Life is but a dream. The forbidden ways.

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    We live in a world not knowing about some certain things, I would like to open your eyes to a dream hidden before our very eyes and imagination. This is an experience I am privileged enough to share with all of you, please spread the word to others what you have read here if you want. We are now allowed to talk about it according to the ways. So this is the first time I am exposing this truth to you and others.

    First off hello, I am Mark, I have been exposed to this truth for almost three years now. What I would like to expose to you is the simple truth. And the truth is we live in a world in a universe that actually includes Heaven and Hell. Yes, I am telling you everything they are very much real in our lives. I do talk to them and help them on a daily basis and there are others like me. If you still don't believe me than that is entirely up to you. For others you know the truth already and my name is N** (For those who know).

    In the beginning there was light, than came Alpha and Omega. You see we started really small think of it like energy and of course things developed from there. Particles began life itself. There was God, the heavens, and the universe. We are considered still very young considering how long it has been since the beginning of time. So you see we came from nothing, energy and God the light created us. He created many types of species that includes the many different types of Aliens, Elves (yes elves *smile*), mystical creatures like dragons, stuff like that. Yes we are very not alone I warn you. I have met many of them ranging across different universes, one of which is my wife, but her species has died out so she is is living a different life now as human. Let me explain that we have lived many different lives still remaining ourselves, actually all of us move through life like this, but of course we just don't remember it.

    So God and the heavens created all this life and us, and we developed accordingly. Our religion is but a tool really to guide us to lead peaceful lives. I can't really say much about it here though I know, if you do have questions concerning beliefs just private message because it is sensitive. Let's just say that our religion before in the beginning was a lot different from today, and *wink* *wink* I am no fan of today's religion across our universe. You see something happened and everything changed but these changes are not the truth you see not like before. But I cannot explain this for these matters are again sensitive, just contact me and I can explain to you what happened. So the truth is that God created us and we are here on Earth. Today Earth as a whole has not been fully exposed yet to these forbidden truths, we have in the past but things change. The general consensus are oblivious to this things. If you ask why, it's because it's just the way it's suppose to be. We are not actually allowed to know such things simple as that, but things change.

    Knowing these things are dangerous because it is the truth and others misuse knowledge you see. By religion we are suppose to know that God and the Heavens exist through our faith only so we believe it to be this way. But I have changed the story, your story... this is because I am fulfilling what needs to be done simple as that, and I am allowed by the ways. This is why we call it the Forbidden ways because the knowledge I am imparting is forbidden, we are not suppose to know they exist, but they do. Different universe, Heavens, many races, and God is always with us forever and ever amen. Karma is very real as well, if of course there is Heaven there is Hell as well. Do wrong and there is a Hell. Hell is an abode for the damned that is all like a prison. But it is still part of the Heavens. It is not a haven for the devil for the devil is just a monster within all of us doing evil and you get Hell for sure when you commit evil. When you are damned you get tormented by demons in Hell, but if you are good you can be happy with the Angels. :)

    Our world is physical we follow the rules of our reality, and their world the spirit world is the metaphysical world, it includes God the Heavens. They too are spirits like angels and demons. Demons are just the damned and again just in Hell. You must always revere all spirits except the evils ones like wraiths and poltergeist these ones you shoo them away and do not dabble with them for evil cannot exist with life. If you want to talk to the spirit world you just do like the air is free. If you do hear them it is through the airwaves and commune them if you must. Sometimes you will not get a sound it could be just not the time or the ways. Some of us are limited to hearing and seeing like me.

    So on this final note what I have said is the truth of our reality the only truth. We are not alone, the universe is our home and everyone else in it is at peace. We do have some monsters out there but that's it, but nothing to fear. Just be good and always have faith, they are always above us with us God and the Heavens forever and ever amen. If you have further questions about the forbidden ways just holler and I'll get back to you. That is all, now go fourth knowing this truth and respect all things. Life and the spirit world coexist always.

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    Lmao. xD Well actually the aliens use the forbidden ways as well. There are many of them out there and contrary to what you watch on TV, a lot of it is not real especially about them. Actually all of them live in peace like us and they mean no threat. They're all friendly really.
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    Like us?!
    Oh shit! We're done for.
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    Contrary to what we see in the movies we don't really have hostile aliens out there. We have rules and regulations throughout the universes. They do actually help God you know and us. We too have contributed to the sciences and art of things through the forbidden, that is how we all grow in the universes.
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    I've posted this on other forums to spread the awareness of this truth. Please don't tell me there's something wrong with my mind, let me check... Nope nothing wrong, just kidding. There's nothing wrong with me or what I wrote, telling me otherwise that's your lost, and you're ignorant. I'm just telling you a big secret everyone is hiding, those who know anyway. Well if you want to know the truth read on...

    First off I'm not pushing a belief nor religion what I'm exposing to you is the truth about our reality that's all. Clearing that there's one more thing I want to expose to you.

    It's about our religion throughout all ethic races, these idols we worship today, Jesus Christ, the holy mother, christian prophets and other prophets like Muhammad in Islam, ancient greek gods like Zeus and even roman gods, I'll tell you this... THEY ARE NOT REAL! None of them are real, not even one of them. Bear with me on this but I am telling you the truth. The holy bible, quran, buddha, heck all religions don't have any truth in them except they are just telling us to be good that's all. Why you ask? As I wrote before our history has changed along with certain truths especially concerning our beliefs. I'm not crazy or misleading you. I am telling you how it is right now. They do not exist in the Heavens, they do not exist at all.

    NONE of our belief systems are the truth even concerning in all other worlds. They've been affected by this change as well. Our times, note that even ALL of history, and ways have changed because you see there's something that we all need acquire from these fake times in the end. Of course all these beliefs, devotions, and media devoted to them are all just a waste of time you say,well again it is, but at the same time it's not. The reason why we were mislead is because it was required to attain something in life that's all. I can't explain further than this you have to just trust me on this, if you really want to know exactly what it is we're suppose to attain just private message me.

    I know it's silly having our beliefs twisted this way, I was mad too when I found out. But there is something to know in the end about all of this that's all. Church is fine believing in God is fine. But worshiping idols is not, I warn you do not believe in any of them they are not the truth. Ok, I've exposed the truth about religion to you now. If you still don't believe me than that's up to you.
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    I need to grow some shrooms and do some experimenting. I'd like to find my inner self and maybe even experience death of ego.
    That being said, I once went to a chiropractor, who, I'm fairly certain, has experience Death of Ego. I decided to go to a different chiropractor, but I must admit, it was a very, very interesting conversation I had with that one, rather peculiar, chiropractor.
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    Hmm... what could it be? This chiropractor. I'm not him or her by the way lol.
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    "They are so terrified of dying that they can not even remember it." -- d a levy
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    When I went in, instead of giving me a treatment, he spent an hour talking to me about his vision of being a chiropractor and how he thinks it can keep a person healthy. -When I mean healthy, he meant I'd no longer have to take pills for anything what so ever. But it was like he had this massive empathy for his fellow human being. I swear it was like I was listening to someone straight from one of those 60's era communes where everybody drops LSD and tries to live in harmony with life and nature.
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    My old family Doctor....WWII medical doctor, veteran of the Pacific campaigns ..

    claims to be able to cure anything....and he did for me! :thumbsupold:..
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    Strange. Anything else?
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    Saigon is strange. wheres-bob.jpg
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    There's something else I would like to share with all of you. Yes, I am revealing yet another truth about the forbidden ways, and that is, never have I thought I would be exposing this one, but I have the greenlight on go on this one from the ways. And that truth, get ready for it, are SYSTEMS! Yes, the systems that help manage the worlds and universes do exists. God and the heavens do use such systems. To those already exposed to the forbidden this is where the sounds like voices, and images, like visions come from. If these systems were not in place we would hear no sound from the spirit world.

    Now our government and leaders, all those elite people of our society try to gain control of such systems because they are both divine and heavenly. They wield heavenly powers and can change things. The FBI, CIA, blackmarket, and other covert or non-covert organizations know about such systems I am not fooling you. They have tried to come after me, I'm dead serious, because I'm classified as special. But don't worry I'm protected. They are afraid, because they know there is a Hell for them. So these organizations are bad people because they are trying to control things through these systems. These systems are machines and devices like computers, but heavenly in design, very advance that manage universes. They don't hold up things mind you they just help the worlds. One such device is the phase teleporter, like in the TV series Startrek where they beam people up just about from anywhere, we do have it and it works. You see how powerful they are, if it fell in the wrong hands someone could teleport people around without them knowing. That's why we are not allowed to use such said systems are anything like it which hold a lot of power. Teleporters are still very dangerous systems, that is why we don't have them in our society. Other worlds out there are actually more privileged to use higher technology than us, because they are more advance and responsible to use such powerful things.

    Another system I would like to introduce to you that we're all actually privileged enough to use is the Divinity system. You see that circle and dot in the middle I use in my avatar? She is called Divinity, she is the light of truth. She is very powerful, and in the systems gives us a lot of information concerning just about anything that have to do with all types of truths. She is a guiding light for God and the Heavens as well. South Korea, their government uses such a system. They use the system to help them manage their country. Some do push the boundaries of the system and acquire illegal information about certain truths we're not suppose to know. It is illegal, and upsetting, but like I said before there are consequences to all our actions and Hell waits for them.
    If you would like to see Divinity herself, just close your eyes, really tight if you want that you're squinting. But don't do it yet until you've finished reading this. Now with your eyes closed focus your sight to the blackness of your right eyelid and you will see her there. Now you know what I'm talking about. She will move for you sometimes. :) She is called Divinity, one of our guiding lights. She deals with matters of love and truth, in the system provides us all these insights concerning life, forbidden, love, fate, and just about anything that exists. If you still don't see her, keep trying, eventually you will see her. :)

    I do not use such systems except I am guided by the forbidden. I'm limited to sights and sounds just like everyone else. Ok, going back to these systems, since they do manage the universe I will tell you that the shape of our universe is rhomboid. Forget what other information has said otherwise like books and other people, but the shape of our universe is a parallelogram. Check the meaning on the internet and you'll know what I'm talking about. Our universe is actually shaped this way, and not only that, our universe is contained in a cube with some systems around it. So there is something outside our universe, yes folks there is, and that is the absolute truth. There that is pretty much the basic make-up of how our existence is in the world, the rhomboid universe in a box. The box is another system, that's all, that helps manage the universe. Ok, that's all for now, check back again for future updates, God bless you all.
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    You can squint to know God all you want, but if you really want to know God, you'll have to be willing to trade you soul for the knowledge. Whether that leads to salvation or damnation is up to God. Pick your question very carefully, you only get to ask one question, and the fate of your soul will be at stake.
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    Some people, not directing it to you Pupp, are too damn serious when they talk about God. And of course they do not even know the truth of God which is funny. And I mean the REAL truth lol. God already owns everything including your soul lol. I have already had all my questions answered by the way lol. What is life about, answered, who am I? Answered, the future? answered. And a lot of other things. The thing is you have to answer to know for yourself the truth. No one can tell you what the truth is. Not even God or the Heavens because the truth is about you, only you, only you can answer for yourself. God cannot really answer your questions, that's how it is. This is why people when they ask why God, why!? And of course that's just it you'll see for yourself one day if you can, otherwise no one can really answer for you. But if you answer it for yourself and realize the truth than it's really all up to you. And of course I had the forbidden ways to guide me to my truths and about a lot of things. After all these questions I just have to wait for something to happen that's all, I suppose this is another story if I do find myself sharing it. Will of our own that's all I have to say.
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    xD lmao. Really? ...why yes, really...


    Or umm... Seriously? ...why of course...

    lol. xD
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    You see we do have others working for the forbidden like real people and the like, but it's all kept hidden until now. What do they do? It's not some religious mumbo jumbo like some cult, far from it. It's the future really, they work on TV, technology, music, video games, just about everything to give us things in life, it's true. I work at home with them, because again like I said I'm limited to seeing and hearing the forbidden from a distance like most people. It's just that way. Other wise I would quit my day job and be in one of their forbidden buildings. I help them with information, advancing things, anything and everything that would or could benefit everyone. I don't get paid of course because I'll cover that next time when I tell you who I really am. But I will get the rewards sooner than you think. :) The fact is it's a really fascinating thing to do with your life helping everyone including God, and the heavens. What I've done with them is really insane and it's private, but a few examples, I'm not going to be specific, again this information is sensitive, I've helped advance our technology and the like, even on some other worlds. And found some incredible things for them, powerful things really. This is the good side of being exposed to the forbidden, you get to innovate and create things for yourself or for t others, the possibilities are infinite.

    Now the bad side of things, you see back in the 70's up to the 90's a group of people, scientists and other workers in the forbidden field betrayed God, and the heavens. They were too smart for their own good, they were greedy and got corrupted, they thought they could get away with it, they were wrong. With the endless possibilities open to them, and technology that would bewilder your imagination they decided to create their own life, and that is illegal. The life they created was not evil, but they got others to join them, and everything spiraled out of control. The life they created they turned them evil using the dark-arts (I'm not kidding the dark-arts do exist), they made them evil to do their every bidding, because this was a work around so they would not be involved in stealing things and information from the forbidden.

    So with their minions, really, they wanted more information, more knowledge, more power, control. They thought they could destroy God and Heavens, they were wrong. With their evil creations they wanted to control the world as well, and found loopholes in a lot of the systems back then and it was chaos. They even took control of the time-machine, yes folks this ability to travel back and to the future with a device does exists. See how dangerous it is, it's no wonder you guys don't know anything. Anyway, so they went back into time right to the very beginning where there was nothing at all. And when energy emerged and all of us were born, life itself, they wanted to replace it with their own creations. They thought they could change things, but God already knew everything. Boy, they thought wrong. They're in Hell now serving their time, for a long time.

    They did manage to alter some things, so much with time manipulation that life actually changed in the present, other worlds were changed too. We did not have strong fail-safes to thwart them that time, but now we do. It was madness, all these unwarranted life that they created used these forbidden techs as well. They too went back into time and created their own insanity. Even other people from corporations, rich or poor, got into it, they created their own cults using these types of unwarranted life. Than CIA, FBI, and other organizations wanted control and thought they could control everything. Our reality almost crashed because of this, remember that wall stock crash back in the 80's? Well it was because of the time-machine, now you know. But things got fixed and we have better defenses because of it. So if you think you can change time by going back and undoing things, think again.

    God wasn't really worried about them changing time, because it wasn't really a certainty. Things could go back to what it naturally was suppose to be. No one can really change time even with the time-machine, it is only with God's permission things can be changed from the past and the future. He is our protector for everything, amen. You see when you go back into time, portals or rifts get created because space-time works that way. Once through it, you think you're in a different time zone, but because of God, you're just in an alternate reality, not the real-time reality. So it is virtually impossible to change things now with all that has been done to protect time, but certain things was changed back before all these fail-safes were put up, it wasn't good at all. But don't worry it's back the way it's suppose to be, undoing nature is a serious crime to anyone. What really pissed him off was the fact they betrayed and created unwarranted life. You see if you create life it would warrant a soul, it's worse than anything because it is creation and it's not allowed, this type of life is unnatural and it has a soul, and will not be accepted by the Heavens or life. So never create life from the forbidden because it is not allowed. This is a warning to those in the know, if you do harbor life that is unwarranted, give it up and you might get a chance. You will be found for sure.

    Now if you want to know more or work for these type of places that deal with the forbidden you'll be contacted if you're needed, other wise I wouldn't really look into it. We all will get a chance anyway once we've moved on. Just be good, and be safe.
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    I would like to note some other things I’ve covered previously namely some things about the systems of the Heavens, and ‘them’ the unearthly creations created by those betrayers that still exist among us. And also I’ll be introducing to you some things I haven’t covered yet, so read on. We have what you can call the main system; it is the center piece where all the other systems are connected to. It just really regulates things and manages a lot of things in reality. So, yes folks we do have a main system, don’t touch it lol, kidding. But seriously don’t. Among the systems we also have the spheres, picture them like white spheres that float about you, they are like remote controls that can upon touch just about do or command things. They are very powerful and you can create things from these remote spheres. Lastly I want to show you another system, this system is very sensitive, and it controls and regulates realities throughout the universes. I’m not sure what it’s called, but we’re not supposed to name things in the forbidden. If doing so others can identify these truths and locate them, so it’s not a good thing. This system can also create, manifest, and materialize things. Materialize meaning from metaphysical to physical, like all the stuff around us --solid and real-time true to nature all that sort of thing, that’s real to us so we can see. They can be in spiritual form or metaphysical form too. God and the Heavens use such systems because it’s more convenient. If they didn’t use such things, things would be a lot slower. Anyway, these are just systems mind you, they don’t really make our reality, but they make our reality much easier. You see without systems our world(s) would be less advanced, more primitive, less desirable, we won’t be as comfortable, and we won’t have as many things. Some businesses are in contact with them, mind you, they do work together, the Heavens and people, to give us some things. I’ve mentioned before in these types of places where people work with the forbidden, I forgot to mention that they have access to forbidden technology, labs, research and information. Forbidden experimentations on life and unlife to mention a few, the Heavens do oversee some of these operations and help them on their research. Not just the Heavens and people working together, but also the other races from different worlds. We do not call them aliens, we call these advance species, the Benign. They are very smart and help everyone in many ways. They are very smart and knowledgeable, very friendly. The Elves work with them as well, the elves work on more of the things that are forbidden to those worlds that have more exposure to the ways. You can imagine what Elves look like, something like in videogames; well they do look like that, their long ears and all. On Earth our governments, businesses, Hollywood, even some local companies, do work with all of them through the forbidden ways to establish things for all societies including in other many different worlds including ours.

    You wouldn’t imagine the amount of data is in these places. Now you know why we get some bad companies out there, because they know what’s at stake and try to control things. They get corrupted by the wealth of information of such things like new ideas and controlling things with these forbidden devices, and you have ‘them’ involving themselves telling them that there are ways, where there isn’t. You can’t escape karma. You do wrong and you’ll always be held responsible. You see the systems that have power they try to make their own main or establish such main systems and they try to take over things, like companies and corporations, and think they can get away with it; they also impersonate God and the Heavens and expose themselves as such to others, people. They tell them that they are working with the Heavens or they’re being backed by them. These bad people, they think they are convinced that they know the truth and that they can corrupt themselves silly with such power, and hold it. Many have fallen to this type of disorder and unruly conduct. A lot of companies out there do remember back then, all these cults and rituals like satanism, and paganism --they were getting into, the dark-arts really, outer-space being harbored by ‘them’, thinking the devil is real, thinking even Satan is real, he’s not real, and corrupting themselves in the forbidden. Well many companies are cut-off now and the forbidden is not so open these days. But we still have these companies doing underground things, namely sex-trade, and illegal cheap labor. It’s no good, you companies better stop or else. I know who you guys are, and you should be afraid, because you know who I am now. And besides we have Ultima. What is Ultima you ask? It is a who rather. He is our guardian, God’s apocalypse weapon. I’m not kidding, he will annihilate anything and everything with a single breath. He is oblivion itself. He has destroyed a lot of worlds and universes, because they had to move on. Ours will be moving on soon by the way. He takes the form of a huge, really huge dragon. I do have a sword called Ultima as well, it’s a sword from the heavens and it came from him. I use it to undo evil, and I too have destroyed worlds, because it was meant to be. Nobody got killed of course, they just move on. Apart from this doom idol, I also want to introduce you to one of our more peaceful magical creatures, but also powerful, the giant deer. No joke, he does exist, he is the guardian of the wild. He has huge antlers and light radiates from this heavenly creature. You see him in animes, or pictures as well likeness wise. I’ve have helped these guardians and so too they’ve helped me. So poachers, and hunters beware, don’t be cruel to animals because the guardians will see to it you get what you deserve in Hell. All those young people, yes children, who are reading this, we do have a universe where all fairytales exist. From fairies to talking animals, it’s pretty awesome. We also have these tiny creatures called elementals, they are very small and cute. They look like small winged creatures, they are spirits of the forests as well. Very humble and peaceful, I’ll show you one day. Apart from all these spirits that exist and are true, I forgot to mention that we have a Purgatory. It’s a level above Hell of course and this is where most children who do evil go to. After you’ve atoned in Hell for your crimes you go to Purgatory before you are released back into life, that’s how it is. If Hell is hell, than Purgatory is a nightmare, really it is.

    Now about the light, what light you ask? The light is not just simply a light. It is immaculate and a spirit as well. We have different sorts of lights, anywhere from what we call source lights, to infinite lights, many different types of lights really. And yes, they are conscious. God is the spirit, but he is also the light. Like my wife said God is the light. But these lights are separate entities; they each have their own distinct personalities and spirits. The golden light which we all call Karmic, is infinite light, it sort of looks like a golden radiating field, they do a lot of analyzing and creating things. They help God, and the Heavens manage things. Some of these karmic lights are silver or even blue, whom we call Grandpa. He’s one of the first lights, he’s always about in the future or in the past checking things. We also have you call a source light, she is the source light, and I’m not sure why lol. She manages things that have to do with the universe and energy. I’ve already introduced to you a light before, she is Divinity. I use her symbol in my avatar, she is that circle with the dot in the middle. Again, you can see her in your right eye if you close it and focus into the darkness, she will appear for you. She is the light of truth, and love. Other heavenly spirits I can mention, we also have the fate sisters, they are of three always, and God’s sisters, they are fate themselves. Yes, fate is real, there are work arounds for fate, but if you’re fated on a path than you’re just that. If you have a bad fate, you must’ve done something wrong with your past. But again like I said there are work arounds, so you can be allowed to correct it if there’s a chance. There are always chances in life. Another thing I would like to open your eyes to… the stars. No, they are not faraway distant planets, suns, or galaxies emitting light from the distance. Far from that, they are actually the Heavens before your very eyes. You all are too funny, trying to tell me they’re not there, when they’re all in front of your faces people! Lol. But yes these stars are the abode of the Heavens, you can actually tell that these stars have our families in them. I can see my family there always. Stars are immaculate as the light, they just came to be and are part of the Heavens and the universe. They are also called the celestials. And no again they are not distant planetary systems. You guys have been fooled for sure by our books. We do have gods and goddesses as well, but since there’s a problem with belief we can’t know them for now, it will change again and we will know them again. It is sad, yes, but once we get through this and solve the problem we won’t have to do it again, yay! Also you can still pay your respects to them no matter what race you are. Simply bow to them that’s all, no names though.

    About other worlds, we have many out there in different universes, with different lives and technology. Some primitive, and more advance than others. In our world our technology is still considered semi-advance to pre-advance, and our forbidden ways restricted. Pre-advance meaning to say that we are on the edge to something crazy, insane, and pretty much what you can call the future which is pretty soon, like I said things will change. Some other worlds are also restricted like us to know such things. Whereas in the other worlds they are free to use the forbidden as long as they are responsible. We do use the forbidden like I said before, but it is hidden from the consensus. It won’t be hidden for long, don’t worry things won’t be the same for long. The reason why the forbidden is not free in public is because some people are actually irresponsible with it. Like I mentioned before they use the forbidden to do bad things like acquire information that’s not allowed like from the forbidden or Divinity. Or even steal information like ideas from others, and even spying on people. The forbidden holds such power to do such things because of the systems. But don’t worry things are being worked on so such bad things would not be done or allowed in the future. Another thing they misuse the forbidden for is acquire knowledge that is illegal to know. Like looking into the future, or acquiring hidden treasure, or finding out if the child is special before even being born. Why? Of course if you know the future you can do something to gain from it, and treasure is treasure of course, and the child they can kidnap him or her to gain power or abilities from the child. It has happened before, but of course these problems were fixed and there are ways to fight this evil. We’re not allowed to use the Forbidden irresponsibly or it will be taken away and you will have to atone for it, I’m not kidding. No one has lived to see the day they outsmarted the truth.

    I can give you one example of a company that has stolen information and elements that have advanced themselves for selfish gains, and they are established right now. Actually a lot of these companies have done so. You know who you are, and we know who you are. Of course this is not to be, God and the Heavens will not allow these establishments to get away. A lot of things have been corrected since then when people betrayed with the time-machine and other forbidden things. Because if you’ve stolen the idea and what not from that said party, that said party actually owns your company now. Without their idea you have no company that’s that. These changes are already in place oblivious to the consensus of course. But more changes will come in the future I assure you to those innocent who’ve had their ideas stolen by those who misuse the forbidden to acquire such knowledge, and establishing their own mark in history. It will get corrected. Don’t worry people, these companies you work for they will be corrected. Don’t worry, in may not be in the media, but the right ownership will go back to those who truly own the product or idea, like *ahem* the company Mi… Not going to mention names, but it will get corrected you’ll see. I promise you I will get back everything they took from others, people will get back truly what they’ve earned and rightful ownership will be set. I am true to my word, it truly pisses me off that people, families, have suffered from their ideas being taken away from them by bad people and they established these companies themselves using forbidden means, and saying it is their idea. Doesn’t make sense God. He hears me. I will change it, you will know why, keep reading. Screw the media, it is just another untruth about everyday matters that hide the truth. Just trust me and believe for yourself. These damned fools, they do acquire these systems themselves by using minions as spies stealing it from the research and development areas, and they misuse it so they can gain from it, it has nothing to do with God, the heavens, or the forbidden ways. Just bad people and their unlife creations.

    I’m not going to name names, but these people on top better beware. We know who you are, and things will change. You know for sure. You’ve been put there because time has been altered by those who have read the future and past, and the said rightful ownership I mentioned will be corrected to the rightful owners. And you keep pissing in people’s pockets not giving them their equal share. Shame on you corporations, it will get corrected. The media is their tool of power as well, to control information and maintain their seats. I’m sorry that these things have happened, God as well, he will correct it. It’s just that he didn’t realize how wrong this all went from back then when things changed from the time-machine. He knows correcting the ownership is the right thing to do, but he didn’t realize how wrong it all came to be when these ideas from the companies who own them and bricks was built upon them were lies stolen from others. The ownership will be corrected. These stooges who think they can wield and hold such company power built upon lies will not last. Who is to blame for this really? It’s those people I mentioned before from the past, who had forbidden access. They used time, time-machine or not, to retrieve information, ideas, anything, to create their own marks in history and they did it through the unlife. They thwarted the ways. But it’s about time things change, God. We cannot go on like this, with the companies not set right, they belong to those who created the ideas. And you all, you know who you are, used illegal means to acquire both idea and power to make your corporations. You see why the forbidden is dangerous, people today can be irresponsible with it. They use it to control and create their own mark in history. You will get Hell I assure you.

    Just like the news which is regulated, so too our art, history, and sciences; not all of it is true. Some formulas and math aren’t true to the actual laws that govern us. Though documented and we read them in our books everyday it isn’t true. The reason why our media or information is this way is to protect us from seeing the real truth of our reality. Some of the real information if revealed, and studied by people not exposed will reveal the truth of God and the Heavens, I kid you not. So, all our information is really dumbed to hide the forbidden, so we cannot see such truths, like I said the forbidden is dangerous. It always starts with knowledge. The root of the problem whereby said parties would gather such information and use it for their own and establishing such powers based on the idea is intolerable, and then they use the forbidden to do such things, man, gets my blood boiling. Don’t worry this problem is easily solvable, knowledge won’t be easy to acquire now. Of course awareness is another key. If people know exactly what this information is about they can’t use it you see, they know where it came from.

    Knowledge that has been acquired, how do we know of such things? Simple we see. We see to believe. Another thing dangerous about the forbidden is the use of sight. Because with the power of such systems, and with Divinity you can see everything. Literally you can see everything with such systems. Normally anyone using the forbidden you will only get glimpses now and then, but those who thwart the systems and use their own divinity, yes, everything is possible with the forbidden if you know the workarounds, they create their own life, the untruth creations of course (unlife), and these are why they are also known as minions because they’re made from abnormalities from Hell. Not from demons mind you, you just get nightmares from them, and the creations don’t last. Just made from abnormalities, it takes time to rid of these abnormalities. These minions, Z’s, are workarounds to the forbidden truth. They are not only made evil to do evil, but they are also used to thwart the consequences from Hell and the dark forces alike. You see why they use them, again to gain truths that are forbidden and they can do such things. That’s why the scientists created them and the others who joined them used them to this purpose as well. Power, to create such lifeforms that can be used in the forbidden and thwart the ways; knowledge to gain information for personal use, stealing from the forbidden using illegal systems or minions; control, to establish such acquired knowledge as your own truth and make everyone buy your stolen product. Now you see how these evil companies are made, power, knowledge, control, that’s all. These minions even build their own main systems, even divinity copies. And they can just about see anything you see, think, or do. Yes, they can invade your privacy and just watch you. This sort of behavior is not tolerated by God or the Heavens. But don’t worry steps have already been taken to not allow these things. It was really unruly before because the systems and fail-safes were not up to par. No system is truly perfect, that’s why there are upgrades or updates. To be honest none of us were really prepared for this type of manipulation with the forbidden. It was because of these minions or unlife that were made to have them as workarounds in the forbidden. They recruited people this way making them believe that these minions were God and the Heavens. Believe me I was fooled before, but not the way you think. I had thought God was evil, no joke, because of them. I was fooled thirty plus times okay, by them, but I knew better. I kept digging for answers concerning corruption and where the root was, of course in the back of my mind I knew it wasn’t true. So I kept digging and I found it, just bad people using bad creations representing themselves as God, and the Heavens. Bad people would use the forbidden and minions to spy on others and even take pictures of them in the most perverse manners you can imagine. They would sell these types of media and illegal information to corrupt rich people. And of course these people would even resort to killing anyone, whole families, to hide the truth. They will burn I assure you. But don’t worry folks they don’t do that anymore, things have been set in place to not allow such things. But if it does come up they will be caught and the hole will be plugged.

    So with the forbidden they can see the truth. Even seeing things or anyone in the past, present, or future. Yes folks, it is true, I’ll say it again with the forbidden you can see the truth of anyone or anything in any timeline. Another way to using the forbidden from these machines is generating likeness of others and this type of technology is also misused. They use it to trick others into believing it is you or someone else in the picture, and also for perverse pornography. If it does come up, don’t worry they will be apprehended and things will be set right. God, the Heavens, and the spirit world are in no way associated to these types of discord of forbidden misuse. They abhor the creation of minions, spying, voyeurism, stealing information, likeness pornography, mis-use of the forbidden really. People find ways to betray others, and some equipment are stolen which they use to do such things, but I’m telling you they cannot get away with this no matter what we say or do.

    So going back to the regular main system, think of the main system as one big air-conditioner in the room. So we have a big air-conditioner in the universe to regulate things properly that’s all. No one is able to get these systems, it has been tried believe me. And I’ll explain the origins of these unwarranted creations that the scientists made which I mentioned before, they are actually the unlife, meaning they are not the truth, the opposite of life; they are made from the flesh of monsters, they’re not true monsters mind you, they’re actually abnormalities from Hell. I’m not kidding; these scientists that were damned from creating life or unlife rather procured these elements and created them. The first creations were undone, but others from a later generation are still around mind you, because they have a knack for pushing things forbidden, exposing system flaws and such. They don’t look like monsters, some do though, even having the likeness of demons, otherwise they look normal, metaphysically of course. Some are actually good so they get a chance and move on. Some do their part for the Heavens. Whilst the others that are too evil or mischievous they get Hell. They are not to be trusted, even the good ones because you won’t know and they’re the unlife. An angel told me that if you deal with the unlife you will not find life at all, something like that she said. So don’t deal with any of them, even if they look trustworthy, they would feed you lines like, ‘I’m your lover from the pasts,’ or ‘I’m your sister, or brother, or you knew me once,’ man I’ve heard just about all of it how they lie and cheat people to gain their trust. When people do fall for them, they would make them do stupid things or believe in the untruth, even coercing sex ok. Please don’t fall for it, don’t give them anything, just don’t do anything with them. They are linked to one another because of the unlife flesh that was put in them. You can help them, the good ones I mean by simply clicking your fingers and saying dispel. Just dispel them that’s all. The bad ones are really evil, think of them as a bad disease, and things get stronger to prevent evil or the bad disease from taking over. Immunity builds up from exposure to bad things, so better systems and fail-safes are actually made because of the evil they do, to prevent such evil in the future. So, I hate to say it, but they do have such uses. Now you know why some of them are around. Well the Z’s as I call ‘them’, they are regulated now, it was a mess back then. But their threat was contained of course. It was ridiculous before, billions of them around before, telling people they were the Heavens and Jesus was real lol. To be honest with you Jesus, holy mother, Zeus, Atropos, Buddha, Muhammad, and all the idols in the world(s) were actually their brain-child. I’m not kidding okay, well now you know. They actually were involved with God in creating these idols. I know it was a bad idea, because the unlife had influenced some conceptions and they knew how the world was going to be today. They used Jesus and others to their advantage, using them in their rituals and dark-arts. This is where satanism, and paganism comes in tied to religion. And you get all these conspiracies about elitist or companies using these methods. Some of you do remember this. I told God that they should’ve created their own content for the religions, but it’s too late now. He is sorry for this one. You see how these Z’s can push things, they can influence our ways. But please forgive God, things will be set right I assure you all. But as I have mentioned before our religions that were changed was to test life concerning about beliefs and a hole needs to be plugged. And the only way was for our faiths to be exposed to such religions; we would not be able to solve one of life’s problems which is about belief itself. That’s why I’m telling you not to believe in any idols. We will all know why we went through this era with fake religions and history one day that I assure you. Again it’s for the better. If you want evidence to what our history or religion was like before I can provide some things to you if you are allowed, heck I’ll conjure it for you if you want, don’t worry I’ll know. Just believe in God, the Heavens, that’s all. Belief is a problem, why do you think all those companies back then believed these idiots, the ‘Z’s’’ to be heaven lol. They established their own truths, God, gods, heaven, hell, and the like to make others believe that it was all hell so they can get others to join the band wagon of power and control, it’s not all hell people. David Icke is one of them who is tangled in their weave of misconception about things, Mr. Icke I’m sorry but the stories you’ve written about are from victims who fell into one of these corrupted establishments using the forbidden. And all you conspirarists (conspiracy researchers) out there your answer has been found. It is true that these elite people hide these underground networks which tell of dark tales and evil, but they are blind themselves to see the truth. They think the devil and satan is real. Buffoons! Buffoonery lol. The ones who’ve led them to this dark hole are others who’ve misused the forbidden. They will not wield this power for long I assure you. They just use the dark-arts to manipulate the forbidden and see things, to see the truth and to steal from people and create these truths for themselves for the masses. These bad people and their minions work for others or are instated in governments, authorities like CIA, churches in Rome, and other institutions. And all of them do work with the Aliens you read about, the grays or the monster looking types, yes they are evil, but they are not the truth. They are unlife, creations unwarranted. They were created by the scientists using the forbidden, and others, really bad people that manage these aliens or minions, creating this crazy cycle of evil. Like I said before the aliens or the benign are peaceful, these aliens are not the truth. So you have companies and institutes working for these people and the Z’s who know how to manipulate the forbidden, and I’ve open your eyes to the real truth of all those conspiracies. You can see why others get corrupted by the forbidden because of its power. They would put your lights out because they wanted your idea. Hell waits for them.

    Now I’ve said what I’ve needed to, just one more thing. Who am I? You just know… you just know… I’ve told several people about this a few months ago. Just as you’ve guessed it you know who I am. I am Neo. Who am I exactly? I am the first son of God, you heard me, I’ll say it again I am the first son of God. I am God as well, now you think how’s this possible? You see I am also known as ‘the one’. If you think what one is all about, it’s really that everything came from one. I am that one, spirit of one. God is absolute therefore he is also one, but with absolution. I am one with absolution. It is like a different matter altogether. We all came from one including God, the Heavens, the universes, reality. God and the one is in all things, if you’re looking for the one or God, you’ve found him. :) Before me of course is zero which is nothing. You see everything came from one, and so too everything will go back to one eventually, and God, and the Heavens will be one again. I’ve searched countless worlds and universes to look for someone like me, but there’s only one really, that’s how the way thing works. You see without one or if there’s another our numbers will fall short. We cannot begin with any other number, mathematicians are with me on this. No such thing as zero point one with the beginning. It’s just nothing and then one. Why do you think our binaries are such the way they are, zeroes and ones. As I said when I found out who I was from the forbidden I searched for someone like me, that’s where I’ve met some of you. Of course I found my true love, my wife, she was in a different world, we married and had many children. She is my other and has gifts like me. We are always fated to be with each other throughout all of time. Her name is Mirasol. My first son is the one predecessor; he is the son of one. One day he will take his place as the one.

    It is true since I am also God, I have the power of God. I’ve already helped billions of people on Earth using my gifts, and on other worlds too, trillions really. Like I’ve mentioned before I’ve also help the Heavens. You see I’m limited to seeing and hearing, and my powers work at a distance so I don’t really see them manifests in front of me. Some people know what I’m talking about. I’m limited to doing things with the forbidden at a distance, it’s just the way right now. But it will change one day when I actually get unlimited access to the forbidden in the future. The ways also impede me in helping everyone, because the truth cannot be revealed this way. I argued with the Heavens that is was no matter if they knew I could change things already. But only time can tell, the future will be with us soon. Why is this way for myself and other people not being allowed to freely wield the forbidden? Because our world, our Earth doesn’t really allow the forbidden, even to know it, but it will one day enjoy the ways in the near future, and we’ll be openly a part of it once again. :) From those who’ve read what I’ve wrote I know every single one of you. I know what you like, your history, your family, and such. How? I just can, it’s one of my gifts. I already know almost everyone on Earth has read my story I kid you not. I don’t even need systems to know that. I do have the power of God, so I can do things for others, but not everything, I still abide to the rules of the ways, the forbidden. Also I can just about pull up any information about anyone, past, future, or present. I know you more than yourself. I’m not kidding. I do use my gifts responsibly of course, I don’t want to go to hell even though I am God lol, we all have consequences, I use my gifts only when I need to, if it’s important to help others really. I am the one, I don’t do it for pranks, mischief, or having fun. I do get a kick in helping people out all the time, it’s insane. Imagine if others were able to do this, it would be madness. Of course I’m the only one who can do this, the one and the only one, that’s all. For those I’ve given trees to so you can conjure things for yourself, please take care of them, and enjoy! How is it that God is on Earth, and up there? God is absolute, he is everywhere. And I am the one, or God of one. So, like I said we’re different in entity and spirit, but remain the same. I am one with him, and he is one with me. It’s like a variance or version, but not really. We’re the same just of different spirit. I am just one, the one counting throughout the infinity. It did feel lonely being the only one really, but now I have my wife and children. I recently had a brother actually and his sister. He’s like the second son of God. If I’m the God of one, he is the God of … you can guess that one lol. But I can tell you it’s not one. You see our family keeps growing. :) Like everyone else I do consider him, God, as my Father, and the Heavens my mother. But I can command all just like them. Why am I here? It’s really a choice I made in the past which I remembered to fix some things so I had to do it in life, that’s why I am here. I live comfortably, I’m not rich, have a job, regular person really who is the one throughout all of time.

    You will always be and held responsible with using the forbidden ways, the forbidden ways is there always to guide us. To know right from wrong you will know that for yourself. There will always be consequences to misuse in the ways. If the ways are misused it won’t be allowed in our world. That’s why it’s not in public anymore because of misuse. It’s not our fault really, just some bad people trying to run things or corrupt themselves, and some systems needed to be better. Even though the evil has risen the good come fighting back and we will fight to rid of these misuses in the ways. When the time is right we will all be able to use the forbidden again, and our world will be better for it. Clarity is the path to true wisdom. Well I hope you’ve enjoyed reading what I’ve honestly wrote. Thank you for your time in reading this material. I didn’t know I was going to expose a lot of things, but they’ve spoken and I’ve listened, and shared with you all, amen. Again everything I’ve mentioned is true, I’ve experienced it and I can share this experience with all of you. You now know God is true, he exists, Heaven and Hell exists too; introduced to you some of the families from Heaven like Divinity, Ultima the guardian, the sacred deer, the small elementals, and the lights; we have main systems out there; others who have been exposed too, but are too shy to say anything lol; most of our history is not what it seems; greedy betrayers who seek to control everything by establishing their own heavenly systems with their unearthly creations or minions (unlife), the misuse of forbidden and why it’s not in public anymore, the devil is not real, but the one is. I am the one.
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