Life is but a dream. The forbidden ways.

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    I unlocked something quite a while back with the heavens, it is insane. I mentioned before about the infinite gates that will allow us to travel to other worlds like a portal, not just a portal, but insanely big. Well now all your dreams can be achieved through these gates. I’m talking about video game reality! I’m not kidding; we will have this in the near future. We get to be our own avatars just by going through these gates and leveling up like video game characters, it is really insane. You can be a superhero and fight villains all day, or experience space saga battles like you’ve never seen before. Of course there are other fantasy worlds you can play in, there’s one even for all the children. It’s like that movie ‘ready player one,’ but better, you are living the actual dream. And of course we will also get personal gates in our own homes so we don’t have to venture to the big ones. They work like relays so you get to play every day at home lol. What I can tell you is video games will be relics and a thing of the past. Of course there are rules like you can’t change sex or cheat of course. But you can look like a freaking star, truly epic indeed. You can live like a superhero all your life, but you have to work for them too like a term thing. Like I said our world will end, and we will have this technology in the future, in the new world. Not only this insane thing, but the forbidden ways will be available for us. Our Earth won’t be restricted anymore to the ways. You will know exactly what I’ve wrote here there, in the future. Exciting indeed, Neo out.

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    That's a relief!
    Beats being a frickin' elf 24/7! ;)
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    The end is very near for us, you could say this will be our last xmas on Earth. I’ve been still trying to get to my wife, but it looks like it will have to wait until this Earth ends. I’ve done everything up to miracles even, but some rules won’t bend. I did manage however to help my parents out, I hate these restrictions that were set, because if these rules are broken some things will not come to life. I helped a lot of people already including other worlds, if you need help I’ll be there I promise.

    These restrictions do not allow me to see my wife here, but on a different world, yes we will continue with life on the other side, or in a different universe where the Elves are. I’m unable to see the forbidden or the nature of it, but I do get visualizations thanks to the Heavens. I have to fix a lot of problems there like I did here. Not all problems have been solved because I can’t solve them yet until the other side, and this Earth has to go. It is outdated with many problems that cannot be fixed without it ending. After 20 years on the other side, we will come back to this universe and reinstate Earth and it will be new and everything is different.

    Also, I’ve mentioned that my father was God. That is true for all of us that our Father is God, but God is not my actual father. I’ve learnt that I, yes I, I am God himself. The light included, I am also the light because God is God and the God is the light. For some strange reason I am just living here right now, not just to solve the problems of our reality, but some kind of destiny you could say. My wife is the Heavens, we’ve had many children already although we have not faced each other in life. I’ve shown myself to some of you, yes that is me, some of you remember that beam of light with the sword, that was me. The reason being because all of you need to know who God is, and lol, I need to know that as well.

    You see I don’t recall anything at all, if I do than there is no reason for me being here. There would be no point, like I said, some things need to be played out. I am different from all of you, including my mother, father, and siblings, they are normal, regular folks. You see I don’t dream, everyone dreams except me, because if I do dream that would mean the end of us, really, it is just that way. And obviously I know more than anyone :). An update on what I’ve done with the Heavens, we’ve recreated reality, solved a lot of its problems. Reality is like a soul now, not like before it was like a plane in the nothing but now it is a soul. It is insane! Lol! In this way all the other realities are more connected and making the universe more infinite. We’ve discovered a new race dating back to the beginning of time called the Zeroes, and the eternities. We are what call ones, like the number one. They were before us, they’ve set their own reality and universe, pretty fascinating. Zeroes are strange like they are people and are any of the other current races but different. They have this robot-like characteristic in their nature not like us the ones. The eternities have this alien-like characteristic in them. We have three types of people now, there is us, the other side, and now them. We also discovered the very nature of these Zs, the undead that I told you about that were evil and trying to control everything along with the manufactured life. It seems like they died out back in the 80’s and somehow for some strange reason demons took over them and they’ve assimilated one another. So they are actual demons but in z-forms or undead forms, they are not to be trusted at all if you hear them speak to you, you will feel they are not friendly obviously. So we’ve been fighting demons all this time that has plagued our universe for thirty years. They are not true demons, but are malevolent spirits that have united from demon and undead. I would call them trash demons, or demonic undead. They still talk and bother me on a daily basis, I’ve run out of patience for them.

    We’ve tried everything from damnation, to killing, to trapping them. But they are always around, and we don’t know why. But we do have a clue it has to do something with this Earth and universe that if it doesn’t end they will always be around, hence it has to end. A lot of them have moved on though, either died, killed, or no longer there because some problems were solved or time moved on. It also is a way thing, that’s why they are around, it sucks! I’m going to change everything that I promise you all once this Earth goes. The system has to be reset, all life back to nothing and I’ll figure things out from there. And man, when everything comes back it’ll be better! There’s this world I created I call First world, it is HUGE! A hundred races, even a world within it so they can go between worlds and experience each other, and they have… MATERIA! Yes, like in Final Fantasy, of course it’s not for summoning crazy monsters lol, you use it to conjure stuff and you can create things with it. You will experience these new worlds after Earth that I promise you, not the evil idiots though, you know they will not continue.

    There is a country on our Earth where forbidden or the ways are actually coming to life, Poland. :) If you have the chance to go there, you might experience it. Well that is all, have a good life and happy holidays! --Neo out

    (Neo) Mark James 2018 Copyright

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