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Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by first.timer.66, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. first.timer.66

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    Anyone use a "food saver" to vacuum seal buds for long term storage? Santa brought me a new xmas gift :) and I am wondering if anyone has experience with vacuum sealing. Is it better than jars? Good/Bad/Indifferent?

    Many thanks!
  2. Weezard

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    Excellent way to store, after you cure.

    When I lived in Ca. I was unable to grow, so had to purchase my meds.
    Had good connections so I would buy in bulk.
    They did little more than quick dry the buds, so it came ready to be cured.
    The first 1/4 pound was too wet, and molded in the jar. :(

    Decided to insure that would not happen again.

    I'd buy a pound at a time and then divide it into 1/8ths of an ounce.
    128 1/8ths.
    Carefully vacuum sealed them (Use the thick bags.)
    Put them in a drawer and bought them from myself @ $50 ea. The going rate at the time was $ 60.
    That's what I would have to pay if I bought them one at a time on the street.

    Did not sell them to anyone but myself. (Well, had friends that would beg so there were a few exceptions.)
    If I didn't have $50 to spend, I waited until I did have it, just like street buying.
    Just tossed the money in the drawer.

    When they were half gone, ( about 6 months), I had $3k to purchase another pound.
    And now had savings in the amount that would have been wasted ! $3,400.
    Rolled the excess into a savings account, kind on an "oh shit" backup.
    If busted I would have been screwed with "a possession for sale" rap. :(

    Never "carried" outside the house, and my purchases were rare events with friends that delivered, so the odds were good, but still, shit happens.
    After 10 years of doing that and nothing "bad" happening, I had a down payment on a house!

    A mighty rambling way of saying that I never lost one li'l vac. sealed baggie to mold and it stayed fresh and tasty to the last crumb.
    A lot of work and some discipline needed, but it paid off. Helped get me to Hawaii.

    Aloha, F.T.

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  3. EvilCartman

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    Ha, it's never around long enough for me to consider it "long term storage". ;)

    Like WeeZard already said, great protection from mold.
    I picked one up for the sole purpose of performing a cure on some sativas.
    The vacuum bags are the only way it'll work, without molding.
    It's a handy little item to have. :thumbsup:
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  4. first.timer.66

    first.timer.66 Registered+

    Weeze, my man!!! that is an awesome idea, love it!!! I am totally stealing that and I think I owe myself about $100 already ;)

    Oh, and dude we ALL have friends like that, lol.

    Cartman...excellent point!. lol!!! Yep, got the sealer and an extra stash of bags. Going to practice up on some food and then use it for "bounty" ;)
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  5. surejam123

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  6. TomSawyer2112

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    Stealing this idea.
    How do you find the heavy bags?
    I see regular bags all over the place.
  7. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    I use Amazon. Here's what you are looking for;

    "HEAVY DUTY COMMERCIAL GRADE QUALITY - Bag designed with 3 mil front panel, 4 mil embossed back panel for maximum protection & freshness. Lock & seal out harmful air, keeping foods fresh up to 5 times longer, eliminating freezer burn and dehydration "
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  8. TomSawyer2112

    TomSawyer2112 Registered+

    Have you ever tried throwing in a small bag of desiccate before you vacuum seal them? Wonder if that helps.
  9. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    That is a bad Idea.
    It will desiccate your bud.

    Now a 60% Boveda pack . . . :)

    The Bovedas are useful when storing larger amounts for longer times.

    Aloha ,
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  10. TomSawyer2112

    TomSawyer2112 Registered+

    Excellent info. Thanks!
  11. Pupp

    Pupp Registered+

    I think the better brands of food savers can also take air out of jars. I'd look into that. Not sure if you need special jars or what.
  12. TomSawyer2112

    TomSawyer2112 Registered+

    They make specialized canisters and theres a specific food saver that has like an extension tube with a device that attaches to port on the canister. I haven’t looked into the canisters yet. But my food saver does have the accessory tube/tool.

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