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    :thumbsup: - OK, this is a big deal for me. I own a small Softgel manufacturing factory in California. By small I mean it cost me around two mil (that's dollars) and a year to build it and I've been making around 3-5 million softgel capsules per month running regular hours and a three man crew. In the world of vitamin manufacturers that's "Tiny". I don't produce enough to supply really big distributors and most of the vitamins now days are coming from China and the profit margin is crap. It's a good business though and the science behind it is amazing (that's what got me into it in the first place). Softgel Capsules, you know like vitamin e... etc. is totally different than pills and hard caps. I love the process and producing large quantities of perfect softgels is an art form and very satisfying (kind of like farming).

    Here's the thing; I am a child of pot growers from deep in the jungle and I've been smoking since I was eleven. I've run from helicopters on a daily basis but I never saw (or heard of) anyone buying small bags of pot (like 8ths) until I went to college and my roomate from the mainland wanted me to score him some "weed". Anyway, that was a long time ago.

    What I would really like to know is this: How can I LEGALLY turn my operation into a softgel MMJ facility and produce softgel capsules for patients and Co_Ops. Is there a need for it? I've seen some threads on here about making capsules and a bunch of patients who need to eat it. To me, it seems there could be a standardized safe edible capsule available to people who need it. The danger of someone eating some homemade acetone mixture seems likely and it looks like there's enough people now to actually use a few million capsules per month. (That's really not that many).

    Anyway, I'll leave my intro question there, and if anyone would like to respond or if there are any Co-Op people reading this thread, what are your thoughts on how I could convert from vitamins to a low key MMJ encapsulation producer and if anyone wants more info privately, just send me an email. -

    Here's a link to a page that has some pictures and info about my place. I never needed to make a real web site for the factory because I produce product for other people but it should give you a good picture...
    Ocean Softgel Factory

    Thanks :Rasta:
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    Pics won't post...

    Here, I'll try this again...just click this Blank
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    what are u putting in the softgel?
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    Right now I make Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules, Vitamin E, Flax Seed Oil, and some 5-HTP Capsules. I have dies for 1000mg oblong and I am having some 400iu dies made. I also have 1 machine line keyed up with die rollers for making paintballs which I plan to sell (the machine line). I can encapsulate any oil-based liquid. - :) - Pics Here... picsBlankpics

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    Good luck!

    I wish you lots of success! And I think you might find it beneficial to talk with these folks-(edit- Oh yeah, this is the "For I, thy .com, am a jealous .com" site. :cool: ) Well, just go to canna shops .com - all one word. They should know if anyone does! :)

    Granny :hippy:
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    Thanks for the support! I'll check it out. Are there any capsules being made now besides synthetic THC? Does your Co-Op have any capsules? or just cookies and stuff? I would love to meet someone in LA that knows this industry better than me and the legalities of making edibles in capsule form.
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    Well around 2 days ago I smoked a bit in the morning. Ive smoked marijuana around 11-12 times now so I know how to smoke it properly. But 2 days ago I mean wow. I was lying on my bed playing my XB360 and then I decided to get up and have a glass of water(I was starting to feel a buzz until then). Immediatly I became extremely dizzy. My heart was beating at a crazy speed and I was shaking and sweating. My whole vision became blurry and I was losing my balance and I was on the verge of fainting. I was really scared cuz this had never happened to me before.

    I was smoking out of a highlighter pipe that me and my friend made. I had already used it before without problems. Would I have maybe inhaled some plastic fumes? I doubt this since Ive already used the highlighter pipe on 2 occasions before without the symptoms I experienced 2 days ago.

    Ive heard of Orthostatic hypotension that occurs when someone goes from a seated or lying down position to an upright position which causes a significant drop in blood pressure which could have some of the dizziness symptoms I had. Especially since my heart was beating at an abnormal rate because of the cannabis I had just smoked. (Which can cause abnormal blood flow to the brain, which can cause dizziness mixed with Orthostatic Hypotension.)

    Has this ever happened to anyone else? I really want to smoke marijuana again and enjoy its effects but I am scared that I might experience this effects again. Am I normal or am I just messed up?

    Does it have to do with the fact that i didnt eat before? or what?

    Any help or advice appreciated,
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    I guess you should ask that question in a thread that has that topic (i was talking about softgel encapsulation),

    But I will say this... By the sound of your question I would say that smoking pot is definitely not agreeable to everyone. Everyone reacts differently and I personally don't think you should smoke it anymore if it makes your heart race. I have several friends who stopped smoking and had a terrible time because of the same problem. If you've only smoked it a dozen times, then you might want to not do it anymore.

    I believe people are pre-wired to enjoy the benefits of substances and if you aren't wired to enjoy it then you shouldn't force it. Just my opinion...
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    sirhashalot. This is a laudable venture and could help many people.

    Try cannacare.com. Some one there might have an idea of how to use this.

    And storm crow! nice to see ya around too! LOL!

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    soft gels

    After Obama takes office, you should be able to try your venture.
    I'm pretty certain that you will be the first to try this.
    The dispensaries should provide their own liquid medicine.
    You would not even need to know the contents of this liquid.
    (as long as you 'knew' it was safe)

    Do you need a salesman? ;)
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    So is there anyone doing this now? making any herbal caps? I've been to several dispensaries in los angeles and I've never seen them, but there's all kinds of stuff there that i miss. I would get the medicine from the client like i do now with custom formula's and just encapsulate that run. the minimum would have to be around 100,000 capsules. Right now we're doing that for our 5-HTP blend (which is a blended source of griffonia which is more potent that stuff from the vitamin shop) - It's called ELEV8

    Does anyone have any info on the legal guidlines for an edible capsule? Or where I would look to find out?... Thanks :)
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    Your clients MUST be 100% responsible for dosage & formulation.

    There are NO guidelines, after the appellate court decided that quantities can only be determined by a physician.
    Jerry Brown decided that ALL dispensaries must be non-profit.
    Law enforcement has plans to create their own guidelines, in cases where the physician chooses not to do their job.
    NO physicians are willing to do this job adequately.(yet?)

    A great place to promote elev8:
    1 Percent - Join and Earn Free Smoking Accessories

    * In Del Norte county, law enforcement is already planning a record breaking year of busts next year. (as reported in The Daily Triplicate)
    Is YOUR county accepting the 6 plant MINIMUM?
    Is YOUR doctor SPECIFYING quantity? (must be written to avoid legal costs)
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    I think at this point I will stay in research mode. I'm not going to be encapsulating any MMJ any time soon. There are too many factors that would bring the cops down on me and I can't risk my safety and my multi-million dollar operation . It's too bad too, because softgel capsules would be the safest and best way to deliver medicine without smoking it and our process would lower the cost to the end user... Maybe when Federal laws change (when the feds decide to put down the torches and stop burning witches) I could do it. Until then I'll be doing research into the chemistry and design of MMJ capsules. If anyone has anything to add, that would be awesome!
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    look at a book called cannabis chemistry i think it is great information on how to make oils with ethanol and from the putting into caps. this form of thc is much more effective so i think you are on to something for sure but i do not think the times are with you yet though just keep pumping out the 5 THP
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    I was shopping at SR71 in Oakland one day. They had the gel capsules and I ask who makes them. Well the guy told me that they did buisness with a guy outta sacramento. He would come by when they needed more and thats who they went through for there gel capsules. So you should try getting something going with a few despenseries. Oh and 2 gel caps cost 15 bucks so if you have millions to fill then hopefully youll make a good profit.
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    Please contact me as I'm very serious mbgconsultantgroup@gmail.com
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    Hi. Was reading your thread and just wanted to say that I really like your idea and congratulations on starting a biz and getting it up and off the ground successfully. I think your biggest issue with doing this would probably be the cost of your end product. It takes a pound of premium Grade A bud to produce just a few ounces of oil. I would think you would have to use some form of the product broken down...like the oil, in order to create something of this nature. However, I can honestly say that I have no personal experience with making the capsules or anything like that, so don't hang your idea on my opinion. LOL Keep researching the idea. You just might figure out a way to make it work and be profitable too. Good luck!! TWW
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    original post 2008
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    another freaking spammer! We must have made a list somewhere. This has to stop.
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    yup another ancient posting.. softcaps are everywhere actually..

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