Light, moderate or heavy smoker?

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    Hi all;

    Though I'm new to this site, I have been a regular smoker now for about 15 years.

    Just to start off, I was on the NORML site and read an article dated in 2006 that quoted industry professionals stating that even for heavy users, as a result of changes in testing methods, that THC can only be detected for approx 10 days after being clean. Given of course there are always the factors of metabolism, frequency of use and THC content, this seems to bode well for those concerned. Will copy and paste to this forum if requested, found via wikipedia

    Anyway my question to all is what do you consider a heavy user? For example I spent about 30 days over xmas in which I probally smoked a Oz over that period, good pot, high THC content, about a 1-2 joints a day, with occassional binge on weekends and new years. Relatively clean before that for about a month.

    After the 30 days I abstained for 8 days, then blew one joint and then clean again for about 6.

    Obviously if I'm asking this question in this forum you know I will be taking a drug test soon, prob tommorrow. I did pass a test last year after being clean for 13 days - I'm relatively thin and exercise regularly.

    In doing my research I could find a good answer to what "they" mean when they say heavy user - so the question is, what consitutes a heavy user - is this me? If so I might be pushing the limits for this next test.

    Yup I have been punishing myself on the treadmill and drinking gallons of juice and water.

    Your opinions would be helpful

  2. Captain Hanks

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    Stop drinking gallons of fluids, it's unhealthy and won't clean your fat.
  3. greendove

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    Evidence or not, as a tall skinny woman, I was still dirty after 20 days, as a much lighter smoker than you are. I ended up diluting a few days later to pass. Trust me, it takes heavy smokers more than ten days to get clean, with rare exceptions. Read some of the testimonials here on this board, and people asking for help. There was one story not too long ago by a man who had been smoking for about as long as you, and it took him 74 days to get completely clean. He gave pretty regular posts on his progress.

    I would definitely qualify you as a heavy user by their definition. Heck, I'd probably call you a pretty heavy user by my definition, as well... Not that it's a bad thing, outside of testing employers.

    Don't drink gallons of water to rinse yourself out. Yes, replenish the fluids you sweat out on the treadmill, but don't constantly drink water for days. Not only could it kill you, but it isn't going to burn any fat, which is where your THC metabolites are stored. You only drink a lot on the day of the test, and it's a pretty set and specific amount, just to water down your urine. Read the stickied dilution thread to learn how to do it properly. However, I'm not confident that dilution would get you clean and clear at this point. But, there's a lot of good information here, and I hope you can make it all work out for you. Good luck!
  4. iama_good_driver

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    "Don't drink gallons of water to rinse yourself out. Yes, replenish the fluids you sweat out on the treadmill"

    Ok, an addendum, no, I'm not drinking an insane amount of water, but my job is pretty physical and I do hit the gym for cardio about 40 min a day, twice a day (not for the drug job requires me to be in top physical shape...I'm in the army and getting close to a deployment) With a healthy diet and physical activity, drinking lots of water is actually very good for you, natures' detox

    What we are really taking about is metablosim. Increasing the amount of fat you burn (considering that fat cells do contain a % of water), would it not be reasonable to assume that the amount of water you drink has a direct effect on the level of fat in your body. IE eating big and drinking lots, replaces or flushes out the THC in your fat cells.

    Another question. One would assume that the THC gets flushed out of your fat cells but has to go somewhere, ie your liver and bladder. Not being particularly knowledgeable on the working of the human body, I would assume that the THC flushed from your fat cells must reside, for a while, in your liver and bladder, which is then passed in urine. This being said, would not drinking lots of water (a healthy amount) increase the flushing of this organs that directly relate to THC in the urine?

    ...I'm I making sense or I'm just confusing the issue.

    Thanks to greendove for giving me a benchmark for the original question of light/moderate/heavy ...although not quite the answer I was looking for.

    This being said, I probally smoked the same amount and frequency before the other test and passed in 13 days of being clean....maybe that joint on the 8th day of being clean was a real mistake!! ;)

    Any more opinions are welcome
  5. greendove

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    It's actually processed by the kidneys. It goes to the bladder, but no matter how much water you drink before test day, it won't slow down the kidney's production. As you say, you're an active fellow, and you should drink plenty of water, if only to keep yourself replinished of what you've burned. It's the exercise that will clean you out faster. Water has nothing to do with it. The stickied dilution thread explains all that stuff.

    Yeah, a joint of good stuff eight days before is a bit risky. ;)
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    Well i gotta say you can pass if you say you excersise often and just drink lots of water and cranberry juice. Especially if you are a thin person you burn out the THC in your fattie cells much faster.. just make sure that you excersised enough and sweat alot. I've been smoking for 3 years and i literly smoke everyday about 2 or 3 blunts.. it takes me 1 to 1 1/2 weeks to get clean if i excersise constantly and drink lots of water and cranberry juice for those days and DON'T SMOKE!:Rasta:
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  7. LIP

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    Drug tests DO NOT test for THC. THC is out of the blood about 2 -4 hours after smoking. Drug tests test for the by-product, the cannabinols and cannabinoids still in your blood, piss, hair, and fat cells.

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