Looking for legal clones in LA/OC

Discussion in 'Southern California' started by quetzalcoatl, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. quetzalcoatl

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    Anyone have an idea where (a coop) I can currently find a few good quality clones, and if so what strains? I am prop 420 legal. I live in Orange County, but often travel to LA.
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  2. luvfriday

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    :( If you advertise where these places on the internet they might not be there very long. I spent a few minutes and found plenty of places in OC and LA, that might be a place to start. I suggest you look this up so no one gets outted here for selling them.

    Here is a hint they will deliver
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  3. GrinS

    GrinS Registered+

    think that doesnt help much either.

    cause there can only be a few places that deliver. and thats also doesnt help... . . .
  4. PharmaCan

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    Here's a better hint. LOL He won't deliver to OC, but you could drive over the hill and meet him in Riverside somewhere.

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    BUDSHOTS Registered+

    cal norml

    look at cal norml's web site..found this bean in one of the og nug's:thumbsup:

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  6. dagshet

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    go to cal norml's homepage look up providers. in LA section there is a spot south la brea, its not LBC but one on the same street. been there they had northern lights clones and kush clones. good hunting'
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  7. luvfriday

    luvfriday Registered+

    Over the hill and through the woods to grand-pharmacans turf we go. Think I will live through the first grow, we are spending too much on growing the girls in the room now. It was probably for the best as we lost some babies when the cat got in and had to relocate due to heat. Anyways, Ill be happy to donate money to the people who are here answering questions to help others out. The reviews of clubs on other sites is sort of questionable since I saw a duplicate handle forum on who is using more then 1 login at a certain computer. So I know its just a gamble but I would bet on you being a exceptional business man. TTYL
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  8. tha del sound

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    i know one in long beach that delivers to northern OC. i'm hb and they deliver to my doorstep all the time. i can give you there number and my name because you need a referral. they are legit. best prices to. $45 an eighth for some good ass shit. most expensive is $60 an eighth, and it rivals the $80 and eighth shit at other co-ops.
  9. luvfriday

    luvfriday Registered+

    Are they delivering clones?
  10. tha del sound

    tha del sound Registered+

    they get them sometimes. i didn't ask them last time i called. i've gotten them there before though. they normally have some good strains. last time they had some they had a lot of kushes, like lime kush, black kush, super star og, and some others like purple erkle and g13. but that was a while ago. but when they get them they get good ones.
  11. luvfriday

    luvfriday Registered+

    :D Im not picky, and I couldnt tell the differnece between a cannabis clone and a cactus...........ok well maybe I would know it was a cactus or a aloe vera plant.

    Anyways was the price reasonable, and is it a store with delivery services?
  12. calipurps

    calipurps Registered


    I was wondering if anybody knew were you can get seeds at!!!!or if anybody is trying to sell any?
  13. tha del sound

    tha del sound Registered+

    calipurps, if you are a mmj patient the co-op i am talking about sells seeds too. i think it is like 8 or so for only $25. pretty good deal.

    luvfriday, they are a delivery only service. they deliver to long beach for $5 and to northern orange county for $10.
  14. tha del sound

    tha del sound Registered+

    the clones are about $20-$45 depending on the strain. a little expensive, but they are already rooted and come in a nice little pot.
  15. lunarose

    lunarose Registered+


    You may want to search .com. I just picked up some healthy looking clones a week ago for $10 a piece in the Valley.

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