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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Steelwool, Dec 22, 2009.

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    So I vegged my girls under CFLs for four weeks and stuck them under a 600W HPS. Right off the bat the large fan leaves showed signs of bleaching. I raised the light to about 4 feet away and temps are mid to upper 70s but it still seems to be going on with the larger fan leaves. Should I even worry about it? The newer leaves seem fine but it's starting to effect most all the larger fan leaves. Will it cause my plants to grow smaller/slower? What should I do?
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    They might not have been ready for that much strong light all at once? Try and keep a cool air flow between the light and the top of the plants.

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    Thanks for the graph! Great info. Something I have always wondered about. I'll probably raise the light a bit more and get them use to it. It was just so sudden it freaked me out. Thanks!
  5. Dutch Pimp

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    It's funny, you posted about this subject...I just light bleached the fuck out of two white widows....:mad: ...using a 400 watt CMH bulb. Nothing to be done about it now...except move them, further from the light. This was a slow progression bleaching; that I didn't realize what it was...:wtf:

    Will post pics...when I have time.
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    I read something about the bleaching is caused by the mercury leaking out of the bulb.:wtf: Could this be a fact or not?
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    Not. :tin foil hat:

    You can induce light-bleaching with an air-cooled hood enclosing the bulb. (if you really want to) :thumbsup:
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    don't look past the obvious...the light was too close...:cool:
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    Dutch Dumbass-bleaches his plants!

    Not the best pics in the world...but, a good example of light bleaching. Two WW plants 3 weeks into 12/12. It was a slow progressive thing; That I thought was a nute problem...WRONG! The one the left; started during week #2, but I didn't recognize the problem. It has always been a runt, with a poor root system, compared to her bigger sister. Then big sister started showing the same symptoms, a week later.......:i feel stupid:...I screwed the pooch on these...:pimp:...the buds still seem to be growing far...we'll see what happens next?

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