Lookin for a smell proof baggie?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by MetalLuvinHoney, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. MetalLuvinHoney

    MetalLuvinHoney Registered+

    This may sound bad buuut....next time your in a hospital check for a little baggie with the biohazardous symbol on it....you know in a desk or something when the docter leaves. Cause those bags work pretty damn good, I had some skunk weed once and it was wrapped in plastic wrap and 5 ziplock bags and you could still smell it, till one day I was at the hospital with my bro (he put his hand through a fish tank) and he thought it would but funny to start rooting around (with the one hand that wasnt bleeding everywhere, stoned little s.o.b) and thats when he found it...Good luck tho
  2. NoosaHeads

    NoosaHeads Registered+

    Buy a vacume sealer..
    Vac seal it.
    wash it in 10% bleach and Bobs your uncle..
    no sniffer dog (exept the bionic nose) will clag that one..;)
  3. MetalLuvinHoney

    MetalLuvinHoney Registered+

    Wow are you serious? thanks for the help man cause we can't share that lil bio bag over here
  4. Toker4LifeVT

    Toker4LifeVT Registered+

    Vaccume sealing really takes the smell away, but not sure if it would acually prevent the dogs from sniffing it, maybe a person lol... not really sure though. I'd say go with that its your best bet. You can find a vaccume sealer in walmart they are pretty cheap.
  5. Beeblebrox.420

    Beeblebrox.420 Registered+

    This forum is for suggestions for the site as a whole. I'll move this to the Lounge for you.
  6. somebody someone

    somebody someone Registered+

    nothing can stop the smell of LE CANNABISHISSNISS
  7. F L E S H

    F L E S H Registered+

    Someone's stoned... me too :)

    But seriously, vacuum sealing takes away the smell completely, not even dogs can get a whiff. If it's vacuum sealed, that means no air at all is getting in, and therefore no smell particles can get out either. It's foolproof.
  8. Beeblebrox.420

    Beeblebrox.420 Registered+

    Not quite true. As an example, if you've been handling the bud with your hands, then do the sealing without washing them, there will be sufficient smell for dogs to detect, even if you cannot. Even doing the sealing in a room where you've smoked will leave enough scent behind. You should wash the sealed package in a bleach solution to remove any remaining odor. As noted above, a 10-15 minute soak in a 10% solution is more than sufficient. Bleach attacks and breaks down organic molecules readily, which is one of the properties that make it so useful for laundry.
  9. Fattie

    Fattie Registered+

    You know too much. :)
  10. MetalLuvinHoney

    MetalLuvinHoney Registered+

    The odd thing is I can't smell weed smoke on myself when im high or weed much at all for that matter(when stoned)
  11. OR Freebird

    OR Freebird Registered+

    Turkey Baster bags. Get them at the supermarket. Put the stinkiest pot in there and you can't smell it. Why? I haven't a fuckin' clue, but it works great. Tried and true method.

    Will it get by the dogs? Don't know -- my dog will eat it, but won't look for it
  12. peacenotprofit

    peacenotprofit Registered+

    a vacume seal is what people use to ship weed so it has no detection in the mail. like FLESH said, foolproof.
  13. OzzyOz

    OzzyOz Registered+

    well while we're on this topic

    you know how they bring drug dogs to highschools. Well if you are walking around with the scent of cannabis in your backpack, can you get in trouble? like if you were just walking around, and say a week or two ago there was some weed in there and though you can't smell the scent anymore ( a dog can )... would you get in trouble if there was a cannabis scent, but no weed?

    btw, never bring drugs to school.
    bad choice
  14. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

    I know you can buy smell proof bags at any headshop. Here anyways.
  15. xNoa

    xNoa Registered+

    yeh its quite a serious felony, my brother got 2years inside because a drug dog smelled his t-shirt which he smoked in like a week before
  16. A Foo Says

    A Foo Says Registered+

    No, you wont get in trouble.
  17. Hydrizzle

    Hydrizzle Banned

    nope, you have to actually have somethin on u.
  18. OR Freebird

    OR Freebird Registered+

    Man, Mark Emery got busted for a $3,000,000 seed company, and all your friend got was busted for his stinky T-shirt
  19. OzzyOz

    OzzyOz Registered+

    what a bunch of bs
    obviously your brother didn't tell you about something else
    unless your living in like thailand, that's highly unlikely
  20. ontariogrower

    ontariogrower Registered+

    Drug dogs are fucking retarded! They came to my school a couple times and they only seemed to find peoples lunches. lol. This one time the dog came in and went into a kids bag and started eating his chocolate bar!!! Dogs are retarded! a vacuum sealed bag sanitized with the bleach solution, would definitely work. I don't believe dogs noses are as good as they say they are.

    Do you know what else pisses me off!!! If you kill a police dog it's the same penalty as killing a police officer!!! That's the dumbest thing i've ever heard of. A dog is not a human being. They eat their own shit for fucks sake. I love dogs, don't get me wrong, but fuck they aren't very bright, and they ARE NOT HUMAN! And if some crackhead shoots a police dog they shouldnt go to jail for 25 years over some fucking dog. What's next? Are cars and trucks going to be considered police officers. I think thats just fucking insane to give a stupid police dog a badge and call it an officer! What a waste of money. Yah lets blow the taxpayers money on expensive police badges for a FUCKING DOG!!! And lets spend hundreds of dollars on bullet proof vests for those dogs too. That makes me sick. LEO's are dressing up dogs with bullet proof vests and badges and little doggy shoes and stuff, and people in Africa and South America and Asia are starving! The money used to buy one of those doggy vests could be used to buy food and other things for people who really need it. Not for some shit eating, ass sniffing, dick licking dog. Lets give these poor people food so they can stop living like animals and not have to drink their own urine and eat their own feces. Fuck police dogs! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH A POLICE DOG VEST COSTS!

    "One bulletproof vest costs approximately $500.00" source: www.vestadog.com

    Don't you think the money could be spent in better ways? To help human beings? Instead of on fancy things that police dogs don't even need. Does a police dog need some doggy shoes and a badge just like a human and a vest? NO!

    Do the less fortunate people need and deserve fresh water, food, shelter, and clothing? YES YES YES YES

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