Looking for a good grower

Discussion in 'Oregon (OR)' started by Haxie, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Haxie

    Haxie Registered+

    Medford area. Thanks
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  2. Haxie

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    Also would like any info on mmj docs in Meddy, but not SOAM! Absolutely not using them again!Thank you
  3. SGS

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    Southern Oregon Alternative Medicine ? I assume? SOAM?

    Whats was your experience with them so people understand why you wont go back. Would be great if you can inform other patients.

    Thanks SGS
  4. bedrik

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    You should find it locally.
  5. Haxie

    Haxie Registered+

    per SOAM, a doctor they used lost his license, and they didn't bother to tell anyone, much less the people he was a primary for. Not to mention the reason he lost his license to practice. Their fee schedule is a little steep. So my advice, even though they advertise it, never use them as a primary, strictly mmj, I guess. But if you only go see them once a yr, without paying that cash fee, they frown upon signing off on mmj. Odd, I thought. I believe I have been well advised per a doc in Ashland. Thanks very very much, and you could close this thread if you like.
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  6. negativeempire

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  7. Haxie

    Haxie Registered+

    NE, I've emailed, give me a call back pretty please, Ive lost your digits
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  8. negativeempire

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    Hello Haxie please Email once more or post an Email in your contact info on your profile. I don't believe I have your Email or received one yet. I also do not have your phone number. Have we met before?
    Maybe just went to the junk mail or a mix up, anyway mail back at the address in my profile or post yours in a visitor message since we cannot PM each other, thank you- N E -
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  9. Coconutsent

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    Hello -NE- I sent you an email as well, hope you dont mind? I am very much hoping we can talk :)
    Thank you
  10. Coconutsent

    Coconutsent Registered

    Hello NE...

    I received your email and wrote you back about 15 minutes ago with my number! I am very interested so please call me anytime, preferably soon :)
    Since I responded back to your email it should now be in your main mail but check your junk email to make sure :)
    If you like I can call you, just send me another email with your number. I am getting ready to head out that way in a couple of days and would love to meet up with you and thank you so much for getting back with me :)
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