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  1. TheGandhi

    TheGandhi Registered

    Hey everyone, I'm new to this site so apologies if this is the wrong topic area to put this in. I have encountered a few uncommon issues when smoking that have now permanently turned me off to smoking Marijuana and I was wondering if anyone had insight.

    I have been smoking for some time now, when I started smoking everything was fine, but progressively as I continued to smoke more and more I noticed some things, paranoia (which isn't very serious, in hindsight). My eyes are sometimes unequally dilated, which can last for days after smoking. And most recently, I have (when smoking more than I would have liked to) entered an almost catatonic state. What I mean by that is that I was almost unable to speak due to the lack of focus I had, plus my thoughts were all over the place, my friends even noted to me that I looked like I was staring off into space for the entirity of the hour and a half we hung out. When time came to leave I was able to move around and talk with people, but with much greater mental effort than it should have took. Then for days after smoking I feel on edge, slow mentally, and I have a very low self esteem that prevents me from seeming normal.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas of what could be causing this? Any words of advice or diagnosis' would be helpful, again I will say that I have stopped smoking because of these things.
  2. emilya

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    Pot is a psychotropic drug. Depending on the strength of your pot (and it sounds like yours was plenty strong) you will experience all the things you described. You WILL enter an almost catatonic state. You WILL find it hard to speak and you will find it hard to concentrate your thoughts. Most likely you WERE staring off into space for an extended period of time. Duh. THC is a strong drug. You seem to have experienced all of the normal symptoms.
    As far as your self esteem goes, get some help. Find something that helps bolster your personal drive and esteem. I suggest Buddhism or a craft class. The smoking did not cause your lack of drive days later either... you did. You seem to be wanting to blame some mild depression on the pot, so fine... blame it on the pot. Just like it caused you to have weird eyes for a while, you can now blame it for any of your other problems if you want to. Go ahead, no one is stopping you. You say you have stopped smoking now, and that seems like a good idea.
    Find some help for your esteem problems and your hypochondria and ask yourself why you came to a cannabis forum to ask us these questions?
    Are you wanting us to talk you back into trying it again?
    Maybe you want us to help you understand that a heavy experience is oftentimes experienced due to smoking pot and that it is not just you who had trouble understanding what happened?

    Some members here will tell you that you simply smoked the wrong kind of pot and that you need to try another kind and see how you adapt to it instead. Different stains make you feel differently. Isn't that a trip just unto itself? These are the people who will be trying to talk you into trying it again, and they may be right... get right back up on that horse.

    I however am a bit harsher to those who willingly puff on a joint and then complain that it made them feel funny. I am of the camp who believe you were not yet ready to experience the mind opening self evaluation that smoking strong pot causes. At a lower level than mushrooms or LSD will cause, you were still "tripping", or having a mild psychotropic experience. THC definitely links up parts of your brain that were never linked up before, and some people simply are not ready for the insights and weirdness that this produces.
    Someone should have warned you that smoking this stuff sometimes takes your brain into a deep self evaluation and oftentimes an examination of something in your environment, seeing things you never saw before, staring in fascination and spending an hour to those watching, looking off into space. I guarantee that during that hour, your mind was racing and you were seeing some things for the very first time in your life. We have all been there.
    I believe based on your above that you were not ready for this total immersion into yourself, and you didn't quite like all the things you saw. Talk to someone about this. Prepare yourself if you want to take that trip again. Pot is not for everyone... especially the young. Using pot as a tool can help a person open their mind and understand themselves too. You are at the right age to start this journey, if you are indeed 18. It is all just a matter of perspective. Did the experience change you? Good. Did it make you better or worse? That is something only you can decide.
  3. Pupp

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    You should seriously consider dialing down your use. Curious, but how old are you, and how long have you been a user? Long term effects with heavy users that started at a young age, like in their teens, are suspected to lead to negative effects on brain development.

    I do recommend to use much less potent weed at the very least. THC affects the brain differently depending on the amount smoked or consumed, with higher doses having effects like paranoia. I'd be concerned the most with the eye dilation, but if it only happens when you smoke strong weed, then stop over doing it. Like any drug, you need to be responsible on how much you use. Weed is far safer than alcohol, but it's still a drug that needs to be used responsibly. Like Emily said, you should get some help. Not so much for the symptoms of marijuana, but help on exploring the underlying causes of you over indulgence. The reason is that you don't need to smoke marijuana. Weed doesn't cause a *dependence like narcotics or tobacco, so just stop.

    *Marijuana is habituating, but studies have shown that after about a week, most users stop feeling a need to get high.
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  4. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    It affects everyone differently, and I am convinced that a lot of this depends on how comfortable a person is psychologically before they try pot. I am one of those teenage heavy users, and I never quit. It is rare to find me going a day or two without smoking. I am now pushing 40 and enjoying the life that is earned with a PhD and a lifetime of working hard and I fully realize that I am getting smarter the older I get, and not dumber as some would expect from a chronic toker. I believe this plant is here to heal us and to open our minds so that we are able to use more than 10% of that continually growing brain of ours. I am a proponent of and proof that psychotropic experimentation expands the brain... but only if it doesn't destroy you first. The Yaqui have a saying... Only a warrior should run with Mescalito. This journey is not for everyone. Some people would rather not see.
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