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Discussion in 'Puerto Rico' started by Chieftain WeedGuyver, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. Chieftain WeedGuyver

    Chieftain WeedGuyver Registered+

    I'm from Ponce, currently living in Florida but coming often for vacations, like right now.

    I'm looking for some cool people, preferably who like rock to chill with, maybe get some sessions started.

    Send me a message and lets talk, peace. :hippy:
  2. elguilloman

    elguilloman Registered

    where you at in florida?
  3. Chieftain WeedGuyver

    Chieftain WeedGuyver Registered+

    MOST of the time I'm down in Ft Lauderdale, if I have extended breaks (atleast 3 days) I go up to Oviedo (next to Orlando) and when I'm in PR I'm in Ponce.
  4. elguilloman

    elguilloman Registered

    cool. i recently moved to miami, and am from san juan. don;t really know anyone from ponce or about ponce but for la guancha and la tarima hector lavoe... jeje.
  5. Chieftain WeedGuyver

    Chieftain WeedGuyver Registered+

    Weird, my post didn't go through...

    Send me an IM, I got my messengers listed in my profile. We should hang out some time.

    And I go to the Guancha all the time, pretty much the only place besides el pueblo to hang out in, the mall went to shit once they took Time Out outta there =/
  6. Boricua

    Boricua Registered+

    Hey im from puerto rico. I live in bayamon. Good to know that some puertoricans are in the forums.
  7. northern_lights7890

    northern_lights7890 Registered

    i live in mayaguez and i smoke too. u guys can blaze with me anytime u want, just send me a msg and we can hook up for a smoke
  8. gaddy787

    gaddy787 Registered

    im from bayamon and used to live in orlando but now im in north carolina but is a mission to find bud so im planning to go bak to orlando lol

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