Lighting types for autoflowering??

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by joe86el, Sep 10, 2010.

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    Planning on doing a CFL grow with a lowryder cross, just wondering what the best (cheap, efficient) lighting would be. I know the CFL growlights are blue or red spec but when the plant flowers and veg's simultaneously what is the best bulb to use? I was thinking of having 1 of each if $$ lets me but anyway it has to be a cfl grow because of temps, any help much appreciated:thumbsup:
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    Depends on how many plants and space size. Autos will veg for 2-3 weeks. So use a 6500k cfl for veg. Go down to 2600-3000k cfl for flowering. But you will need more then one of each to grow.they will slow your harvest down by a week though.
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    I was thinking i'd squeeze 10-15 plants into the grow room/closet...might get away with a 250w hps but it might be too hot, the space is kinda small which is why i thought cfls. So CFL's not practical for autos then??? What about 2 blue one red spec on simultaneously?? Would that cause it to veg and flower or would it mess up the flowering cycle? thanks:) sorry if my questions seem stupid
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    Ok most my knowledge is with autoflowers. To do 10-15 properly you will need 3x5 area. Using square 3 gallon containers. 10 would be fine under 250 hps with some suplemental cfl on the sides. Running two different spectrums(3000k/6500k is fine. In fact i believe in mh/hps for complete grow when it comes to autoflowers and yeild. but that is just my beliefs. Anyway you would need quite a few cfls to get the job done for 10-15 plants. Just look for a hps on ebay or somthing reasonable. cause if this is somthing you are gonna do from time to time. You will be glad you did when you get some experience under your belt and want to step it up.
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    Whats up?

    What watt CFLs are you reffering to? If you are getting the big ass ones and can only afford one then make it a red one. The 2700-3000k one is best for flowering but will work just fine in veg... Also mixing the spectrums together (warm and cool CFL) works great.

    The plant isnt vegging and flowering at the same time... like bob said they veg for 2-3 weeks and then start flowering.

    You can always get an air cooled fixture for an HPS and a fan to suck the heat out but that can add up.

    Is this your first grow?
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    got a 250W CFL red spec...have LR, LR2, White Dwarf and Snowryder...2 wks old lookin good. thanks

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