Little yellow flowers on my buds ?? HELP...

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by porkbellies, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. porkbellies

    porkbellies Registered+

    Why are there yellow flowers on my buds in the last week or so ?
  2. xxSTONER.MANxx

    xxSTONER.MANxx Registered

    take a picture of tese flowers and put it on this site ok then i can help you later
  3. Melton420

    Melton420 Registered+

    need a PIC
  4. Slimpickuns

    Slimpickuns Registered

    I read that if you continue to flower a plant 10-14 days beyond necessity, it will create femanized seeds. Do they look like little bananas sticking out of the buds?
  5. porkbellies

    porkbellies Registered+

    pics are out for sure camera is not here at the moment. they do look like little would it make seeds if not by a male flower? ready to harvest any day so i will test it out eh? thanks
  6. Slimpickuns

    Slimpickuns Registered

    Your plant became stressed, and in severe conditions will create male flowers to attempt to insure survival of the species. If the plant was younger , It could have pollinated itself and then you would have seeds.

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