Life is but a dream. The forbidden ways.

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    I unlocked something quite a while back with the heavens, it is insane. I mentioned before about the infinite gates that will allow us to travel to other worlds like a portal, not just a portal, but insanely big. Well now all your dreams can be achieved through these gates. I’m talking about video game reality! I’m not kidding; we will have this in the near future. We get to be our own avatars just by going through these gates and leveling up like video game characters, it is really insane. You can be a superhero and fight villains all day, or experience space saga battles like you’ve never seen before. Of course there are other fantasy worlds you can play in, there’s one even for all the children. It’s like that movie ‘ready player one,’ but better, you are living the actual dream. And of course we will also get personal gates in our own homes so we don’t have to venture to the big ones. They work like relays so you get to play every day at home lol. What I can tell you is video games will be relics and a thing of the past. Of course there are rules like you can’t change sex or cheat of course. But you can look like a freaking star, truly epic indeed. You can live like a superhero all your life, but you have to work for them too like a term thing. Like I said our world will end, and we will have this technology in the future, in the new world. Not only this insane thing, but the forbidden ways will be available for us. Our Earth won’t be restricted anymore to the ways. You will know exactly what I’ve wrote here there, in the future. Exciting indeed, Neo out.

    (Neo) Mark James 2018 Copyright
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    That's a relief!
    Beats being a frickin' elf 24/7! ;)

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