Limp Seedling!

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by Tom_Bom, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Tom_Bom

    Tom_Bom Registered+

    One of my lowryder seedlings just went limp, and fell over. I propped it back up with a stick....

    I have it under a compact floresent light...

    Another thing that is noteworthy is that when it first started to come up, it still had peices of seed attached to its leaves... it seems a little brownish now as well... its no longer reaching for light either. The head is pointing sorta down.

    What do I do?
  2. Forwhat420

    Forwhat420 Registered+

    u have to get more flurous on it if u want to go that route. i would invest in a larger light
  3. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

    yep, either too stretched or it's damping off (overwater)
  4. Tom_Bom

    Tom_Bom Registered+

    Overwatering? Well thats actually a strong possibility.
  5. Weedhound

    Weedhound Registered+

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