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    Hey there,
    did a bit of research but didnt find the info I was looking for so, I'm asking here.

    Back in April, my place caught fire due to a freak kitchen accident, trying to limit the damage, I suffered 3rd degree burns on 18% of my body (neck, whole left arm, partial right arm , left thigh). I spent very little time in the hospital (3weeks in intensive care, 1 week in a rehabilitation center) Im a very active person and refused to be confined to a hospital bed or room.

    I took very little pain management drugs, if only before my physiotherapy treatments so that the sessions would be bearable. But to be honest, the scar contractures and neuropathic pain are starting to get at me, they are wearing me down . I sometimes have a hard time getting out of bed.

    I am reluctant in asking my doctor for pain meds because I know that he's gonna want to prescribe Lyrica for the nerve pain and I have heard nothing but bad stuff about it... the alternative... Cannabis! I Want to have my knowledge up to par before my next consult to present him with the idea.

    What I would like to know: is there Any member that are using mj for similiar pain management. What is your typical dosage (grams/day) are you smoking it, vaporizing it or ingesting it? What strains are you using etc..

    I also have ADHD for which I am taking vyvanse(lisdexamphetamine) and taking Imovane (zopiclone) and trazodone for severe insomnia , (which isnt caused by the accident, Ive always had a hard time sleeping.)

    Basically I am looking for any info you may think could be relevant to me and my conditions!
    I know there used to be a member called xcrispi that was a burn survivor but he hasnt been on for years now...or at least not under the same screen name. Anyways looking for any relevant info!
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    One of the main side effects of vyvanse is insomnia.

    For your kind of pain, cannabis may not be the best control, but it is the least harmful.

    It sounds like you would benefit by replacing the Vyvanse with a Sativa bent hybrid for the ADHD.
    Then the Imovane and trazodone could be replaced by an Indica leaning hybrid if the insomnia persists.
    Dosage and administration methods to be determined by experimentation.
    But that's part of the fun, yah?

    I am not a doctor and have never played one on TV.

    Wee 'zard
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    I have struggled with insomnia since childhood, and was diagnosed with ADHD and started taking vyvanse as an adult, to be honest for a while when I first started taking Vyvanse I slept like a baby, i would go to bed with a clear head, not having racing thoughts . But as you say, I know its a side effect and now its probably worsening what was already there and I hate that I have to take 2 different other chemical crap pills to counteract. If i could do pharmaceutical free I would be a very happy girl!

    Thanks for your info!


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