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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Bong ripper420, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. Bong ripper420

    Bong ripper420 Registered+

    on the weekend at night when i climb onto the roof and smoke the light (bic) is pretty loud especially if my mom isnt watch t.v.
    do they make quite lighters.
  2. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    hahahaha that is fucking hysterical.
    Why don't you do what I do, and take a magnifying glass.... preferably at least a 15 foot diameter Fresnel lens... and use that to concentrate the energy of the moonlight on the buds in the hollowed out apple you are no doubt smoking out of... your mom won't hear a peep until you slip and lose your balance under the weight of it and end up kicking up your 14 year old heels in her azalea patch....
    But as far as a source of ignition is concerned, it's SILENT.
    Enjoy, kiddo!
  3. Jesta

    Jesta Banned

    Electric Lighter. I assume they would be quieter because all you have to do is push the button. I don't know for sure though.
  4. Specialty Cakes

    Specialty Cakes Registered+

    I think I know what you mean. If I'm smoking with parents home, and I'm high, I am sometimes scared that my lighter is really loud, but don't worry about that shit man, it's seriously just in your head, she can't hear it, and if she can, there is no way she can recognise it for what it is.
  5. Samwhore

    Samwhore Registered+

    Bics aren't loud. I think it's in your head. Zippos are a bit quieter, but more exepensive, or you can use a candle. Now matches, those are loud.
  6. poiuyt

    poiuyt Registered+

    You're probably making more noise getting on the roof.

    1 flick of a lighter won't be heard inside if you're on the roof.
  7. Bong ripper420

    Bong ripper420 Registered+

    i have one of those electric one's like the one's in the picture. but those have a really small flame.

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  8. Metaphor

    Metaphor Registered+

    yeah light up a candle then just put the lighter next to it & press the gas.
  9. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    LOL how the hell is a lighter too loud? Also what type of BIC are you using? Butane kind? Because the classic BIC's are hardly make any noise man.
  10. CanaDanKs Inc.

    CanaDanKs Inc. Registered+

    You know what's funny? When I used to have that same problem at my parents house...I pretended to sneeze, cough, turn on the TV, turn off the TV, or whatever other noise that could cover it, everytime I lit my lighter.
  11. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    HAHAH. I never thought of people actually having problems flicking their lighters...It's just a lighter sheesh :p.
  12. AsianStoner420

    AsianStoner420 Registered+

    yeah try doing it while full moon,...then u can just figure that ur mom is behind you tryna give u a lighter then shell say 'wtf are u doin here magnifying shit like a fuckin idiot, finish that bowl and go to sleep' ' u got school tommorow',...
  13. Jim Morrison

    Jim Morrison Registered+

    get a jet lighter the ones with the blue flame its insanely hot but all it does is go click and then woooshhh very quiet

    or just wait till your 18 and say mom im 18 im gonna smoke pot whether you like it or not so its better if i do it in a safe place away from the police then somewhere im gonna get busted and youll have to bail my ass outta jail my mom looked at me and said good point from that point on i blazed in my house all i wanted
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  14. Matt the Funk

    Matt the Funk Registered+

    Well normally I conjure up some magic and light my bowl with fireballs. Try that.
  15. Yr0c

    Yr0c Registered+

    I love magic lit bowls. they're the best. my friend can do it and I love to have her light my bowls.

    :D High+Eight Mile=Win
  16. sgS2

    sgS2 Registered+

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WE GOT A NEWBIE STONER HERE....................advice from a wise stoner, REMOVE THY SAFETY!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Bond

    Bond Registered+

    Newbie stoner?? says the guy that consumed 28.5grams of dried mushrooms in 20 minutes LMFAO, are u serious.
    put down the crack pipe my friend.
  18. conch420

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    JOINTMASTER5 Registered+

    just tell her you smoke, shell smoke with you
  20. BUZz UK

    BUZz UK Registered+

    and if she don't wanna smoke with you, slap her arse and call her charlie.

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