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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Plugwonli, Nov 5, 2011.

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    Hey guys. On Thursday I went in for my pre-employment drug test after being clean for 31 days. A week before the test I took a take home and passed that. I did another the day before the test with my second urine of the day and passed with a solid line. I drank about 30 ounces of water and peed three times in the day before taking the test at about 1:30pm. My urine was a pale yellow in the cup which is not unusually as I am pretty well hydrated more days than not. I am guessing I am fine due to passing the take home a week before the preemployment test. I am just looking for some support because I have a serious case of agita going on. Thanks.

    FYI a couple years ago I tested negative on a take home with my first void after quitting for three weeks (At that time I toked multiple times a day). This makes me believe I am one of the lucky that metabolizes thc rather quickly.
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    sounds like you should be good dude...im going through the same thing right now. where was your test done at? from what i understand the cutoff levels at most labs are the same as the at home drug tests.
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    It was done at labcorp... The lady didn't even check my pockets. In retrospect I should have subbed, but I felt pretty confident I'd pass due to passing the take home a week prior.
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    Well... Tested on Thursday and still no call from an MRO on Monday... I'm feeling a little better. Will return in a few days to let you know how it ultimately goes.
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    Well it's Wednesday and I tested last Thursday... No call from an MRO yet. Feeling much better about this. Any body have any ideas when I would hear back from an MRO if I tested positive? The COC form I have does have the MROs name so I am assuming I would have to get a call from them if things went awry.
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    those at homes are fairly accurate, ive relied on them a few times and passed
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    im going through the same thing right now.. I have been clean for about 28 days or so, and I have a drug test in the next 2-3 weeks. so by then I should be clean about 45 days at least.. im constantly worrying about this.. cause I really need the job.. but I guess worrying does no good. I ordered a at home test, and am waiting on that in the mail.. should be here in the next 3-4 days or so.. am hoping I will pass that, cause then it will make me feel a little better at least..
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