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    Hi! I am a Canadian, that lives in Mexico.
    My problem is that there isn't really a "dispensary" here in this country (YET)... and was wondering if there's anyone here that knows of a good supplier that has PROPER MJ.. meaning, they (the seller) KNOWS what he is selling (most of them don't even know what Sativa/Indica is... SMH)... and not full of seeds etc.
    I am not looking for anything strong... my medicinal use is very light, and I only use a little bit every other day to keep the pain at a tolerable level. I also make my own 'oil' from it and put it into pill form (hubby hates the taste) with only 10mg per pill, so it takes his muscle-damage pain away, but doesn't screw with his head. But not knowing what kind of weed I am using makes this a bit difficult. I personally have to smoke it a few times to get a feel of how 'Sativa' it is before I make the oil extract.

    Now... I see the writing on the wall with the local politics, and I am extremely hopeful that Mexico will soon become the third country to go LEGAL (and if that happens, I am growing my own!) ...

    I know there's someone in San Miguel de Allende that is selling CBD oil, and if anyone knows who that person is, I would appreciate being sent his contact.

    Thank you, and you may now return to your regular programming... XD
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    We know the weed you speak of. I wished I could be of help. But I’m in TX. Where all the Mexican “weed” ends up first. I don’t see how you even trust it. Some of it is pretty sketchy. That’s why I don’t buy weed in the south these days. I only just started cannabis recently after a bout with cancer. Research on the current affairs of black market cannabis here led me to just grow my own. That might be something you should look into.
    Good luck though.
  3. Elena_La_Loca

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    TY @TomSawyer2112 ... Hence why I am very closely watching the laws here, because I CAN GROW MY OWN and know exactly what is going into it.
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    Man. It’s so awesome growing your own. Every time I see them poking their heads out of the soil I’m like a proud daddy. And when they finish out and cure I’m just smiling my ass off because I know it’s all mine! The labor spent in between those moments is a wonderful learning experience. You will get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

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