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    i wonder, what exactly is called light poisoning? is it the continuous interruption of the dark cycle ie a beam of light that was not detected by me or ie I walk into the room for 10 sec when it is dark cycle?
    what happened was the following, this morning around 5-10 mins before the lights went off there was a power interruption in my building....the assholes from the power company were installing something new downstairs in the power meters and as a result they have cut the power unexpextedly, only for 2 secs though....the power came back on, but, i was worried for the plants and the lamp you understand what i mean? when the power cuts and comes back within 2 secs, the lamp does not have enough time to get cold and then back on again and being connected to the plug it tries to get back on but it doesn't....i got into some kind of panic and run straight into my growing room only to discover that the lamp was off, the timer was working good (as it should be) and my ladies have started their sleep.....can this incident be consindered as a light poisoning? i did not stay long, the lights were down to minimum and the growing room is light proof......right now i have the lights on from 9pm-9am and i am changing this one hour back, from 8pm-8am.....the assholes from the power company are not going to bother me anymore!!!!should i worry about the plants? i repeat....this took place maybe 3 minutes or less from the beginning of the dark cycle!!!
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    Howdy new,

    You should be just fine,it's when they've been in the dark for a hour or more,that it would cause problems.

    I think 'light poisoning',is when you have too much light,too close to the plants..or not too close,just too much can overwhelm the plants,if you git too much intensity per square foot,like over 50 watts per .

    I may be totally wrong..if I all means,someone please correct me:)

    Have a good one...:D
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    However, you can technically make a plant turn into a hermie by messing with the dark period.. by turning the light on for an hour or so half way during the night... for a few weeks, your female will begind to make male flowers..
    eg. if you were on 12/12 you'd turn the lights off for 5.5 hours.. then on for an hour.. then off for another 5.5 then on for 12.... doing this for a few weeks will force your plant to go all hermie

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    yes you cannot affect the dark period that is correct . but since it was only for a few min i dont think you will have any problems hey bob was curious if u knew anything about inca spirit any good things that youve heard just curious so get back to me , but that light poisoning youll be fine same thing happend to a friend of mine but the rhino still turned out great didnt convert to male at all so youll be ok
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    ok, thanx a lot guys.....i am relieved now!
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    Lightpoisoning? Cannabis can take as much light you can give it. But, you must however, introduce the intensity of the light at a slow pace, to let the plant become accustomed to the newer high powered lamp. But, lets say you had a plant under some fluorescents, then supplied it with a 1k wattage (1000 watts) lamp. The plants leaves may burn, or perhaps turn white, because you didn't introduce the intensity of the light slowly. That is the only way that cannabis can become lightpoisoned.
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    Howdy Sensi,

    Thanx for the explanation..I am in this situation,as I have a 1k watt mh,how does one introduce it slowly ? This will be my first time using such a high powered lamp and I'm somewhat nervous about it.
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    light poisoning or light therapy,,,depends on the color(spectrum) of light the plant sees at night in nature there is a shiny moon and twinkley stars so its the suns light that we see coming off the moon and stars right? so any growroom at night can have a bit of red to help the plant.-----like an infrared brooder lamp set up for a few on/off cycles through the night.-----i'v done it with a 150 W infrared brooder lamp and it works for more buds on ur plant.
  9. Sensi Super Skunk

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    No problem man. Well, it would be better to start the plant under the 1k wattage lamp, because the plant will have had accustomed to the lamp at the beginning. But, since your plant was use to a lowered intensity lamp, the leaves currently on your plant now may suffer a bit, but the leaves that will grow when it's under the 1k wattage lamp will grow normally, because these leaves became use to the intensity of the 1k lamp right from the beginning. Does this sound confusing to anyone? If it does, I will rephrase it.
  10. Torog

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    Howdy Sensi,

    So..instead of starting my plant under floros,I should just start them under the 1kwatt mh,probably putting it's height,3-4 feet above the plants ? The light hood,is not ducted,nor do I have a safety glass in it,and yet-I don't want the plants stretching for the light.

    Thanx for your help:)
  11. Sensi Super Skunk

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    Yes, your plant would adjust to the intesity of the 1k wattage mh right from the beginning, reducing stress.
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    Light Poisoning refers to any lighting that interupts the darkened period of flowering. It can cause plants to revert back to vegging phase and even become producing male flowers.
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    So for example if I switched from 1-100w hps and 4-100w/23w cfls and 3-150w/23w cfls >to.... 1-250w hps in between flower week 3 & 4... Would that be ok? The lumens are only 9000 more but the wattage actually dropped, but the cfls weren't as close as they should've been.

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