Looking for strains to aid ADHD Anxiety & Depression

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by konstantinneo, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. konstantinneo

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    I am a middle age male, adhd (inhereted from father side), I have anxiety and sometimes depression.

    I get high with a couple of hits, I do not like to smoke a lot because it gets me stupid and I do not enjoy that state of mind. Getting a couple of medium hits gets me on a very connected with my body and feelings state and I experience a much more fluid conversations, its like the weed connects some gears in my brain to make everything more connected.

    I want to know about other persons who can identify themselves with the symptoms I described and if you are using a particular strain to aid yourself.

    From a quick search on the web I selected "Jack Herer" to put on my wish list to purchase some seeds as it was listed as aid for ADHD and Derp/Anxt.

    Please talk about your experiences.
  2. SongsOfFreedom

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    I also have from ADHD, and also minor Anxiety & Depression. However I have never considered that there may be strains out there that work better then others for these problems. I'd also be interested if anyone has any information about this, I'm not expecting much though as my understanding is that cannabis is hardly used at all medically for ADHD compared to other symptoms that it treats.

    Hope someone can help you out! :Rasta:
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    I've done a lot of smoking around to find what works best for my ADHD and anxiety. For ADHD, I have had success with low-THC sativas. They keep me functional and focused. You may want to check out "Green Spirit."
    For serious stress/anxiety, I'd go for a heavy-hitting high-CBD strain, maybe something like White Rhino. But, don't expect to get much done!
    Good luck.
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    I myself am Bi Polar... The medication I am on to keep me "normal" prevents me from taking any pain medication. So headache...back ache... insomnia...I just have to "deal with it" I smoked some Kush I think that was what the strain was called..I didn't care about the pain I was just hungry and giggly...Which is a hell of a lot better than being in pain. :bonghit:
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    I am in my middle to late 40's. I am smoking to help in my depression. I am like you, in the way that I don't like getting stoned. I smoke just a pinch in a bowl and I am set. I have found that I interact with my family better, I am much more tolerant and I tend to let things roll off my back better. It also helps me reflect on how I am treating others and sets me straight. its a huge benefit. I am experimenting with both Sativa and indica. I am going to also mix a 50/50 batch and see what helps the most.
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    same here i just need a couple of tokes i have bi-polar ptsd and severe anxietys since i got my card i started smoking and stopped popping them numorus pills that were perscribed to me and so far i feel great and am anxous to find a job but iam looking for that perfact strain
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    I've personally found Maui Waui (aka Maui Wowie) to be the closest thing to ADHD prescription medication. :)
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  9. FunkeeNuggz

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    I think you'll find Jack Herer is great for ADHD...or at least its great for me. I understand everyone is different but that strain helps me focus and its long lasting effects will keep you going for a lil while. It's also good as a pick me up when you need something done quicklike.

    As for your other ailments, I'm not too sure. There's a list of specific strains sticky'd at the top of this forum. Hope you find relief man!!
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    My man

    I think it would be important to get an organic strain. Your brain doesn't need any extra chemical residue.

    I would advise a Sativa as the high seems more uplifting as opposed to the Indica couch-lock.

    Smoke Indicas before bed time for help getting to sleep.
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