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Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by Markass, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. Markass

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    I've encurred complications in trying to get my hands on a couple of CFL' plants are a little over 1 month from seed, and I'm using 2 26w GE CFL's, 1700lumen, 2700k..I know that these aren't really suitable for veg, but they will work, right?
  2. phytokind

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    Yeah they should work fine, although if you notice a lot of stretching then you will need some white or full spectrum CFLs.
  3. notorious P.O.T

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    yes tehy will work decent but your plant would be much better under a bulb thats more blue like 6500 kelvin or so for vegging...
  4. Markass

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    See, I was kind of aware of that, but could you tell me if it's going to be something that's going to greatly affect my plant or not?
  5. cactusman23

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    you need to elaborate more on what kind of complications you are having, 2700k fluorescents are more than adequate to veg with. What size of box? Any nutes yet? Ventilation? Watering schedule? You may get a better answer in the basic growing section.
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    It won't kill your plant to have some warms during veg. However it would be a good idea to try and get some cools as well. Then you can use ALL of them. And that makes your spectrum more full. That, and 52watts isn't a lot.

    From what I've read you can shoot for .5grams per watt. And it seems like even that is a stretch. So if you only had 52watts you'd be looking at 26 grams. And that's IF everything goes well. That said, the more lights the better!
  7. liquid swords

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    I'm sure it's a 26w equivalent to 100w
  8. Markass

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  9. Markass

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    A 2ft T12 tube 3000k I believe, not sure of the lumens..and my 2 cfl's...Adequate lighting is all that I'm looking for. Nothing big and special. This is my first grow, and I'd just like to get an idea of the life cycle of cannabis and how demanding growing it is.

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  10. liquid swords

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    Those CFLs will be perfectly fine for any stage of growth, but you should really consider using cooler lights (5000-6500k range) for veg and those warm ones for flowering.

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