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    Call me Sue.

    Virginity as in first time grower :) So that's me, growing some weeds at home, for the first time - Legally. I'm using a wiki to document the whole grow so that I can make the next one that much easier. Was just curious if some pros could comment on the size of my plants for the length of time they've been growing, and in the conditions I'm currently able to provide them. I thought my plant(s) were about 2 days behind what online photos are showing they could be on Day 13 (Days since first sprouting out of the ground).

    My first 2 Indicas. The one on the left had a little fight with the cat one day (was 2" seedling with 4 total leaves .5" long) when I had my back turned. She seems to be coming around now though since growing the second set of serrated leaves a while back (what are they technically called?) and other inner stem leaves which are also coming in. It's about 4-5 days behind the unharmed plant on the right is my guess. Today is Day 13 since sprouting. They were in water and coco 5 days prior before sprouting making the Project Day 18.

    Plants could have been grown better if not for seeding them in old potting soil from green onions grown summer before, humidity wasn't at 40-50%, if I didn't screw up the 18hr days into a range of 14-18hrs on some days, and if likely watered 4L/plant vs 2L in my 5G pots. It took 4L to see it start dripping out the bottom. Likely will be 4-5 days before I consider watering again. Using NDF A/B in coco mix and Super Strive. 250W HPS.


    PS - I like cats.

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    All things considered; their looking fairly normal. aaff5923_zps7mxw0ony.gif
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    Thanks. I also wasn't sure if I was comparing to Indica or Sativa seedlings from online either, but I just assumed with all the small mistakes that they're not at their full potential. Mostly the lack of humidity I thought. Besides what the cat did to one, they have no issues and are growing pretty well I do agree. I see the roots have reached the bottom and are sticking out a little. I guess my pot makes the roots grow in a zig-zag pattern from side to size vs. in a spiral nest??? The holes are just much larger than if one drilled them, but I think I just bought over priced aerated pots. When is a seedling in veg? I thought the little leaves had to drop for you to switch to veg. stage
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    A seedling is in veg as long as the light cycle is 18 hours of light or more. Most growers do this until the plant is 15-18 inches tall. Then they switch to 12 hours of light/12 hours total darkness. After about ten days the plant will show it's sex.

    Next time use 16oz cups with holes drilled in the bottom, for seedlings/germination. IMG_0294.JPG IMG_0301.JPG
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    Thanks for all the info. I guess it's the recipe the store gave me that lists W1 Seedling W2-4 Veg, that threw me off. I just realized it's the different nutrients I need to use ha ha. I haven't researched that far ahead yet. I did think the big coco 5G pot was used too early, but I had some issues. Was using old soil, but didn't have the coco yet and both plants were stretching at about 3" tall with just 2 small leaves. Read transplanting deeper fixes the issue. One stopped, but the other stretched another 1.5" in about an hour I think. I had the 250W at 36" when I transplanted. Was on about a 40W CFL in the beginning (def. reason for stretching :/), but even at 36" with 250W it happened, so after dropping the light to about 15", they stopped stretching and started growing. Bring light up as they start growing. Saw a small bit of leaf curl on edge so I took it as another sign to bring the light up another inch or two and turned up the fan. My temp sensor shows a history of 36c so it likely happened that day. What's killing me is I haven't set the 24hr digital timer yet and I'm on an 18/6 sleep cycle. Tomorrow is Saturday so we'll see how that goes.

    I'll have lots of detailed questions as there always controversy in how things should be done. 3 months can't go by fast enough. Much greater appreciation for growing your own anything. I might read up on other plants I can grow vertically to take up the unused light in the room.

    Off to explore the rest of the forum :)

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