Little White Bugs On Under Side Of Leaf

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by rebelbhoy, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. rebelbhoy

    rebelbhoy Registered+

    Hey fellow tokers and growers.
    I have found a-few white bugs on the underside of a couple of my plants.
    My initial thoughts were spider mites so i bought spider mite spray from my local grow shop.

    Now i am thinking these might be something else. I am 2 weeks into flower and starting to panic a little here.

    I have read online but cant seem to find any treatments for flowering plants.
    What can i do in the flowering period to tackle bugs and such ??
  2. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    hang up a No-Pest Strip in the same room ... no more bugs ... take it down, a couple weeks before harvest ... don't eat the No-Pest Strip, etc ... :D
  3. rebelbhoy

    rebelbhoy Registered+

    Yeah i have heard all good about them but i cant find a seller in the UK.
  4. rebelbhoy

    rebelbhoy Registered+

    I found a red bug about the size of an ant. Maybe a little smaller on one of my girls.. I think i have the dreaded spider mite.

    2nd week of flower and cant find a uk seller for a hot shot no pest strip.
    I have tried spray from the local grow shop but it doesnt seem to be working.

    Can anyone give me some advice ?

    Pretty Please!:thumbsup:
  5. stra8outtaWeed

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    just what image reaper said!! they are the best! depends on size of room but if you can place a few near a fan to circulate air into your plants that should take care of any bug problem you may have! :thumbsup:
  6. rebelbhoy

    rebelbhoy Registered+

    Looks like i will just order one from the US and try to contain these little bastards till it comes.
  7. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    Gotta know which, fore ya know what.

    Aloha, Reb.

    The active ingredient in the NPS is Dichlorvos vapor.
    Might help ya find something local.

    And any bug that you can see without a lens, is prolly not a spider mite.
    They are teeny and hang out on the undersides.
    They will introduce themselves by making small, white dots on the larger fan leaves at first. Hit them fast, hard and often.
    If you wait til you see the webs, you've lost the plant.:(

    What you have sounds more like thrips.
    A good picture would nail it.
    And, that's important to do.

    If those "white bugs" fly in clouds when you shake the plant, they would be Whitefly, (which is actually a moth), in which case, no pest strips are not going to kill them.
    I'm infested wit' dose buggahs.
    It's one of the few bugs that seems immune to Dichlorvos and they seem to be hard to kill with pyrethrium too.:mad:
    I just ordered some whitefly traps. If they don't help me, I'm out of ideas.:(

    So, can ya post pictures?

  8. rebelbhoy

    rebelbhoy Registered+

    Hey Weezard

    My camera is a bit poor but i could try get some pics up.
    I have deffo got some small black flies around my soil.
    I can see them. I have found 2 yellow/white ones too.
    After inspection yesterday that`s when i spotted a red ant like bug on the main stock just above the soil.

    Going in to the 3rd week of flower in a bit of a panic now.
    I will try get some pics up as soon as i can.

    Just had a little look and i am finding more very small yellow/white looking flies on the underside of the leaf ( mostly lower leaf )
    I had a grow going for about a year last time and never seen one bug.
    Now i seem infested.
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  9. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    Us 'zards jus' eat da bugs.

    Tell me about it!
    This has been a buggy year for the Island.:(

    Reach in to the stalk and give the plant a little shake.
    If them white guys take wing, they are prolly Whitefly.
    Get some "yellow sticky traps" for the adults and a pyrethrium/rotenone drench for the soil.

    If they stay put, get a glass and look closer.
    They might be aphid husks.
    If the critter on the stalk was an ant, it's a good bet that you have aphids. (ant cattle)
    Ants bring them to feed on your plants then milk them for their honeydew poo.
    Right little ranchers, dem guys.

    A ring of "tanglefoot" just above the root will stymie the "paniolo" ants.
    There are also flying aphids that don't need ants, (feral cattle).
    It's a wonder we ever harvest a single bud.

    I suggest that you obtain a 10X or up magnifying glass.
    You will need a good lens to spot the borg and it will help to determine optimum harvest time as well.
    Belongs on every serious growers list of tools.:cool:
    You can find the eyeclops 100X microscope camera for under $40 USD and it takes pictures like this;

    No panic necessary. Just show no mercy.:)

    Wee 'zard
  10. rebelbhoy

    rebelbhoy Registered+

    Thanks for your time again Weezard. You sure know your stuff.
    I am a little low on funds so im kinda stuck right now for a lens of some sort.
    Man i can hardly afford to eat right now.

    If it is what you think it is, What damage can they do ?
  11. 68camaro

    68camaro Registered

    i just got dont with this

    neem oil and dish soap 1oz of each in a gallon of trepid water
    try and put garlic cloves on the top of your soil. i always remove before watering:):Rasta:
    ive been told it takes quite a bit of an infestation to cause a problem, if your like me anything flyin around or crawling around is dead. i like to keep it simple and cheap.
    although you have shop around for neem oil and a good price while retaining good reaction after applied
    peace and luck is headed your way!
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  12. rebelbhoy

    rebelbhoy Registered+

    Cant get a good pic of these little fuckers. They are white/Yellow looking.
    They are thin looking seem to have long antenna coming out there heads.
    I have found a few more. all on lower leaf..

    The thing is, the plants are in my room and the missus is not a happy camper.
    If she sees bugs then god knows what i`ll do with my girls cause she will freak out.
  13. rebelbhoy

    rebelbhoy Registered+

    Id also like to add that i can see some sort of snail trail ( silvery looking ) on top of some fan leaves ... I have ordered the hot shot pest strip and have sprayed with some stuff from the grow shop.

    Should i still be worried ?
  14. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+


    Go caveman onnem.
    Dip a q-tip in rubbing alcohol and poke 'em with it.
    One at a time.
    And, to thwart thrips n fungus gnats, cover your soil surface.

    If nothing works, give them cute names and call 'em pets.:D

  15. rebelbhoy

    rebelbhoy Registered+

    I have just searched the net for aphids and it is deffo not them.
    However, I searched for thrips and BINGO. I have found the culprit..

    So. What can i use to rid my plants of these little leechers.? I am now 19 days into flower. Is it still safe to spray them with something ??
    And will my hot shot pest strip work with these little buggers ??
  16. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    The NPS will probably do.
    But, I've never battled thrips so can not say for sure.
    I do know that they breed in the soil so a cover is still recommended.

  17. rebelbhoy

    rebelbhoy Registered+

    Thanks again weez

    I am just about to go caveman on those ladies and give them a good going over with alcohol.
    My pest strip will take at least 2 weeks to get here.

    Peace out
  18. LOC NAR on probation

    LOC NAR on probation Registered+

    One Dr. Doom pyritrum bomb took care of our thrips. Just a good pyritrum spray will do it too.

    Very easy compared to the two spotted spidermites. They are hella hard to get rid of.
  19. rebelbhoy

    rebelbhoy Registered+

    Is it safe to use in my bedroom closet ?

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