letting kids smoke weed

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would you allow your kid to smoke?

  1. hell yea

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  2. no way

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  3. don't know

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  1. knowing ever problem that weed can cause when you are young (friends, school problems, money problems and so on) if you had a kid when you got older would you let them smoke weed and or smoke with them?
  2. jakenthegentiles

    jakenthegentiles Registered+

    yes becaus im 16 and my dad buys me a half evey onece and aq wile so he knows im not doin other drugs and soem one dousnt fuck me and give me like pcp but he like limmets me to the weekend
  3. Encatuse

    Encatuse Registered

    It depends on how responsible my kid was.
  4. Satovan

    Satovan Registered+

    I woulden't because if my child needed drugs to feel good I would consider myself a failure as a parent. Now don't call me a traitor or whatever, attack me or anything, just hear me out.

    I want to make sure my child can feel great and be creative and what not with out drugs. That is my goal. I don't want to give them a shitty enviroment or treat them like shit. But if I ever did found out my child took of the habit of smoking weed. I'd join him and his friends in a few sessions. I would just lay down some ground rules. But I would never introduce my child to weed.
  5. OreO

    OreO Registered+

    me and my friends have had this convo before and i will not smoke infront of my kids or let them see it, i will let them discover it themselves through highschool and friends but not me. I just dont want to be the reason why my kids is fucking up inschool or anything like that because some teens dont know how to moderate weed with school(i was one of em) But as soon as i figure out that they are smoking im gonna act mad and then just fuck with em and pull out a bong but he/she does have to respnsible
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  6. djaio

    djaio Registered+

    dude... if you're going to smoke while you have kids, s/he will find out. through you. whether you like it or not. you can't hide something like that. you better be prepared for "daddy, what's that glass tube in your room for...?"

    if i smoke regularly if/when i'm a parent, i won't make my kid smoke or anything, but i'll let him know what it is i'm doing. if he's curious, fine, i'll teach him how, smoke a few bowls with him, and give him 20 bucks to start out with.
  7. ezjim

    ezjim Registered+

    16 yrs old if there doin well in school but if the grades slip then no smoke hows that for an incentive
  8. ShamanicHippy

    ShamanicHippy Registered+

    I would encourage it. its weird but my grades improve with smokin
  9. Climbing High

    Climbing High Registered+

    im not gonna introduce my kids to weed, but if i find out they smoke i will definately join them for a session. If my kids find a bong or something and ask what it is, i wouldnt lie to them, ill be honest with my kids about marijuana, and if they reach an age that i feel is appropriate and they want to try it, ill pass thm the bowl.
  10. jakenthegentiles

    jakenthegentiles Registered+

    dude taht rong caus like me i have a depreshion problem im amways angry un less im high butthat scau sim bi polor so i get high and i plan to give my child s/hes first hit of weed as a teen
  11. OreO

    OreO Registered+

    i dont even know if i would be smoking during the younger years of my kid but if trust me they wouldnt find my bong and if they did...id explain gladly:)
  12. BluntManAndChronic

    BluntManAndChronic Registered+

    dude if i am ever a parent i wuld wait till my kid was like 13 then i wood introduce him to weed and if he wants to smok then let him if not then not but if they dont find out through u then they r gonn find out through other kids at school or friends and its better u get them smokin weed then let thier friends get thyem hooked on some fucked up shit like crack or pcp
  13. supersonicchronic

    supersonicchronic Registered+

    If it seemed like my kid had a good head on their shoulder then ya I would, but if he/she was a fuck up that thought they knew the answer to everything, then no way.
  14. Juggalotus17

    Juggalotus17 Registered+

    As long as my kid kept up honor roll (A's and B's) and understood the dangers of other drugs, and ONLY got his or her weed from me, then I'd allow it. Once my child reaches the appropriate age where it wont fuck up growth (about 14 or 15, at least) then I'd ask him about drugs. I'd let him know about how safe weed is, and as long as he promises that it is the only thing he does, and never hides anything from me I'd allow it. I'd make sure he never carried it on him or if he did very rarely, never had paraphinilia, anything of the sort.

    As long as my child would be RESPONSIBLE, then I'd allow it.
  15. TheLion

    TheLion Registered+

    I'd wait until they were at least 16. Then, if they wanted to smoke, I'd let 'em, but I'd lay out the rules.
  16. llamaman666

    llamaman666 Registered+

    Once their old enough I would, but no way would I be the one to introduce it to them. And if they were 13 or less I wouldn't let them, then I dono. Itll be 14 years anyway. got time to think it
  17. Caseman

    Caseman Registered

    Wonder why pot will never be legal? Because 63% of you fucking downies think its OK to give kids pot! Seriously, I'd like to leave this country because you are all just too fucking stupid for me to fight anymore. You are like retarded children and George W and Unkle Sam dangle candy in your faces whille they take your lunch money and fuck you in your in your stupid asses!!! Duhh, da candy id gooooood! We wike da candy,duhhh!

    There is an overwhelming amount of evidence out there which prooves irrefuteably that marijuana is damaging to teenage kids. Adolescent marijuana use does cause damage to the brain because it has not fully matured and the psyche is still under construction. If you advocate teenage pot use you are perpetuating and feeding the flames of the war against marijuana.Period. If you really look at the evidence objectively you will come to the same conclusion. The US government has found that this is our one and only legitimate weekness and they are using it right now to campaign against marijuana. If the marijuana community rejects teen pot use and we stop accepting teen pot use to be a part of our culture,the governments arguements against pot are weekened tremendously. We need to distinguish what is right and wrong. The government uses teen pot use like a chizel to hammer away at the strength of the movement we are making for the medical legalization of pot. And,as we all know we can't get to the recreational aspect untill we get the med part first. Think about it, how many antipot commercials have you seen that use the image of pot smoking teens to make their point? Take away the image and they have nothing on us. Its alot harder for the government to point the finger at responsible adults than teens because they have a louder voice and thats the only place they would have to attack next. Unless they decide its a good idea to aim their campaign against med users like people with lukemia and AIDS. Without the ability to paint this picture of our nations teens using pot,they will lose,lose and lose again. They are using the teen propaganda to keep pot illegal the same way they used Reefer madness type bullshit to criminalize pot in the beginning,only there is truth to this and we all need to accept and admit it. They want to portray the marijuana community as bunch of irresponsible people who will hand a joint to anyone and we need to clarify that this simply isn't true. Medical marijuana is the answer to remedy the problem. We need to make a point to the American Government and convince the people of this country that we need to employ some system of regulation to keeps kids from using because the war on drugs has proven itself to be inneffective. Legalization is the key to do just that! There isn't a med club around administering pot to kids, and that is were our power to change the old laws lays!!!!! You can read about the new campaign against teen pot use on cannabis news. Let me know if I have changed any of your minds.
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  18. Juggalotus17

    Juggalotus17 Registered+

    Point taken. Although, once again if a teenager is responcible and doesn't let amotivational syndrome take good grip on them, then teen pot use is fine.

    Also, don't forget if it was legalized, then it would be that much harder for teens to get weed. I can get more weed in school in one day than alcohol in a week. True fact.
  19. first of all let me start by saying that everybody's body is diffrent just cuz it's bad for one person doesn't mean it is for the other....second of all...are you saying there should be an age limiton everything? age is just a number it doesn't tell you how the person's body or psyche will react to each and every thing...3rd of all it's not advocating...it's realizing the obvious....that htere is a very high chance that they will eventually try it and alot of them will like it and do it often. maybe i should have rephrased the question to "would you get pissed and throw a fit if you found out your kid smoked weed" but i assumed everyone was smart enough to know what i was saying...guess YOU proved me wrong....fourth of all.....if you started before 18 then you have no room to talk about any of this....fifth of all.....in my experience there are alot more mature 15 year olds out there that smoke then 18-20 year olds....if it can be handled responsibly i don't see a problem wtih letting my kid smoke...it's not like i'm going to shove a joint in his face and be like here smoke this...
  20. Encatuse

    Encatuse Registered

    Age is just a number to only some extent. You'll rarely ((ever..?)) see a 90 year old as physically capable as a 20 year old or a 3 year old as mature as a 30 year old.

    I know these are extremes, but I think they kind of show that age does have SOME basis in reality. I recognize there are exceptions, but these are just that, exceptions.

    Life experience DOES effect a person and age signifies life experience in alot of cases. ((Though not always.)) I know that a 15 year old could have had more life experience then a 30 year old, but it's rare.

    So, never close your mind because there's always exceptions out there, but it's okay to be a little age biased, since there's alot of truth in age bias most of the time. ((Wait, the guy who's moving all my furniture is fucking 80? He'll break his arms! - Bias, most likely true.))

    More on subject: We shouldn't endorse weed to kids, but to deny that some teens are just fine with marijuana is ignorant.

    So everyone pretend you aren't going to give your kids weed, at least until it's legalized.
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