Looking for a smoking buddy in Brunswick...

Discussion in 'Ohio (OH)' started by van-zee, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. van-zee

    van-zee Registered

    New to the area. Any takers?
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  2. 4osiris

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    I just moved out of Brunswick(FiresideDr)thanks to a shady home owner who breached a land contract(1yr). The agreement was to land contract for a year and then I would purchase(by way of Countrywide)after establishing rental history through direct deposit at the sum of $1400 a month. It was a 3600sqft complete with inground pool(in the shape of a guitar). And as you should know there aren't many inground pools in the area. But as soon as I've moved in($3000rent/dep)here comes this prick after only 30days stating that he needed to chat with me. So when we meet he has the nerve to inform me that he was behind in payments for his home(valleycity)and my home. So he's telling me that he needs to sell ASAP to not lose his family's home(valleycity). Of all the bullshit! But anyway, I moved back into my rental property in Bedford Hts. I was in the process of suing his ass until I found out he had already filed bankruptcy! Asshole! But good luck anyways, and there are some pretty nice people out there so you should settle in quite nicely.
  3. van-zee

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    That sucks. Want to get together and smoke sometime?
  4. encrusty

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    I live in the Lagrange area. Im more of a weekend toker. Seems like the crowd I know all prefer to drink.

    If you got yahoo messenger drop me a pm with your screen name.
  5. xRULOx

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    high bros!!

    im from mexico n i just move in medina near brunswick lets meet n get some!
  6. theMarcovich

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    hey man

    yo man i live in LaGrange too man! we gotta toke it up sometime bro! email me at marcovich420@hotmail.com chances are i have smoked with u b4 if u live in LaGrange lol

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