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Discussion in 'Canada' started by ChromVanadium, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. ChromVanadium

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    Hello I would like to introduce myself to the forum and ask for some help if possible.

    My name is Mark and I’m 23 years old and have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since the age of 3. I have it in both of my knees and one of my elbows. It is so bad in my elbow that it has left me with only 5 degrees of motion… my elbow is virtually locked in place. From my diagnosis at a young age up until the age of 18 I was a patient of sick kids hospital. There I received many different medications, cortisone injections, MRI scans, and physiotherapy. All of which never really helped me live with my arthritis. It was when I was 18 and I had my first marijuana cigarette did I find out what a great tool marijuana is in helping me cope with my arthritic pain. Since then I have not seen a doctor for my arthritis…I have been “self medicating”. But therein lies my problem, since I have not seen a doctor in 5 or so years. I am now in the search for a open minded doctor that can help me get my medicine legally. If anybody can recommend a compassionate doctor it would be of great help to me.
  2. uvbdelta9

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    Hi MArk,

    I am happy to hear that you are were able to find relief using cannabis. I may be able to help you out. I have afew connections with several Doctors in Canada that are open minded and willing to prescribe bud as medicine. How long have you been in Ontario and do you have an Ontario health card?

    I am about to order afew new strains from Amsterdam? What strains do you find work best for you? I will soon have Chemdog, OG Kush, Jack Herer and LA Confidential..

    What's the best way to get in touch with you?
  3. kthxbai2u

    kthxbai2u Registered

    I am trying to aplply too, or thinking of it...

    I was looking for a list to see if my family doc is listed there, that would ease the asking... Although I will be there for other (embarrassing) medical reasons, so I might as well just jump out and say it all at once...

    Is that you mark mark? Like,.. who knows suzy? lol... its Shawn :p I think i may get an ATP :D hopefully... If it is you, PM me... or hell... call me hahaha

    Im thinking that seeing as I have the same situation as the original poster, where I stopped going to the doctor for depression/add/anxiety related things for like 3 (possibly more) years...

    I'm also thinking that having that combination of 3 things that are medically treated with marijuana, I am more likely to get an ATP... because of how many different pills would be subscribed...

    Am I right?
  4. kthxbai2u

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    Well it looks like there is no PM or MSG system... thats odd... Most forums do have... In that case, if you (uvbdelta or ChronVanadium) could please contact me via this contact form here and select "other" as the contact type... Make sure you use this forum/thread as a reference so I know who you are. Just copy/paste the thread URL into the message.

    If the admin would enable editing for unlimited time, this second post wouldnt have happened...

    By the way, according to the statistics listed on the Health Canada website, Most medical users reside in Ontario!
  5. cigman420

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    Hi can you message me privatly at matt__6@hotmail.com if you know some compasionate doctors that can help assist me getting a licence i go through pain daily but i dont know really many doctors that approve of it they just keep offering pilss and i dont like pills so please reply back to me
  6. themsthegoods

    themsthegoods Registered

    I too am looking for a doctor to chat with. :thumbsup:

    I'm almost 30 and have physical disabilities, along with that arthritis has set in in a few spots.

    If anyone can connect me with a good doctor in the GTA I would greatly appreciate it.
  7. equalizer

    equalizer Registered

    hey uvbdelta could u help me with finding a doc to help me ?
  8. equalizer

    equalizer Registered

    hey mark

    did u find a doc yet i'm also looking for one and have had no luck if you have can u let me know thanks
  9. osity420

    osity420 Registered

    Hello my name is Michael
    I'm from Belleville, ON and I have been suffering from Insomnia. I am 19 years old and I wake up every morning exhausted never feeling like Ive even slept that night.
    My sleep schedule rarely stays on track. I don't like taking pills and I find that sleeping pills are too addicting for me and loose there effect quickly. I believe that using medical Marijuana could help me get some needed rest.

    Any help in finding a compassionate doctor near me would be great
  10. stopthepain2010

    stopthepain2010 Registered

    I understand your pain.

    I have had serious back pain from heavy lifting for years in restaurants, my tail bone gets inflammated and the pain is unbearable. I tried to find a doctor to prescribe me something stronger than what he recommended, but it's not possible. With all the red tape now, doctors more than ever do not want to cross any boundaries with medications. I know that only 5% of people of 1000's who apply for a medical marijuana license get approved, and doctors still don't want to put their reputation or license on the line with all the grey areas. I am a member of the Compassionate Friends Club, I could recommend you if you want to check it out. It's an online club that really helps. The website is compassionatefriendsclub.com, let me know if this helps!

  11. stopthepain2010

    stopthepain2010 Registered

    Medical Marijuana may make you more tired

    Hi Michael, don't you think that using mj may make you more tired? Plus you'll get hungry and then you'll wake up again once you lose your buzz. Just a thought, are you taking presc sleeping pills?

  12. Randal36

    Randal36 Registered

    Hello my name is Randal i am 36 at 6 years of age i was hit by a drunk driver and was in a body cast for a year i am currently on ODSP
    the bones that were broken hurt like hell all the time. i am on risperidone and paxel, i been self medicating my back pain with Marijuana
    since is was about 20 years of age . im wondering if some1 like me could be eligable for medical Marijuana
    thank you:)
  13. triptych

    triptych Registered

    Hey guys,

    A long time ago I posted a similar thread looking for a doctor. Luckily for me (out of the blue), a kind person on another online forum who uses MMJ referred me to a website that connects Canadian patients with doctors and growers.

    If you're in Ontario and you're able to provide documentation of your medical condition, PM me and I'll try to help you find a compassionate doctor. No BS, it's a legit site that complies with the Health Canada rules. :) They're seriously good people. If I think you're for real, I'll send you the link.

    They can't guarantee that you will be approved, but they'll get the ball rolling and guide you through every step of the process.

    Good luck and hope everyone on the forums has a wonderful New Year! :D
  14. Canadis

    Canadis Registered

    I suffer from anxiety although I have not had that officially diagnosed. Does anyone know whether anxiety is enough to warrant prescribed natural remedies?
  15. theksz

    theksz Registered

    i have insomnia.

    i lay awake hours tring to sleep.

    i hate to find medicine off the streets.

    anyone know any compassionate doctors?
  16. osity23

    osity23 Registered

    I have Insomnia -Toronto-need 420 Friendly Doctor

    Hey guys its been a wile and im still suffering from the same insomnia issues.

    I am looking for a doctor in the Toronto or Durham region that is compassionate.

    I have tried prescription sleep aids with the opposite effect happening and the only thing that seems to help me sleep at night is Marijuana.

    I have an issue with taking pills and mainly they dont seem to work.
    hopefully someone on here can help me find a doctor.

    A lot :)
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  17. merkaj

    merkaj Registered

    I am in my 40s, with a rare syndrome that causes severe muscle cramps.
    Every night my legs, arms, feet cramp so bad that the pain is terrible.
    I have tried meds, hot tubs, etc.. no real success, as I age it gets worse and worse.
    I was considering trying MM, and would like to know of any doctors on southern Ont that would be able to discuss this with me. My doctor is not to up on this, and he is not against it, but rather taking a "hands off" approach.

    Any suggestions? Comments..etc.

  18. trailerparkgirl

    trailerparkgirl Registered

    hi there
    i need a kind person as well...
    i have too many problems to mention...lol
    i have a few medical conditions that would qualify me for medical marjuana...
    i have lupus, and fibromylgia...i won't bore you with the rest...

    i could be the poster child for promoting pot...without it (and lots of meds) ???? i couldn't do it!!
    my doctors all know that i smoke it, and agree that it helps,....but no one wants to put thier name on the line...
    i have many doctors!!! i have been trying to find a chronic pain doctor that would support marjuana....my family doctor says
    she is looking, but i am just getting the run around???? not impressed....they can have thier pain killers!!
    if i could just find a doctor, i could get a referral no problem!!! if you could help me i would appreciate it so much!!!!
    please help!!!!...thanks....from london ontario
  19. atarijedi

    atarijedi Registered

    Hello there triptych, I just stumbled on to your offer after searching the internet for leads to Doctors that are compassionate. I have been through 4 Doctors now, and all of them seem to realize that Cannabis would help me, but always give the excuse along the lines of "there are no double blind studies" about the side-effects short or long term, which is frankly, BS, and extremely frustrating. I have already sent you an email, not sure if you have got it or not.

    I have all the documentation that would be needed, so no issues there, I just want to find a Compassionate Doctor in Durham Region. I don't have a vehicle and it is taxing on my family to keep having to take time off work to drive me out to Toronto. Any help would be appreciated!
  20. torontoborn

    torontoborn Registered

    Looking for a compassionate Doctor

    I am new to these forums and am looking for some licensed MD that can help with my issues. I suffer from ADHD and sleeping disorders. I appreciate any help in advance TK

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