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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by hydro420, Dec 3, 2004.

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    has anyone ever made one? if so how did u use it. What i did was cleaned out all the shit inside and then i put the bud in there, then i covered it will a paper towel and then i put the flame to the bottom and every once in a while i would shake the bud a little bit and then i could see like smoke and i am guessing that was THC? but then when i figured there was enough for a monster hit i took the paper towel away from the top and then put a bic pen (without the ink shit so it was just like a straw) and sucked out all the smoke. it is a brutal ass head rush but after about 20 - 30 minutes i can't really feel anything. is that the correct way of doing it? what are the ways that u guys use it? any suggestions? thanx
  2. wouldn't this be the same thing as smoking it? the only time i use this (most ppl use it to smoke meth) is for when i scrape my pipe and the resin is not's a nice way to smoke resin without wasting alot of it......gets you trashed too.....but to the original question....wouldn't this be the same thing? it's not really a's just smoke
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    How do you seperate the metal base? heh...
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    Im interested in making a lightbulb pipe/vape/whatever. Anyone got some directions? I would love to smoke out of a lightbulb just because of that 'crackhead 'round the corner' feeling.
  5. ok this is my if someone has better ideas please improve upon my knowledge take a lightbulb....and a butter knife (or some other blunt hard, yet small, object.) and hit it increasingly harder on the black part at the end of the lightbulb (eventually it will crack....then chunks come out) then you clean out all the parts....until it's just the metal (if there is a way to take this off then do so...but i haven't risked cracking the light bulb yet) then put sugar or salt into the light bulb and put your thumb tightly over the open hole and shake as hard as you can changing motions regularly (making the contents shake or spin a diffrent way) and do this until every bit of the white inner parts are gone....then dump out all the contents until you can hear no more rattle.

    now the way i know how to smoke out of one is put a lighter to it (this is meth style which i saw my crack headed dad do all the time....i use it for resin's the most convienent way for me) and concentrate the flame on the weed or resin or whatever but moving it away every second or two to a diffrent part of the bulb.....if you let the glass get too hot in once can crack. after about 20 to 30 seconds (maybe longer depending on the physical make up of what's being smoked) it will start to smoke....let the bulb fill up (not letting go of the lighter) and use a hollowed bic pen or straw sucking the smoke out....when your lungs are about 3/4 full let go of the lighter.
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    I've used a Dremel tool to cut through the base of the glass. Works great. Slices through like butter on a ballsack.
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    I could throw a cutting disc on my die grinder and try to slice through one of my burned out bulbs from my shop lights (I go through about 2 bulbs a day but dropping then and breaking the filliment)...
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    light bulb vaporizers, eh?

    This is from

    "[Editor's note: the lightbulb can break during construction - wear gloves! Glass straws are highly advised, as plastics can emit harmful vapors]

    There are a lot of really expensive vaporizers available, but there are cheaper ways… This might not work as good as the $200 ones, but it does work well.

    Parts list:

    Normal light bulb (100 watts if possible; the glass is more heat resistant than 40/60 watters. The bulb should be clear and not frosted)




    2 straws or glass tubes (glass tubes are better since they can't melt)

    Cap of a 0.5 liter bottle (US: 16 fl. Ounce bottle cap)

    First if all, we start off with preparing the buld by cutting off the lower part like this:

    You might want to sand off those nasty metal edges since they are really sharp, like this:

    Now, in step 2, we need to get the wire and all that out: (Remove them either with a small wrench or break them out with something else like a pair of pliers)

    In step three, unscrew the cap of the bottle, and try to fit it on the metal part of the bulb, if it doesn't fit because it's too small, get another cap, it's ok if its too big. Now take a knife and make two holes into the cap, like this:

    Now we have to make the straws the right size, take the scissors. If you are using glasstubes, take a wrench to break them at the right point, and take fine sand paper to make the edges smooth.

    If the cap is a bit too big, just take the tape and fix it. Even though its easy to do this, every time you want to fill or empty it you have to tape it again. So try to get a cap that fits! There is another way you can tape it, like this, that's easier:

    Before you use it for the first time take cold water and wrinse it out, glass and dust might be left inside, and you don't want that in your lungs....DONE!

    To use it, unscrew the cap, put whatever you want to smoke inside (careful, you don't need as much as you need in a normal joint), take a lighter or candle and heat it, inhale, and when you taste something, its working.
    Don't wait until it smokes, because that will leave stains. In the best case, you will take out the weed, for example, looking just like you put it in, but smelling like hay after you are done.

    I did it this way, except I use fish tank tubing for an intake, so I don't feel QUITE like a crackhead. Check out the site for a better layout..

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    Does anyone know if it would hurt to use a frosted bulb?
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    yea it would, just put water in and swish it about. the frost comes off. and i sugest using a candle cuz it takes a while and you dont wanna waste lighter fluid
  12. oSillyPuddyo

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    I did get rid of the frosting, but it tastes like shit. Eh?
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    why do they always have two tubes in them? whats the second one for?
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    One tube lets you suck, and the other tube pulls air back in so your sucking removes vapor rather than just causing a vacuum to form.

    I did this, and it's an amazing tool for getting blazed on the DL. Also, if you exhale a hit through your nose and it's good-smelling bud... mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!
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    ^ ok wtf, mayb im reatarded or hittin wrong but i cant do this shit. i know people that take hits, talk for a sec or say something, then blow the smoke. wtf. the second i open my mouth after takin a hit it seeps out. and i cant blow through my nose either. i tried and i just ended up coughing my ass off. any help :/ ?
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    i dont get these things lol do you actually heat the lightbulb? do you put a flame under it or somthin?
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    I don't know, I couldn't figure it out. I ended up using the very unused crumbles in my bong and getting fucked up that way.
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    u break that part off
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    haha yeah,

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