Little Black flying bugs that bite!

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by dmanic, May 23, 2012.

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    Hello all... I'm wondering if someone can help me determine what type of bug this is how to get rid of them.
    This is my first grow and everything seemed to be going fine, though i was feeding and watering every day, and i think this was giving some of them nute burns. Anyways... they are almost 6 weeks old and i just noticed these little black bugs in the last three days. They started out with just a few here and there, on 1 or 2 plants. Then they started showing up on all the plants. Not a lot, but they are definitely there. i went down and purchased two types of bug spray. The guy behind the counter said they were both organic. one is called plant protector and the other is Azatrol Hydro. I read the box on the Azatrol, and it seemed to be very harsh and I�m not sure if i should use it. i used the plant protector yesterday per the instructions on the bottle. i sprayed around the base of the plants, the tops and bottoms of the leaves, then the stems. Then I�m supposed to spay again in three days. the next evening i went out to check on them, and it seems like there are more than before. I was wondering if this was supposed to kill them right away, and then spraying in 3 days to kill eggs that might hatch? But like i said, i doesn't look like it killed any of them, just made them multiply... Should i use the Azatrol? And if i do, do i spray it directly on the leaves? or should i just wait and spray the plant protector again, in the next couple of days? Or does anyone have an idea of something better to use? I don't even know what type of bugs these are. they are very small, about the size of the tip of a pencil. They seem to fly, they bite and i only find them on the top of the leaves. I took this picture, but they are so small, you can't really get a good look at them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    black bugs 1.jpg
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    Go to your local Lowes or home depot and get the brand name garden safe neem oil extract works great very organic and u can spray your plant untilled day of harvest with no harm to you. Also I can't tell real well by the pic but it looms like nats u get that bug from overwatering keep in mind that plants love it when you let the soil dry out between waterings. Also mix 5ml of neem oil with liter of water and mix in some soap with it so oil extract breaks down spray generously on the whole plant and soil. What this does is that it stops them from eating, flying, and mating also stops eggs from hatching. Hope it helps good luck
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    i use neem oil too. works great, it makes the bugs retarted or
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    Thanks guys... I'm on my way to the garden center now. I can't wait to get rid of these little f'ers!
    I have been letting them dry out for the last 2 days, should I water before I spay them with the neem? And how often shoud I spray?
    Thanks again.
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    Just wanted to let anyone else out there having the same issues with bugs, that the neem oil worked great. I added 1 ½ teaspoons of neem oil to a 32oz spray bottle with warm water in it, then added a few drops of joy dish soap. Shook it all up and soaked the tops and bottoms of all the leaves, the stem and about a 1 ½ foot radius around the plants. You have to make sure you continue to shake the bottle while you are using it, otherwise the neem oil will ball-up in one spot in the bottle. I waited 4 days and sprayed again. The bugs are almost completely gone.
    I’m going to have to buy a larger sprayer, because I’m going to spray the surrounding garden. I have tons of roses and ivy close by that have the bugs all over them as well. I figure if I can keep those clean as well, it should help keep down the bugs on my plants.
    Anyways… The plants look great. Thanks for the help guys.
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