Light cycle cuts down Flowering Time?

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by GreenLeaf420, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Weezard

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    "Theoretically"? Yes.
    And you know how to find out about "in practice". :)
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  2. emilya

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    I suspect that if you wanted a plant to herm, this would be the way to approach it. Go in and yell at the plant a few times a day and call it ugly, and I bet you could get a herm most of the time.
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    I'm trying exactly that, because I want a Hermie.
    I have heaped abuse upon a strain called Ice Breaker.
    Been beating her with a 660nm laser during flower cycle.
    Been undermining her self esteem, stealing her fan leaves, withholding water, etc.
    Alas, she remains secure in her femininity.
    Any suggestions?
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    Not kidding.
    I got this one as a freebie from the gorilla.
    Only had one seed, and it turned out to be one of the best kine I have ever grown.
    Of course I took cuttings, but am on the 5th generation and she's getting older every time.
    Those seeds cost $27 ea. so not in my budget.
    I'm trying for some feminized pollen.
    Do not know if pollen from a feminized plant will even work, but it's worth a try.
    So, again, any suggestions?
  5. emilya

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    I would try some of the no-femi spray... I have seen it work on feminized just fine
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    I have never heard of that.
    Unfortunately, neither has google.
  7. emilya

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    From Granny420 over at 420magazine, one of the several methods to produce pollen from a female plant:


    A very basic description of colloidal silver and it's actions: It is a solution of pure silver particles suspended in distilled water. It is often taken orally for health benefits (easy to purchase). When used on marijuana plants, it inhibits ethylene production needed (and normally produced) by the plant to produce female flowers, thus forcing the plant to produce male pollen sacs instead. Since there are no male chromosomes, the pollen is female (listed in many places as 99.99% female) and will produce female seeds.

    CAUTION: First be completely aware that any part of a plant that you spray with colloidal silver IS NOT SAFE FOR CONSUMPTION (smoking or ingesting). The pollen created is completely safe to use and all seeds created with that pollen are safe.

    BE SAFE!!! For this reason, I highly recommend using a complete plant (small clone or plant) to produce your pollen. Separate this plant from all other plants so you do not get colloidal silver spray on any consumable plants.

    What you will need:

    1) Colloidal Silver (CS) Spray (at least 40 ppm and pure - not too strong either!) and a spray bottle. I purchased Bio-Silver Ultra Colloidal Silver 50 ppm online and it worked.

    2) One female plant to turn male. From seed or clone doesn't matter - but it should be the best looking female with all the characteristics that matter to you, since it will be used as a parent for your seeds. This can be a small plant in a small pot.

    3) One female plant to pollinate. You can pollinate just a few flowers on a branch (do not use bottom flowers because they may not produce finished seeds), an entire branch, or the entire plant.

    The day before you change your light cycle to 12/12, you will begin to thoroughly mist all new growth areas with the CS spray on the plant you wish to turn male. Repeat this at least once daily until you see male pods forming (use magnifying glass to watch closely - approximately 10 to 21 days). If the plant begins developing flowers quickly (as with auto-flowering strains), spray 2 to 3 times daily (dependent upon the plant's tolerance of the solution) until you see male pollen sacs forming where female flowers were developing). Once daily is the recommendation unless otherwise needed. Be sure to store your CS in a dark place between uses as light can degrade the CS solution. AND REMEMBER TO AVOID SPRAY TOUCHING CONSUMABLE PLANTS!!!

    Once you are sure male sacs are developing, separate this male plant from your females to avoid accidental pollination. I simply took my female-turned-male plant to a different room with no air movement and let it survive on window light. A closet with a CFL would do nicely too. Heat and moisture are pollen killers, so avoid hot or moist areas.

    Once male sacs begin to develop on the plant, it will be a bit of time before the majority of the sacs open to release pollen. With the auto strain I did, it was about 2 weeks, but this time varies with different strains. Don't disturb this plant (no air flow) and simply wait for numerous pollen sacs to open. Even the slightest air draft carries the pollen adrift... but it also makes it so very easy to collect too! When numerous pollen sacs are open, a gentle tap makes the pollen easy to collect on any clean smooth surface like glass or a mirror. It will be slightly yellowish in color. Use immediately, or dry and freeze for later use.

    Need I say it is very important to change clothes and wash yourself completely before re-entering your flowering room!!! Pollen is very small and clings to clothing, hair, etc very easily.

    Now, if you prepared ahead, you will also have a female plant flowering very nicely by the time you have your pollen. Isolate the plant, or branch, and pollinate. This info isn't geared towards detailed pollination methods, so please check other sources for that information. I used a Q-tip and tapped it gently over the flowers I wanted to pollinate.

    Allow the female plant (or branch) adequate time to finish producing viable seed. If you take her early, your seeds will not be viable. The time needed for viable seeds varies with different strains and can range from 3 to 6 weeks with an average of 4 to 5 weeks.

    Wah-lah... you now have feminized seeds... at least that's what the info said SHOULD happen!

    Last... my own experience...

    Before deciding to try colloidal silver, I had already purchased 10 regular (not feminized) auto-flowering seeds because I wanted to be able to have male pollen to use to create my own seeds. After planting those seeds, I got to reading about CS and decided to try this too.

    Nine out of ten seeds came up. My biggest concerns were that I couldn't simply start spraying the day before light change because I didn't have feminized seeds and the strain is auto-flowering. I knew I would have to wait until the plants showed their sex and worried it wouldn't work because I couldn't start it soon enough and autoflowering plants go direct into flowering once they preflower.

    I ended up with 5 females and 4 males. I watched closely for preflowers and identified the females as quickly as I could. I saved the two best males in case the CS didn't work. I did find out it is very easy to collect pollen with those first males... and I did pollinate a female just to assure I would have seeds and the CS procedure wasn't finished by the time the true males pollen was.

    I took the largest and best looking female and began to spray her once daily as soon as she clearly showed preflowers. But since this is an auto flowering plant, she began to grow small hairy flowers in the first few days. I increased to spraying the new growth areas (basically small flowers beginning in all nodes) to 2 to 3 times daily for the next 10 days, but this solution is pretty hard on the plant. When I began to feel I was seeing changes (looking at thru 20x magnifying glass), I decreased to once daily again for the remainder of the 21 days it took to have this lil lady turn male.

    She put up a good fight. She kept shooting out hairs everywhere and I kept spraying them, which ultimately killed them and turned those female pods into male sacs. I am not at all concerned about hermie traits because she was definitely all girl being forced to grow balls. But balls she did grow in the end! I will also say, her leaves were shriveled pretty bad and her growth was definitely stunted with this procedure - but she ended up giving me all the pollen I would ever need for this strain.

    Since it worked with an auto-flowering strain, I have now taken 2 clones from each of the non-auto strains I have vegging (I prefer pure strains, not cross-strains). I will use one to create a small male and the other as a small female to flower. Won't need to put them in anything but small pots, won't take up too much room, can remove from the room easily for safe pollination... and will sure give me nice returns with pure strains seeds I can pop anytime I want!!!

    I hope others find this useful too - because I am in no way a professional!! If I can do it, so can others!
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    That's odd I'm reading a lot of negative reviews.
  9. emilya

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    cant argue with success... i have done this several times with some of the free seeds that I won in contests, feminized of course.
  10. emilya

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    CS is easy to make too... a couple of $5 slugs of silver and a battery...
  11. Weezard

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    Ah, Mahalo!
    Off to Amazon.
    And, I'm back.
    Found CS in a 4 oz spray bottle for $16.
    S'pose I could make my own, but I'd rather know the PPM
    And, have someone else to blame if it fails. :)
    Thanks for the information, I'll let ya know how it goes.

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  12. emilya

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    voice of experience here.... keep your ppm meter out of the stuff. Use a laser to "look through" the solution to see when you have suspension.
  13. emilya

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    very good... this should scare your old girl quite rightly. Dont be shy with the stuff... if you see pistils, spray them with a vengeance; be ruthless.
  14. WashougalWonder

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    Okay young lady, will give this a shot as I have a White Widow I need to get pollen off of, she is 33% thc and got powdery mildew, so she has to die to kill it. Plan is to feminize my WW and kill the whole garden and start out fresh. Just the WW is from the original Danish Coffee House and I just cannot give it up.
  15. emilya

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    Great to see you WashougalWonder! Good luck with the no-femmi spray. It worked well for me several times to turn a feminized seed into a major production line complete with all the phenotypes that result from ripping open the genetics and breeding against itself. You will have a lot of fun with it, I am sure.
  16. WashougalWonder

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    I don't seem to find it in the proper concentration, what would you suggest as a maximum PPM. Prices on amazon are wildly different.
  17. WashougalWonder

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    Emilya, you have come a long way baby since we first met here. BTW if you know folks with Fibromyalgia, get them using RSO at night, it helps, I use 30 mg dose Q nite
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  18. emilya

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    I do know one fibro patient in my inner circle, but due to her need to take regular drug tests she has so far refused my efforts to help her. We keep working on that problem here in Missouri and someday soon I hope that things will get better for those who suffer from the constant pain.
    Thank you for the compliment WW; that means a lot to me! You were one of the first to respond to this headstrong girl when I decided to grow some pot, and you were patient and taught me some common sense when it comes to these plants. Thank you for getting me started on the right path.
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  19. WashougalWonder

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    Finally found some at 60 ppm and ordered it
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  20. emilya

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    I am a distrusting soul when it comes to buying things on the internet and prefer to make it on my own. I was gifted some 40 ppm spray that was being sold and I put it in a clear container and compared it as best I could to what I was producing with my 2 silver slugs and science. The 40 ppm stuff worked fine, but there wasn't a lot of it in the bottle, and the way I spray the stuff, I ran out before the process was entirely completed although I could clearly see the beginnings of stress. Before I used it though, I had produced 5x that much in my chemistry experiment and could tell by several things that mine was stronger. My PPM meter did not like measuring this solution at all, since the solution was made of highly conductive particles, so I found that reading to be useless. The better indicator was a laser shown through the beaker where visually you could see the density of the particles suspended in the solution. The second indicator is the darkness of the brownish fluid that results. I have no idea what the ppm of my Emmie's No-Femmi's Spray turned out to be other than that I am confident that it was a bit more concentrated than the 40 ppm spray commercially available. I figured the yuckier it looked the better, but in subsequent experiments I did not notice the gender twisting to go any faster than it did with the 40 ppm stuff.
    The trick to this seems to be to get in there at the first sign of pistils, and start spraying the heck out of any sign of female expression you can find. Let her know beyond the shadow of a doubt that there will be none of that allowed. Spray often and spray with a vengeance. The weed will adapt.

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