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Discussion in 'Iowa (IA)' started by QueenBee420, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. QueenBee420

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    Hello everyone! This is great that all the potheads can come together. I'm sad. My piece broke last week, and I'm having problems finding a smoke shop. I didnt think Daydreams sold anymore or Canton, so Im SOL. Anyone smoke around DSM give me a holler. I'm always interested in finding new people!
  2. D.Boone

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    Iowa City has a great Selection of Headshops downtown, the Den has all your basic stuff pipes, bongs papers blunts u name it they prolly got it, the connection is pretty much the same but they got cheaper stuff sometimes and they got a different selection of pipes and such, then there is the glass lodge they do all custom work they hand make pipes bongs and bubblers, very Nice! you should come check it out iowa city is a haven for tokers.
  3. johnnyreeferseed

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    Check out the Smoke Shop 1918 Se 14th
  4. MillerCS

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    Canton and ETC treasures in southridge mall. descent prices.

    when u go to etc be descrete and ask the cashier, they are behind the counter for the most part.

    i live in desmoines too, always lookin for the kind buds
  5. Tranquility

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    etc keeps some really expensive pipes in their display but yea generally just ask the person behind the counter for whatever type of piece you are lookin for they will hook you up. Canton sells shit still too and its all just randomly placed in their glass displays all over the store.

    hope this helps.

    Other then that alot of cheaper pipes on the web.
  6. sam44

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    im in deeeeeeees moineeessss. no good headshops really
  7. iowa.guy

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    im from the dsm area... lookin for some buddays :-D :Rasta:
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    uggh i saw that there was a huge bust in chicago..20,000 plants not lookin good for us in iowa , im sure they would made it our way... i dont know about anyone else but ive been dry for about a month :-(
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    explains a damn lot....

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