?

    For example... the seeds I have are claimed to be Northern Lights. Better yet "original northern lights."
    I've researched Northern Lights to the extent where I've seen 3 different versions. One is Skunk#1 x Original Haze. One is also Silver Haze x Afghan Kush. The other is the original from Holland that was crossed with the first mentioned to develop a stabilized strain.

    And to really scramble my brain, I wonder what are the actual original strains. I look at it like a color wheel. If you have a handful of colors... you keep mixing them for hundreds of years, how do you actually know what's what? Lol, is there a family tree somewhere?

    Here's where I have a problem. I feel as if anyone can just cross anything and call it Northern Lights. Or I could claim the strain to be TheSailor Kush.

    Maybe I'm just totally overthinking it, but I have the mind of an engineer and like to know the structure and science behind the evolution of cannabis. Maybe someone has a decent cannabis family tree to share?
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    Don't overthink it. Grow for a while, then maybe you'll have a different perspective.

    After all, when you buy and eat a tomato, are you overthinking the variety of tomato?
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    Why haven't I seen this site before lol, thank you. And maybe so!
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    This is a good one at tracking strains. Just look up a strain, it will show the breeders and lineage.
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