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Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by Graybeerd, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Graybeerd

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    I am blessed with plenty of space in my first grow situation. I have a 5'X5' closet with a 430W HPS that now contains 10 unsexed (hopefully females) plants in five gallon pots (in potting soil) under a 24/7 light cycle.
    Veg. growth has gone well (2 months), these plants are now 3-4ft. tall and are ready to be sexed and cloned for use in a SOG setup in the adjoining bedroom, which is 12'X12'. I plan to use a 1000w HPS lamp for the main room.

    My question is, how many clones can realistically be flowered with this lamp, in this space? I could use a light mover track on the ceiling to move the lamp on a six foot track across the room. Above, maybe, three rows of plants, in two gallon pots, this might give me 8-10 in a row X 3 rows= a max of 30 plants. Is this realistic for a 1K light? Or am I stretching the light and diminishing the yield?

    Q: Does the plant need constant direct light to flower at an optimum level, or can a moving light achieve good results while giving intense direct light only a portion of the time?

    Q: What is the maximum amount of plants that can be flowered using this technique? What is optimum?

    I have a lot more questions, but does any one have a situation that is similar? Advice?
  2. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    I don't know the answers to any of those questions. But, I wish I had that set-up. Then I would find the answer the same way I do everything else, the hard way. Good Luck...:thumbsup:
  3. SnSstealth

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    Light movers are amazing. I would use a 600HPS on a light mover in a 5x5. Then your only limits will be space. As many clones as you can fit I would say...10 in 5 gal pots is gonna be awful tight though. Not to much penetration huh? I have a 2x7 space with 30 1 gal pots...But the 430w maybe a lil low IMHO..
  4. stinkyattic

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    The natural footprint of a 600 is already 4x4.
    I'd save the mover to a situation where you would about double one dimension of your footprint, and also to bring the light closer. Thus, a 600 should be on a 6 foot track over up to 8 feet of linear grow space, making the footprint under the track about 4 x 8.
  5. medigrower

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    so because you are bring it closer you are seeing the same yield if not better correct?
  6. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    More lumens can mean more yield, and what you are doing with the mover is decreasing the TIME that the light spends REAL CLOSE to the plant, and it will be less likely to suffer drying and heat problems.
  7. SnSstealth

    SnSstealth Registered+ a 430w would work? hmmmm
    maybe I need to look at that, lol.
  8. Graybeerd

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    Maybe I wasn't clear on that question. In the 5x5 room I've got the females, ready to give up their clones. I've got about five different varieties and I'm going to clone them all and see which is best. They are under the 430w HPS and doing well.

    It's the big 12'x12' room I'm asking about. I can use a 1000w lamp, and a light mover in this big space and stretch the grow area out to however far the 1K lamp can be effective along a 6 foot track.
    So given that, how many clones(in 1 or 2gal pots) are going to be workable?

    Has anyone out there done a studied how many flowering plants can be matured under a 1K light, if you can move it around on a light track?
  9. redline

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    It is going to depend on your style of growth, size of plants, indica vs. sat, etc
    . I use a 400 watt HPS on a 4 foot mover. It covers 2.5' x 6 foot. I grow 12 plants under it. They are only about a foot tall since I like heavy LST. If I was SCROG, I could have as many as 24 plants.
  10. xcrispi

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    I have a inteli track 6 ft rail .
    Wish I never bought the damn thing .

    Sweet = I can grow a bigger area now .

    Bummer = Took lotsa extra time to bloom . Lights on 1 end of the room while the other half of the grow is jonesin .

    Wished I'da just bought another 1000 n not the mover .

    Crispi :stoned:
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  11. Graybeerd

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    Thanks Xcrispy. How many plants were under the mover?

    If there are more plants, but taking longer to finish, does it even out? Is it more, or less, efficient?

    Such as, if it took 2 weeks longer to finish the grow, but you ended up with 50% more bud, then it would be more efficient, right?
  12. d4twamp

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    got the same mover as X to the C in the flowering room 5.5 x 6.5 w/ a 1k hps.. it seems it would be enough but I agree w/ CRISPI another thouie would be better, if you've got the air movement to accommodate it. I was able to run the light closer to the canopy

  13. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke extra light is better than one light on a "mover"?
  14. xcrispi

    xcrispi Registered+

    YES lol ,
    Atleast at my house Pimp .
    I'm an impatient SOB . :D
    I even tried pawnin it off on a fellow site member , who will go unnamed , and she wouldn't bite either . lol . She had already bought a 2nd 1000 too .

    Greybeerd - I had 4 plants under the single 1000 and mover . It took an extra month to flower em . Huge plants though bro. 4 filled an entire room . 5.5 ft. tall , 4 ft diameter . Looked like a smaller version of Shaggys crazieness .

    It might work out better w/ tonsa plants untopped sog ? But that shit won't fly at my house . I fear high plant count nos.

  15. TheXFactor

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    u seem to have decent credentials and im new to this specific board. used to be an OGer. So not too much if a rep for me here yet, and beginning my first indoor grow with a 4x4x7 tent w/ 400wattmh with 13 seedlings livin it up, happy frog, 6-3-6 nute in 2 weeks, plan on vegging for 6-8 weeks, and maybe keep 1 female mother from a fem seed i have going. then put into a 9x10x8 w/ mylar with a 1000w hps... im experienced outdoor with soso result, mother nature can mean. I plan on using a light rail from corner to corner. and was told by a wiseman, that the light rail should never used to extend a grow area but rather to make the original intentions more efficient. time will tell for my experience. but i am perplexed with the idea of 2 600w hps on a light rail, possibly along with 1 1000 watt centerd for flowering.
  16. Graybeerd

    Graybeerd Registered

    Perplexed? I would think that the two 600W lamps would be more efficient than one 1K lamp, especially if they were on a mover.
    On that advice about movers used to "make the original intentions more efficient". No matter how you slice it, if you move the lamp, you are "extending the grow" a certain extent. I know what he means, to vary the light angle so that areas of the plant that would not get light in a static setup would get some light periodically. But, like the old saying goes, "there is no free lunch", any time you move the light around the growing area you are diminishing the amount of light in any particular area.
    This is the problem that I addressed in the original post, but nobody has come up with a formula, or opinion as to whether periodic intense direct light (with a mover) can be substituted for a static setup, and most important, where is the point of diminishing returns, how far can you stretch the growing area before you are impeding the plants growth.?
    There has got to be a formula for a setup that would take advantage of the moving light to maximize the crop, but I haven't figured it out yet. Everyone says, "just add more lights". Well sure, thats a no brainer. I'm just trying to figure out how far you can stretch the ones you have to maximize the harvest.
  17. SnSstealth

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  18. killerweed420

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    I'm going to try building a manual light mover in my flower room. I've got a 1000w hps air cooled. I'm going to use the upper rail from a hanging closet door,attach my light to a couple of the rollers and every evening move the light from one side to other for 24 hours. In a way it would be better than a motorized system because with motorized the center still gets most of the light. This way I can alternate the foot print
  19. Stuper Star

    Stuper Star Registered+

    Graybeerd is on the same pg as me i think :)
    I too am interested in finding the "just right" amount of light movement. My gut tells me that it is actually a short distance for maximum benefit.
    My experience is mostly with 1K's in 4ft parabolic reflectors(vertical bulb) covering 5x5' areas, even up to 6' wide on one side....great success.

    Now. We have 25 one ounce plants under that 1K in a 5x5' area achieving 1.56lbs every 9wks (2wk veg, 7wk flower).
    If we make the area 5x7' and add the light mover, we add 2 rows of plants. 10 more.
    So now the light is moving...but I figure that rows 2-6 can't possibly lose any yield and will AT LEAST produce the same as if those 5 rows(2-6...5rows) are still under a stationary light in their 5x5' space. BUT...those rows 2-6 are now getting slight light angles and technically, should yield more. But even if we just let them stay the same...1oz ea.
    Rows 1 and 7...even if they "only" produce 1/2oz ea...10 of them total...5oz extra. Just by adding a mover.

    That's my theory.
    Just over a 1/4lb more on the very first cycle for the cost of a basic mover on your 1K light.

    I think most people move the light too far.
  20. Stuper Star

    Stuper Star Registered+

    Forgot to comment on plant counts for ya Greybeerd.....
    In general...4 per sqft is max density. 6" pots, all touching.
    You mentioned 2gal 8", you can fit 3across per a 5ft width = seven 2gal pots/plants

    Veg time...strain...topping/scrogging...these are all factors that determine the best choice in plant count.

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