Looking For Afghan Bullrider or Afberry Bluerider

Discussion in 'Indica' started by Northstarchronic., Sep 2, 2008.

  1. Northstarchronic.

    Northstarchronic. Registered

    Hi, I have been searching seed banks high and low for either Afghan Bullrider or preferably Afberry Bluerider. If anyone knows where either of the strains can be found online i would be very appreciative. peace :Rasta:
  2. DankASauresRX

    DankASauresRX Registered+

    Sorry i didn't see them online anywhere. I thought that bullrider was only available in clone form?! Maybe it will be in seed form because it has been crossed with Afgahn and/or blueberry. Good luck searching. let me know if you find it online.

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