Looking to get 'synthetic marijuana' in VA? Think again

Discussion in 'Virginia (VA)' started by AGBeer, Oct 26, 2010.

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    Today BOTH the House and Senate of the VA General Assembly introduced bills that would make the possession, sale, gifting, manufacture, and otherwise even thinking about "Synthetic Marijuana" illegal, and on par with the existing draconian Cannabis laws. (i.e. Schedule 1 substance etc)

    LIS > Bill Tracking > HB1423 > 2011 session

    LIS > Bill Tracking > SB745 > 2011 session

    Dont get me wrong - I have NO ISSUE whatsoever banning JWH-018 and other 'synthetics' however, the wording of this bill leaves quite a bit to the interpretation of this law. THIS is what makes me nervous about this bill - it makes no mention to the specifics of what constitutes 'Synthetic Marijuana'. Heck, by the wording of this proposed law it would appear that one could be arrested and prosecuted because they were in possession of something that 'resembled' any sort of semblance of cannabis.

    Also, thus far there is NO legislation in the works for MEDICAL Cannabis (yes its coming) but this seems like a hurdle it *may* be competing with.

    Or just another argument for making medical cannibis legal :Rasta:
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    Rack up 3 more bills to these existing two.

    Spice/K2/JWH-018 is DONE here in VA.
    Sorry folks :(

    (Okay, not really) I personally think that synthetics take away from the legitimacy of cannabis. If we can get rid of the synthetics and get REAL CANNABIS legal (or at least decriminalized) Id be a happy camper.

    But in this 'great' state, I dont foresee that happening anytime soon. Especially when we as citizens dont have a whole lot of say in regards to bills that are drafted.

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